Barret Jackson Collector Car Auction Date

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Date Info: 
Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction
Price: $6-$50 per person, depending when you go. Plan $22 each for most days.
Location: North Scottsdale
Website: Barrett Jackson
Tips: If you can, go earlier in the week. We’ve been at the start and the finish and there’s a lot less to see later in the week. Check out Living Social if you want to go this year, they have a deal. 
Give me six sentences before I dive into this date’s info, I promise, it’s relevant.
I once received the world’s funniest Christmas card from a high school friend, written by her husband, all about the WWF wrestling highlights they had had that year: matches, celebrity meetings, and collector’s figures that had come into their lives. I laughed so hard at the clever card and pure wit mocking Christmas card bragging, but I was also in awe to see my always classy friend (economist, master’s in theology, and always put together) in this card. I brought it up the next time I saw her, “I had no idea you were into WWF in any way!” “I’m not,” she replied, “But I’m into Sean, and he’s REALLY into it, so I go and enjoy every minute of his enjoyment.”
I have always thought of that conversation as one of those moments that sums up one of the dating mantras that belong in a catchy Buzzfeed “10 Things Happily Married Couples Do” type of lists. Sometimes you go to places you may not necessarily be into, but your spouse is so happy that it’s absolutely a blast for you to attend.
And thus it was, I went to an auto show for the 3rd time with my husband and truly had an amazing time.
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We went to Barrett Jackson as one of our first dates. It was the first time we were flirty, touchy, and realized that maybe we were becoming a lot more than good friends. It was raining that day, and as luck would have it I wore some wedges without traction. Jacob kept telling me I could hold onto his arm anytime I needed help in slippery areas. This was a big move for an awkward engineer and an abuse victim divorcee still in their first year of learning to date and flirt again. We both have very fond memories of that date.

The nostalgia alone makes me smile as we return to this seasonal event, but the rain makes it absolutely perfect.

So what is it? It’s essentially a giant car auction where car collectors/restorers sell one of a kind and vintage cars. When you purchase a ticket you get to walk through tents of about 1,000 cars!

From there you get to find all kinds of gems. Like vintage tow trucks with your husband’s distance relatives names plastered on them.


There are also some historical gems to be seen if you pay attention. Like the pace car for the Indy500 in 1969.

Or one of the first cars ever made, complete with glass only on the front windshield and a buggy on the back.

There’s typically some famous cars too that have been in movies. Like the original Stark11 mobile that Tony crashes into while drunk.

We found our favorite at the end. Remember how we were Marty and Doc for Halloween? Remember how they travel to the year 2015 in Back to the Future II? We’re still figuring out what the universe is trying to tell us.


My absolute favorite part is watching this boy inspect every car. I can walk down an entire aisle, looking at 30 cars only to realize I’m alone, and he’s still examining the second car. It helps me understand how he feels at art museums.
When I go back to find him and see his constant giddy half-smile it makes me smile too. There’s something really fun about seeing your spouse have the time of their life that makes it fun for you too!

And how can you not giggle when you see a whole lot of this?

To keep it fun for both of us we play a game- if you had to drive one car for the rest of your life, what one would it be? I have a thing for turquoise and vintage, so that’s what I chose last time. I promised to at least give others a chance this year but loved this one at first sight.

Only I did think about my alternative life in Europe where I am a professional picnic-er. If that life ever becomes a reality my choice will be changing.

I also considered if I ever decided I love pink and turn girly girl, then maybe the pink blush version is the car for me.

The 1930 Popcorn and Candy Wagon did have me think twice too. It was so cute, and if I was going to sell candy for a living I wouldn’t think twice about this ride. The original food truck, such a cool thing to see!

I think ultimately I’ll always be happy with a used, practical Rav4, but it’s fun to dream.

Jacob’s choices were all legit. This boy loves sports cars with style. This may have something to do with the fact his dad owned a body shop growing up.

Clearly, he’s the cool one in the family, particularly in the car department.

This last one won his heart. It really was a beautiful ride!

We also enjoy giving cars titles.

“The Darth Vader”

“The High Roller”

“The Vintage Child Molester’s Van”..seriously, where are the windows?

“The Next Mary’s Suitor Scandal on Downtown Abbey”

But joking aside, it’s a cool place to go, and if you’re in Phoenix it’s still happening all next week!


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  1. Miss Riss says:

    Dang these are pretty fancy cars!! I'd go with the blush one for the rest of your life. It's just too cute 😉 Also, I love your vest.