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52 Dates to Do This Year

Looking to make date night happen every week? We’re making it easy for you with 52 dates to do this year listed by each month with an idea perfect for each week of the year. Weekly date night ideas just got a whole lot easier!

Weekly Date Night

I’ve had several friends set the goal to go on 50 dates with their husband this year, and I couldn’t be more pleased to see this hashtag trending! There’s nothing like a weekly date night!

I think like all goals many start out strong and then lose a little steam and creativity as the year progresses. I want to help anyone setting this goal or looking to get a few more dates in their life by outlining 52 date ideas to do this year- one for each week broken down by month. We’re making weekly date night more doable!

I tried to make sure there’s at least one free one each month and most have at least one you can do at home if the babysitting conundrum plagues you like it can us.


52 Dates to Do This Year

January Date Ideas

  1. First Friday- go to the Science Museum for free
  2. Go for a hike while it’s still nice out (or snowshoeing if you’re somewhere cold)
  3. Hit up a basketball game- NBA/College/High School
  4. Go Ice-skating together


February Date Ideas

5. Make fondue at home, have a romantic picnic together

6. Take a create-your-own famous painting class at a BYOB studio

7. Read The 5 Love Languages and discuss what you can do better to help each other feel loved

8. Get culinary! Take a cooking class for two or find YouTube tutorials and make a fancy meal together at home

March Date Ideas

9. Hit up the local lake and rent paddle boats

10. Ride bikes to a nearby dessert shop and go get a treat. If you want to get really fancy rent or borrow a tandem bike for a few hours.

11. Host a group date with a few of your favorite couples and play board games while enjoying a potluck dinner

12. Find a scenic location and grab some takeout to watch the sunset


April Date Ideas

13. Movies in the Park- Enjoy the spring air and free movies with a lawn chair and a picnic

14. Get tickets to a play- Broadway tours at this time, high school plays are happening, or look up your local theater listing

15. Register for a 5k or fun run together and go run or walk it

16. Go test drive some fancy cars you have no intention of buying

17. Have a bonfire with s’mores

52 DAte Ideas: A date for every week of the year


May Date Ideas

18. Hit up a local farm for a pick-your-own fruit afternoon

19. It’s blockbuster season, so it’s okay to throw in dinner and a movie

20. Go stargazing- download Google Sky and learn about the constellations
21. Go miniature golfing, and make sure you bet a chore the loser has to do to keep things interesting


June Date Ideas

22. Visit a local improv or comedy club

23. Plan a vacation together, even if you don’t have the money- look at travel books and websites and come up with an itinerary together
24. Find a type of cuisine you’ve never had before (Ethiopian anyone?) and go try it
25. Rent or borrow a Wii if you don’t own one and play some interactive games together


July Date Ideas

26. Create a couple’s bucket list together- set some goals to make a few items on your list a reality

27. Visit a local aquarium
28. Grab another couple and go to the mall for a scavenger hunt finding items that start with each letter of the alphabet, be sure to take a picture with each item and the first couple finished gets dessert courtesy of the other couple.
29. Get a copy of “Do You Know Your Husband” and “Do You Know Your Wife” and enjoy each other’s responses
30. Watch a bunch of funny YouTube videos at home- there are a few channels already created with funny, clean clips at FridayWereInLove.com


August Date Ideas

31. Hit up First Friday- Go to the Art Museum or do an Art Walk for free
32. Happy concert season! Find a band you’d both like to see and splurge on tickets.
33. Watch a few of the top rated TED Talks at home and have an intellectual discussion about your thoughts on each
34. Enjoy the end of summer with a trip to the pool for two

September Date Ideas

35. Visit a planetarium night- the first Friday is often free
36. Go rock climbing at a local rock gym
37. Download a geocaching app and go geocaching
38. Embrace football season and head to a game- NHL/College/HS
39. Set up a tent in the backyard and order takeout to enjoy in it

October Date Ideas

40. Hit up Food Truck Friday and enjoy some street food
41. Visit a corn maze
42. Carve pumpkins together
43. Watch a vintage horror movie (like Hitchcock) on a laptop in a creepy location

November Dates

44. Buy a sushi kit and learn to roll sushi together at home
45. Get a jump on holiday shopping and enjoy a nice dinner and a trip to the mall together
46. Look up some massage techniques, grab some lotion and give each other massages at home
47. Sign up for a service project together, check with local food banks, Feed My Starving Children, homeless shelters, and women’s shelters to help get them organized for the holiday season

December Ideas

48. Build a gingerbread house
49. Do some holiday baking and make treats for friends and family
50. Attend a holiday concert together
51. Look up the best lights in your area (most news websites list them) and go see the lights. 

52. Make a list of goals you want to achieve in the new year, and be sure to eat something terrible for you before it’s too late

If you’re loving the date nights, here’s our favorite date night subscription service to get an awesome date delivered each month. If you need more at-home dates, I highly recommend adding a Date Night In Box.

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  1. Love love love how creative these ideas are! Would not have come up with as many great ideas as this- thanks! 🙂

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      I’m so glad they are helpful! I hope there are many great dates in your future!

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    This is AMAZING! Thanks for all the great ideas.

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    These are great ideas! I love going fruit-picking during the appropriate seasons!