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Italy Day 2: Rome: The Sistine Chapel

Italy Day 2
Location: Rome, The Vatican: The Sistine Chapel 
Cost: 20 Euros per person to get into the Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel, purchasing online. Definitely book these online well in advance- the line is outrageous even very very early in the morning
Time: Plan a half day for the Vatican, and if you are truly a fan of art or history in any form, I’d give yourself a half hour to an hour to sit in this chapel and soak it all up. 
Tip: Buy tickets in advance, read a little bit of the history before you go. 
They save the Crème de la Crème for the end of The Vatican tour and have you finish in the Sistine Chapel. We are talking 11 years of painting by the famous Michelangelo to stare at and ponder upon. Fun fact, he originally said no to doing this when asked to paint the 12 apostles, but when the pope asked him again and told him he could paint anything from the Bible he wanted, he said yes. 
I had a very spiritual experience in the Sistine Chapel, I honestly believe at a time and place where religion was very confused, where Roman Gods and Goddesses and self promotion of leaders met Christianity, and a lot of blurred lines blending the corruption of Ancient Rome with Christian philosophy ensued, there was Michelangelo who may have been the most inspired painter of all time. He just seemed to understand the Bible and who Christ was. I’ve always believed God errors on the greatest side of mercy and the least degree of justice with his children. I believe He’s love, and hellfire and damnation are only a necessity to the least degree. I’ve found many religions, particularly ancient, had the opposite belief and truly taught the fear of God. Michelangelo seemed to see things the way I, and most of modern Christians see things. His paintings are bright, vivid, and convey the Bible in a loving way that helped the illiterate learn and the learned people ponder. He’s touched millions of people and helped them better understand the nature of God and their relationship to him. I teared up as I sat there looking at this beautiful place and identify the Biblical scenes. 

There’s a really good chance you aren’t supposed to take photos, and you get yelled at if you do so. It was VERY worth being yelled at twice!

I couldn’t stop looking at the center and thinking of God touching Adam. God is clearly the one reaching so hard and Adam is giving far less effort. I sat and thought deeply about how God touches each of us when we put in the smallest effort. I also thought a lot about the brain structure behind God, and the intellect He imparts to others. I just couldn’t stop staring and reflecting.

Guide to The Sistine Chapel

I soaked it in for quite a while. I don’t ever want to forget the feelings I had- spiritual feelings, feelings of awe, thoughts of what man can achieve when they put their mind to it, thoughts of leaving something behind for others. I don’t want to forget how vivid the colors were. I don’t want to forget what the Sistine Chapel smells like. And something tells me that the half hour spent soaking up the greatest piece of art history in the world will never leave me.


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