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101 Active Date Ideas

One of the easiest ways to work on staying active together as a couple is to include fitness date ideas in your date night plans. Here are 101 active date ideas to get you moving!

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One of the easiest ways to work on staying active together as a couple is to include fitness date ideas in your date night plans. Active date ideas get the blood pumping, burn some calories, and help you have fun together while feeling sporty and active.

While we love a good dinner and movie date, sometimes setting those aside for some fun date night ideas that get you out of the house and moving is just what your relationship needs! 

May one of these 101 active date ideas help you get a little inspiration to plan your next healthy date night!

Couple running together looking at each other and smiling on their active date idea.

Healthy and Active Date Ideas

  1. Go for a bike ride

    A simple bike ride may be the most underrated date! It’s an easy way to fit in a little activity and boost those serotonin levels together! 

  2. Rent or borrow a tandem bike

  3. Go on a roller skating date night

    There’s something both nostalgic and romantic about skating around a roller rink. It’s a fun date that will make you feel like a kid again!  

  4. Attend a spin class together

  5. Go rock climbing outdoors

    It’s a different experience to find a rock to climb and bond with nature. And it’s a really great date for pros and beginners alike! 

  6. Visit a rock gym and go rock climbing indoors

    A rock climbing date is such a great date for even those who don’t consider themselves particularly active people. It’s a fantastic challenge with climbing paths for all skill levels. 

  7. Jog or run around the park

    Enjoy a simple light jog or run that you can talk and connect over. Bonus points, this active date idea is free. 

  8. Go indoor skydiving

    A little adrenaline rush helps facilitate the dopamine and feelings of love. Plus, this freefalling sensation is a surprisingly great ab and arm workout! 

  9. Go Geocaching

    This outdoor scavenger hunt takes you on a mini adventure through a set location. There’s plenty of walking and searching for a hidden item. And best of all, this activity is typically free. 

  10. Pick up a frisbee and play a casual game of toss in the park

  11. Play Just Dance, or Dance Dance Revolution together

    True story: I once had an office competition for who could walk the most steps in a weekend. A coworker who won taught me dancing video games actually register way more points than just walking. 
    So why not dance your way with some non-intimidating games and get those steps going?! 

  12. Take a yoga class together

    Fit in a little relaxation, strength, and maybe even some bonding! You can attend a formal class, or take a free online class in the comfort of your living room. 

  13. Take a hot yoga class together 

    Intentionally sweat out all those toxins! Plus you can push your flexibility and enjoy a new experience together. 

  14. Get adventurous and take a goat yoga class

    Let the goats climb on and around you while you take in a little workout. These are a hilarious way to practice fitness and boost your serotonin levels. 

  15. Play laser tag

    You’ll run around chasing each other through an arena in this action-packed date. It’s fun to play against each other, but even more fun to play on a team together. 

  16. Hike a trail together

  17. Go bowling

    Bowling is taught in may P.E. classes, and therefore totally counts as playing a sport together. 

  18. Do a color run race date together

    If running feels intimidating, try a color run. It’s a slower moving race with colorful powder thrown throughout. It feels more like an active party than a run. 

  19. Do a glow run together

    If you aren’t much of a runner, but you’d always wondered what it’s like to cross a finish line, this is a great race for you! And even if you are a runner, these make for such a fun date! They’re more like a dance party with neon paint and black lights. And they make an athletic event feel like an absolute party! 

  20. Take a kickboxing class together

    Hello, an intense workout with lively music and a ton of fun! Adventurous couples will love this date!

  21. Register for a ballroom dance class

    Have an upcoming wedding? Want to up your skills on a dance floor? Use date as a great excuse to learn some new moves!

  22. Register for a salsa dance class

    Spice up your dance routine with this traditional Latin dance. 

  23. Register for a hip-hop class

    This is not only a great workout, it’s a lot of fun! Find a dance studio that offers evening classes. Or, you could ask about a couple’s private lesson. 

  24. Go swing dancing at a jazz club

  25. Take a Zumba class together 

    Get your groove on to the beat with an instructor-led class.

  26. Have a dance party

    We’d highly recommend a neon dance party! Grab a box of glowsticks and some packing tape. Wear black long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Have fun turning each other into stick figures and having a dance party.

  27. Go clubbing

    I mean why not live it up like a college student with someone you’d actually like to dance with?
    Or, find some outdoor concerts with live music. The point is to find a place that encourages dancing and having a great time together.

  28. Go snorkeling

    You don’t have to live anywhere tropical to enjoy looking at the surface below. Grab some snorkeling masks and head to a lake or ocean and have fun exploring some aquatic findings. 

