101 Active Date Ideas

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One of the easiest ways to work on staying active together as a couple is including fitness date ideas in your date night plans. Here are 101 active date ideas to get you moving!

101 Active Date Ideas: active date ideas for winter and summer, sporty date ideas, and active date ideas for all fitness levels!

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One of the easiest ways to work on staying active together as a couple is including fitness date ideas in your date night plans. Active date ideas get the blood pumping, burn some calories, and help you have fun together while feeling sporty and active. May one of these 101 active date ideas help you plan your next healthy date night!

Healthy and Active Date Ideas

  1. Go for a bike ride
  2. Rent or borrow a tandem bike
  3. Go on a roller skating date night
  4. Attend a spin class together
  5. Go rock climbing outdoors
  6. Visit a rock gym and go rock climbing indoors
  7. Jog or run around the park
  8. Go indoor skydiving
  9. Go Geocaching
  10. Pick up a frisbee and play a casual game of toss in the park
  11. Play Just Dance, or Dance Dance Revolution together
  12. Take a yoga class together
  13. Take a hot yoga class together
  14. Get adventurous and take a goat yoga class together
  15. Play laser tag
  16. Hike a trail together
  17. Go bowling
  18. Do a color run race date together
  19. Do a glow run together
  20. Take a kickboxing class together
  21. Register for a ballroom dance class
  22. Register for a salsa dance class
  23. Register for a hip-hop class
  24. Go swing dancing at a jazz club
  25. Take a Zumba class together
  26. Have a dance party
  27. Go clubbing
  28. Go snorkeling
  29. Take an archery class
  30. Try parkour either alone together for a laugh, or with a local chapter meetup
  31. Go ice blocking
  32. Take a group fitness class together at your local gym
  33. Visit a ropes course together
  34. Go cliff jumping
  35. Build an ambitious home project togetherActive Date ideas and Healthy date ideas

    Active Winter Date Ideas

  36. Go snow skiing
  37. Go snow tubing together, be sure to run/walk up the hill for the activity
  38. Go snowshoeing
  39. Go cross-country skiing
  40. Have a snowball fight
  41. Learn how to snowboard together
  42. Take a curling lesson together
  43. Go on an ice skating date

    101 active date ideas perfect to do in the summer and more lists for all seasons in this post! Active Summer Date Ideas

  44. Play beach volleyball
  45. Play water balloon volleyball with another couple
  46. Go rollerblading
  47. Visit a water park
  48. Go surfing together
  49. Try SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)
  50. Kayak the river or lake
  51. Rent paddle boats and paddle around a lake
  52. Go water skiing
  53. Run through the sprinklers
  54. Have a water fight

    Active Group Date Ideas

  55. Play a pickup game of basketball with a group at the park
  56. Host a group date playing kickball
  57. Host a turkey bowl (or any other bowl)
  58. Group date capture the flag game
  59. Do a City Solve Amazing Race
  60. Run a Ragnar/other relay race with a team
  61. Visit a paintball arena

    Sporty Date Ideas for couples_ sports based date night ideas to keep each other active and date night a little competitiveSporty Date Ideas

  62. Head to the batting cages
  63. Organize a group date playing softball
  64. Play t-ball together
  65. Challenge each other to a one-on-one basketball game
  66. Register for a 5k together
  67. Play flag football together
  68. Have a ping-pong tournament
  69. Do a Mud Run/Tough Mudder
  70. Play Wii sports together
  71. Play racquetball
  72. Go swim laps in the pool
  73. Play a game of soccer together
  74. Play a game of rugby together
  75. Try your hand at field hockey
  76. Take an aerobics class at the gym
  77. Do an at-home workout video together
  78. Have a tennis match for two
  79. Spot each other weight training
  80. Play dodgeball
  81. Go golfing
  82. Visit Top golf
  83. Play Frisbee Golf

    Entry Level Fitness Date Ideas

  84. Go for a long walk on the beach (or around the park, lake, etc.)
  85. Help someone move
  86. Jump on a trampoline
  87. Visit an indoor trampoline jumping center
  88. Play bocce ball
  89. Go miniature golfing
  90. Walk your dogs or borrow someone else’s to walk for the evening
  91. Take a city walking tour of historical sites
  92. Visit an amusement park
  93. Visit the zoo and walk the parameter
  94. Explore the largest farmer’s market in your area
  95. Participate in a charity walk
  96. Paddle in the same canoe
  97. Walk around your area doing random acts of kindness for others
  98. Take downtown city bikes everywhere you go for the night
  99. Plant a garden together
  100. Volunteer to clean up a local shelter or community garden
  101. Play shuffleboard

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