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Books About Skeletons

Unlock the secrets of skulls, the human body, and the spine-tingling world of skeletons with our comprehensive list of skeleton books for kids. A roundup of books about skeletons that offer rib-tickling info and fun ways to learn! 

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You know when you’re ready for Halloween season, but maybe want to include some educational reading that isn’t too scary for kids? We love Halloween books, but also love great books that offer a STEM focus and help kids learn about anatomy. Enter, skeleton books for kids. 

There’s something inherently fascinating about skeletons. Maybe it’s the way they rattle and roll or perhaps it’s their crucial clue to understanding the human body and the animal kingdom. Whatever it is, kids are naturally drawn to them, especially around Halloween time. What better way to feed this curiosity than with a great selection of children’s books focused on skeletons? From cute picture books to middle-grade readers, these books are not only informative but a great time for kids of all ages. Plus they’re educational you may be reading them long after Halloween night! 

Skeleton Books for Kids

“Skulls!” by Blair Thornburgh, and Scott Campbell

The title says it all! “Skulls!” is an outstanding addition to any child’s reading list. This captivating picture book delves into the intriguing world of skulls, offering a great blend of education and entertainment. It’s an especially apt read for Halloween time, when skulls and skeletons take center stage in our imaginations.

“Bonaparte Falls Apart” by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by Will Terry

A delightful read for kids, “Bonaparte Falls Apart” introduces readers to Bonaparte. He’s a skeleton who has a rather tricky problem – his bones have a habit of falling apart! This charming tale is packed with humor, friendship, and a touch of spookiness. It is perfect for young readers, especially around Halloween. The story stands out as an ode to friendship and the lengths we go to for our pals. 

“Skeleton Hiccups” by Margery Cuyler

This delightful children’s book revolves around a skeleton with a unique problem: hiccups! With its fun story and engaging illustrations, it’s a great way to introduce younger kids to the concept of skeletons while keeping them entertained. 

“Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras” Written and Illustrated by Duncan Tonatiuh

“Funny Bones” is a unique entry on our list as it brings culture and history to the forefront. It tells the story of José Guadalupe Posada, a Mexican artist famous for his Day of the Dead skull illustrations known as Calaveras. This book not only delves into the concept of skeletons and Day of the Dead. But it also introduces children to the rich tapestry of Mexican culture and art history. 

“Give Me Back My Bones!” Written by Kim Norman and illustrated by Bob Kolar

Ahoy, mateys! Get ready to set sail on a nautical adventure with “Give Me Back My Bones!” This imaginative tale follows a pirate skeleton who is in search of his missing bones. With playful rhymes and vibrant illustrations from Bob Kolar, this book is a treasure trove of fun and learning. It provides a unique angle to the subject of skeletons. We love how it combines elements of adventure, mystery, and a pinch of seafaring fun. 

“Funnybones” Written and Illustrated by Janet Ahlberg

“Funnybones” is a whimsical tale that follows the nighttime escapades of a skeleton duo and their skeleton dog. Known for its repetitive yet engaging text and charming illustrations, this book is perfect for young readers. Or young at heart who are just beginning to explore the world of skeletons. Janet Ahlberg’s creativity shines in both the storytelling and illustrations, making it a memorable read for children. 

“Skelly the Skeleton Girl” Written and Illustrated by Jimmy Pickering

Meet Skelly, a lovable skeleton girl in this whimsical tale by Jimmy Pickering. The book follows Skelly on her quest to return a lost bone to its rightful owner. It brings in themes of kindness and friendship alongside its skeletal subject matter. The narrative is beautifully complemented by Pickering’s own quirky illustrations, making it a must-read for those looking for a charming story in a slightly spooky setting. 

“Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky!” by Duds and Kaine 

This playful book challenges the conventional notion that skeletons are something to be afraid of. “Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky!” takes readers on an enjoyable journey that demystifies skeletons, emphasizing their importance in supporting our body and enabling movement. With its light-hearted approach and eye-catching illustrations, the book is an excellent way to introduce younger kids to the concept of the human body and its functions, all while dispelling any fears they may have about skeletons. 

