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Sweet Basil Cooking Class

The Sweet Basil cooking classes in Scottsdale, Arizona make for an amazing culinary experience! But the Sweet Basil Gourmet Couples cooking class makes for one of the best dates in Arizona! Sharing our experiences and date info for this amazing class!

One of our favorite dates happens to be one of the most expensive; we love taking professional, gourmet cooking classes.

Sweet Basil cooking class.

Sweet Basil Gourmet Couples Cooking Class

One local place does it particularly well for date night- they offer a Gourmet Couples class designed for couples to work as a team to prepare part of a fine dining dish.

The instructors are top notch and most are professional chefs, instructors are culinary schools, or authors of cookbooks- and sometimes all of the above! They do their homework, and I have to say we’ve been so thrilled with each that we’re ready to get their numbers and start hanging out with them on the weekends.

Sweet Basil Scottsdale.

They set up everything for you, and the professional chef teaches techniques and tricks for each dish made. I must admit I’ve never cut an onion the same again!

Cooking classes for couples.

We did the butternut squash risotto portion of our meal- I’ve always wanted to learn the craft of risotto and I have a minor obsession with fall dishes. This will probably be made this Thanksgiving.

Sweet Basil Gourmet Cooking Class for Couples

Can we talk about this tenderloin too- amazing! Time to get this on the monthly rotation!

Gourmet cooking class Sweet Basil.


Sweet Basil Scottsdale cooking classes.


Cooking class date.

I really love that it makes cooking such a fun, new experience! And that I get to do it side-by-side with my favorite guy isn’t so bad either.

Cooking class date night.


Gourmet cooking class.


Risotto cooking class.
Sweet Basic cooking class.
Cooking class date night.

We even learned some plating skills, which heaven knows I can use all the help I can get in that area!

Date night cooking class.


Sweet Basil cooking classes in Scottsdale.


Sweet Basil cooking classes in Scottsdale.


Cooking for date night.

At the end of the cooking everyone sets out their dishes so we can all gawk and admire them together.

Gourmet cooking class.
Couples cooking class.

And of course our favorite part of the evening is the dining and enjoying the fruits of our labors!

Gourmet cooking date night.


Sweet Basil cooking classes.

This may be a huge splurge, but it’s one perfect for a gift! I actually included this as a 12 Months of Dates Gift year ago, and it’s a birthday/anniversary gift we’ve done too. It’s been one of our gifts to both give and receive (because you win either way) to date!

Couples cooking class date night.

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  1. John Luke says:

    I use to love cooking when I was a kid.

    Even after food was cooked I will love to take my share and try to recook it.