  29. Take an archery class

    Take yourselves right back to summer camp and practice some archery skills together. 

  30. Try parkour

    This is a fun one you can look up YouTube tutorials either alone together for a laugh, or with a local chapter meetup. 

  31. Go ice blocking

    Try this unique date idea during the spring or summer months on a large grassy hill. Grab a towel and slide down on ice blocks. 

  32. Take a group fitness class together at your local gym 

    Find a fun class you’re both interested in and enjoy sweating it out together. 

  33. Visit a ropes course together 

    These adventure courses are designed for team-building and confidence-building exercises. It’s a pretty amazing thing to strap into a harness and experience climbing, balancing, and trust exercises in a controlled environment. And it makes for an incredibly unique and memorable date night! 

  34. Go cliff jumping

    There’s something so fun about jumping off ledges into natural bodies of water. Find a safe and notorious location in your area and enjoy this fun adventure. 

  35. Build an ambitious home project together 

    Couple out in the snow enjoying a snowshoeing Winter active date idea.
    Active Winter Date Ideas


  36. Go snow skiing
    There’s something so magical about hitting the slopes and enjoying an adventure through the mountains and the snow.
  37. Go snow tubing together

    Be sure to run/walk up the hill for the activity

  38. Go snowshoeing

    There’s something magical about a walk through a winter wonderland. 

  39. Go cross-country skiing

  40. Have a snowball fight

  41. Learn how to snowboard together

  42. Take a curling lesson together

    If it’s good enough to be an Olympic sport, it’s good enough to do for a date night activity! Check with your local skating and ice hockey arenas for lesson offerings. 

  43. Go on an ice skating date
    101 active date ideas perfect to do in the summer and more lists for all seasons in this post!


    Active Summer Date Ideas

  44. Play beach volleyball
    Head to the beach, or your local park with sand volleyball courts. It makes a great setting for a friendly game of volleyball. 
  45. Play water balloon volleyball with another couple

    Fill up some water balloons and launch them over the net. Try to capture them in the towel without breaking them. 

  46. Go rollerblading

    Why not get your Barbie and Ken on and go roller blading together? Neon outfits are completely optional. 

  47. Visit a water park

  48. Go surfing together

    There are so many eager surf instructors who love teaching others! If you’ve never been, charter a private lesson for two, and go catch some waves. 

  49. Try SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)

    This is one of those active dates that’s surprisingly full of relaxation! Take a class around sunrise or sunset for an extra magical experience.

  50. Kayak the river or lake

  51. Go water skiing

    Rent a boat or charter one for the day. It’s so fun to try to learn this favorite water sport! And even if you don’t master it, it often feels like a comedy show as you watch each other try your best! 

  52. Rent paddle boats and paddle around a lakeThis is one of my personal favorite date experiences! It’s great for a first date or for seasoned married couples alike! I love watching the sunset from the lake. Plus, you can even rent a swan paddle boat if you want to add a little laughter to your date night! 
  53. Run through the sprinklers

    Hello,free or cheap date ideas that make you feel like a kid again! 
  54. Have a water fight
    Grab some water guns or water balloons and get ready for a little friendly competition. 

    Active Group Date Ideas

  55. Play a pickup game of basketball with a group at the park

  56. Host a group date playing kickball

  57. Host a turkey bowl (or any other bowl)

    Grab a few other couples and get ready for a little teamwork with a friendly game of touch football.

  58. Group date capture the flag game

     Channel elementary school night games and play a game of capture the flag together. 

  59. Do a City Solve Amazing Race

    These are such a blast and you can usually find great deals through Groupon! You’ll work as a team to sole puzzles throughout your city to find the next location. There are often fun prizes and you’ll really learn teamwork working together in this version of The Amazing Race. Sporty Date Ideas for couples_ sports based date night ideas to keep each other active and date night a little competitive.

    Sporty Date Ideas

  60. Run a Ragnar/other relay race with a team
  61. Visit a paintball arena

    Have you seen the movie “10 Things I Hate About You?” They visit one of these and have a great time chasing each other around and throwing paint at each other. And if you want to dial it up a notch, you can use real paintball guns and equipment. 

  62. Head to the batting cages 

    The best part of the batting cages is they’ll teach you and set you up for success. Even if neither of you have ever swung a bat, you can still learn and have fun. 

  63. Organize a group date playing softball
  64. Play t-ball together

    Head to your local baseball field and channel your inner child with this easy version of baseball. 

  65. Challenge each other to a one-on-one basketball game

    Or maybe even a game of H-O-R-S-E. But have fun practicing some shooting and defense together. 