“If You Ever Meet a Skeleton” by Rebecca Evans and Katrin Dreiling

This delightful book dives into the imaginative realm of what it would be like to meet a skeleton. Hello, charming text and whimsical illustrations by Rebecca Evans and Katrin Dreiling. “If You Ever Meet a Skeleton” offers a balanced blend of wonder, humor, and life lessons. It’s a lovely read that helps children confront their curiosity or even fears about skeletons in an entertaining way!

“Bone Soup” by Cambria Evans

“Bone Soup” offers a whimsical twist on the classic story of stone soup. This legend transports it into a world filled with ghouls, ghosts, and skeletons. It tells the tale of Finnigin, a skeleton who wanders into a town and cooks up a special soup that requires a little help from everyone. Alongside delightful illustrations, this book offers a heartwarming lesson on community and sharing.

“Stanley the Skeleton” by Amy Danielle

Step into a world of friendship and adventure, and learn about body parts with “Stanley the Skeleton.” This captivating children’s book introduces Stanley, a skeleton character who is not only intriguing but also relatable. The narrative combines lessons on the anatomy of the skeleton with more general life experiences, It’s a fun look at our amazing bones with a fun children’s books format.

“Bones: Skeletons and How They Work” by Steve Jenkins

Dive into the scientific aspect of skeletons with this definitive nonfiction title by Steve Jenkins. “Bones: Skeletons and How They Work” provides a deep and thoroughly researched look into the structure and functions of various kinds of skeletons—human and animal alike. Illustrated with striking cut-paper collages, this book is perfect for older kids who are interested in a detailed understanding of the anatomy of bones, including the great weight of an elephant’s bones and the feather-light femur of a stork.

“The Skeleton Book: Get to Know Your Bones, Inside Out” by Robert Winston

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing guide to the human skeleton, “The Skeleton Book: Get to Know Your Bones, Inside Out” by Robert Winston is the one to grab. This book serves as a comprehensive introduction to the human body, specifically focusing on the skeletal system. You’ll find beautiful illustrations and interactive elements. It gives young readers a detailed look at how bones support, protect, and enable our bodies to function.

“Skeleton Meets the Mummy” by Steve Metzger

For those little adventurers who delight in a touch of suspense paired with humor, “Skeleton Meets the Mummy” is a charming pick. This narrative spins a tale that marries two iconic characters—the nimble skeleton and the age-old mummy—in a playful adventure. It is crafted to intrigue while ensuring the young readers don’t get too spooked. This book effortlessly balances the elements of thrill with comical relief. 

“Skeleton for Dinner” by Margery Cuyler

We found this to be a delightful story that mixes humor, misunderstandings, and friendship in a tale perfect for young readers. In “Skeleton for Dinner,” written by Margery Cuyler, Skeleton misunderstands an invitation and thinks he’s the main course for Big Witch and Little Witch’s dinner! This charming story unfolds as Skeleton and his friend Ghost try to avoid their supposed fate, leading to funny and heartwarming moments.

Books about skeletons.

Middle-Grade Books with Skeleton Characters

“The Last Kids on Earth and the Skeleton Road” by Max Brallier

Join Jack Sullivan, June Del Toro, Quint Baker, and their friend the monster Rover on their biggest adventure yet. Written by Max Brallier, “The Last Kids on Earth and the Skeleton Road” is a page-turning addition to the popular “The Last Kids on Earth” series. This installment brings the heroes on an epic road trip to tackle a new threat, complete with kitschy roadside attractions, villainous thrills, and of course, a skeleton army. 

“A to Z Mysteries: The School Skeleton” by Ron Roy

For young detectives who love solving puzzles and mysteries, “A to Z Mysteries: The School Skeleton” is an enthralling addition to Ron Roy’s popular series. It’s one of my early reader’s favorite series, he binge-reads them all! This is a great one for Halloween season without being too spooky.  

In this installment, our favorite young sleuths are back to solve the mystery of the missing school skeleton. As they navigate the clues, readers are treated to a tale that is both captivating and educational. It is a perfect read for children in the 2nd to 3rd grades.

Books About Skeletons

Whether your interest lies in the biological, cultural, or purely entertaining aspects of skeletons, check out these books about skeletons. They are ideal for Halloween, educational endeavors, or simply enjoying a good read with your young ones. And of course, each book on this list offers a unique take on our bony friends. Dive in and explore the captivating world of skeletons and bones. Happy reading!

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