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Birth Story: Told in Hospital Photos

We had a birth photographer set up, but he came faster than we planned so the timing didn’t work. Our dear friend Annie showed up the next morning to capture some of his first hours of life and us just falling more and more in love with him by the minute!

If you’re on the fence about birth photography, let me highly recommend hospital photography a few hours after birth. Although I wish we had more of the emotion in the moment, we also were able to shower and I was wearing clothes and makeup, so I’ll always feel better about these pictures for my own vanity.

Plus, it did keep the birth a private, sacred moment between me and Jacob, which was kind of nice in its own way, and addressed Jacob’s big concern with letting someone else be in the room with us. I think this was the ultimate compromise, and I’m so grateful for these moments captured in the privacy of our recovery room.

Enough talk, let’s share an overload of pictures from one of the happiest mornings of our lives!Birth Story Photos


Pictures to get capturing a birth story


Pictures to get capturing a birth story


Birth Story Photography, couple looking at each other holding a newborn baby.
Birth Story Photography sharing a baby holding its mom's finger.
Birth Story Photography capturing a newborn baby in their hospital bassinet.


Birth Story Photography: dad holding their newborn baby.


Shots to capture in a birth story: dad kissing the newborn baby's head.
Sweet picture of proud daddy in the hospital hours after birth.
New mother pictures: mom kissing the newborn baby birth story photography.
Pictures to capture in the hospital: Newborn photography


Pictures to capture in the hospital Newborn photography: baby with hospital bracelet close up shot.


Hospital baby pictures with baby swaddled in a blanket.


Sweet picture to capture hours after a birth
Detail shot: birth photography


A Birth Story in Photos show newborn baby with freshly cut umbilical cord.
Mom holding brand new baby during newborn photography session.


A Birth Story in Photos: Baby Meeting mom for the first time.
Birth Story photography: take picture of newborn baby asleep.


Precious Newborn Hospital Photo Session
Precious Newborn Hospital Photo Session with parent holding new baby in their forearm.


Precious Newborn Hospital Photo Session


Newborn baby photo shoot in hospital: New mom in hospital bed snuggling swaddled newborn baby.


Precious Newborn Hospital Photo Session: Proud Father


Newborn photography: Hospital photos of mom holding the newborn baby.
Newborn Hospital Photo Session: Capture the moment baby and new daddy fall in love with each other.


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  1. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    THAT FOX HAT OMG. I cant handle it. you also look beautiful!! Can I look that good after giving birth? One can only hope. Beautiful pictures you will cherish forever!

  2. Anna Norvez says:

    congrats! where did you get that kimono? I'm due in December and am looking for something similar 🙂

  3. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    You look amazing and that baby hat is (heart eyes emoji) and also your hair looks great and….and…all the things