  66. Play Pickleball

    This game is taking over America, and everyone seems to love it! You can find pickleball courts at your local park. But there are also many indoor pickleball courts that offer lessons and rental equipment that make this date easy. 

  67. Go Axe Throwing 

    This fun date is perfect for a small group, and a great way to build some bicep muscles! 

  68. Have a ping-pong tournament

    This simple game can be played by anyone. And it’s a really fun way to get your body moving. 

  69. Do a Mud Run/Tough Mudder

    Take a 5k and turn it into an obstacle course filled with mud and challenges. They are meant to be completed as a team. It’s like a physical version of an escape room, and a really fun team building activity. 

  70. Play Wii sports together

    I know a video game may not seem like an active date, but an old school Wii Sports game actually is! It will walk you through the motions of sporting activities while you get active! 

  71. Play racquetball

    Book a racquetball court and grab another couple to challenge. 

  72. Go swim laps in the pool

    This is extra romantic at night, and can even feel like a spa night under the moon together. 

  73. Play a game of soccer together

    Soccer is surprisingly fun played one-on-one.

  74. Play a game of rugby together

    Just remember not to play too rough! And if you’ve never played this can be a really fun sport to learn together. 

  75. Try your hand at field hockey 

    Hire some teens on a local field hockey team to give you a lesson. And get ready for a competitive game! 

  76. Take an aerobics class at the gym

    Channel the vintage 90s favorite workout, and enjoy an aerobics class. They are usually upbeat and fun. They are sure to get those endorphins flowing! 

  77. Do an at-home workout together

    There are about a million free YouTube workouts you can do online. Not to mention other social media, blogs, and streaming platforms. Find a new workout routine and get your sweat on in tandem! 

  78. Have a tennis match for two

    Borrow some tennis rackets and find a free tennis court at the park. This makes this upscale feeling date completely free. 

  79. Spot each other weight training

    I can’t tell you how romantic it is to push your limits and have your partner spot you and literally have your back. It makes a great active date for two! 

  80. Play dodgeball 

    Channel your inner gym kid and get ready to throw and dodge some balls. 

  81. Go Golfing

    No one will tell if you mostly just drive the golf carts. But there’s plenty of activity to be had just for walking around and trying to play. 

  82. Visit Top Golf

    If you’re a novice golfer, or even a pretty good one, you’re going to love this date! Grab some dinner and drinks and enjoy some rounds of golf at this fun venue.

  83. Play Frisbee Golf

    Entry Level Fitness Date Ideas

  84. Go for a long walk on the beach
    Or this could be around the park, lake, etc. Bonus Points if you pack a blanket and a picnic and turn a dinner date into a cute date idea that provides some activity! 
  85. Go horseback riding 

    Schedule a little outdoor adventure with one of mankind’s favorite animals. It’s adventurous, and romantic, and gives you plenty of time to talk while you get some activity in. 

  86. Pick fruit at a U-pick farm 

    Channel your inner farm-boy or girl and spend a date picking produce. You can usually find apple and pumpkin picking in the fall, and berries and peach picking in the spring and summer. 

  87. Visit an indoor trampoline jumping center

    Channel your inner child and jump on a trampoline. It’s a fun activity and a cute date. 

  88. Play bocce ball

    I had a coworker who owned a set and used to take a few of us out to play on great weather days after work. I’ve always thought it would be the perfect low-key active date. 

  89. Play a game of mini-golf 

    Put your way around a course and enjoy a classic date night with just the right amount of activity in it! 

  90. Walk your dog

    If you aren’t a dog owner, borrow someone else’s to walk for the evening! You can even volunteer at an animal shelter. Dogs have a way of making a walk way more fun and interesting. And they are proven to keep humans in better shape! 

  91. Take a city walking tour of historical sites

  92. Visit an amusement park
    Before you think this is all roller coasters and arcade games, you should check your pedometer next time you go! We’ve never had more steps than on a Disneyland date night!
  93. Visit the zoo and walk the parameter

  94. Explore the largest farmer’s market in your area 

    These are usually large blocks to walk around and discover local vendor produce and artesian items. 

  95. Participate in a charity walk

  96. Paddle in the same canoe

    Find a lake with a canoe rental, and go paddle your way around the scenic views. 

  97. Walk around your area doing random acts of kindness for others

    This happy feel good date is good for your emotional well being as well as your activity levels. 

  98. Take downtown city bikes everywhere you go for the night

    It’s so easy and convenient to rent bikes and take them from one location to the next. And it’s a fun way to shake up a city date. 

  99. Plant a garden together

  100. Volunteer to clean up a local shelter or community garden

    Get your outside activity on while doing some good. 

  101. Play shuffleboard

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