52 Completely Free Date Ideas to Do this Year

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Looking for free date night ideas that you’ll actually love doing? Here are 52 completely free date ideas that cost you a penny!

52 Totally Free Date Ideas: Free non-cheesy, creative date ideas: A Free Date Idea to do Every Week of the Year proving love don't cost a thing!

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Sometimes you just need proof that love don’t cost a thing. And there’s nothing wrong with realizing you don’t have the budget to go out. That definitely shouldn’t stop you! Free date ideas are everywhere, and there’s plenty of good ones no matter where you live. We’re here to help with your next fun free date!

Good free date ideas can be hard to come by, but I promise we’ve compiled lots of awesome date nights you’ll both love! These totally free date ideas are sure to please, and won’t cost you a penny!

52 Completely Free Date Ideas to Do this Year

  1. First Friday Museum Night (Science, Art, etc. museums usually have an open-late free night once a month)
  2. Stargazing- Download Google Earth, grab an air mattress, and head 20 minutes outside of town for a romantic night
  3. Create a couple’s bucket list
  4. Head to the travel section of a bookstore and do some research for a dream trip. Plan out where you’ll go and what you’ll do while you’re there.
  5. Build a romantic fort in your living room and watch a movie
  6. Go for a hike
  7. Movies in the Park (free at the Biltmore in spring and fall)
  8. Planetarium night, often free once a month and many community colleges put these on for free as well
  9. First Friday Art Walk. A downtown classic showcasing local artwork and vendors. Funny YouTube Videos Date Night.

    Free Date Night Ideas

  10. Read The 5 Love Languages and discuss what you can better do to help each other feel loved. If you don’t own it check it out from the library, borrow it from a friend, or you can borrow one of my two copies!
  11. Go test drive fancy new cars you have no intention of buying.
  12. Head to IKEA and reenact the 500 Days of Summer date, coming up with a hypothetical situation for each room in the showroom. Or, if you’re less adventurous, just walk through the maze that is IKEA and try to find your way out.
  13. Listen to a few TEDx talks at home, and discuss intellectually or not so intellectually after
  14. Attend a local TEDx conference
  15. Pack dinner up into a picnic and head to a scenic location for a romantic sunset picnic
  16. Check out a Culture Pass at the library which gets you 2 free admissions to one of 17 museums in the Phoenix metro
  17. Watch a bunch of funny YouTube videos at home- I have several channels already created with funny, clean clips here on FridayWereInLove.com
  18. Hit up a piano bar and sing along (be sure to check for a free night)
  19. Look up massage techniques and give each other massages at home
  20. Find a free concert night (Tempe Marketplace or Downtown Mesa do several) 52 Totally Free Date Ideas: Free non-cheesy, creative date ideas: A Free Date Idea to do Every Week of the Year proving love don't cost a thing!

    Fun Free Date Ideas 

  21. Try geocaching- download an app and get set for adventure
  22. Find a volunteer opportunity and go do some good together!
  23. Have a movie marathon at home
  24. Hit up a bunch of open houses and explore several homes together
  25. Take a long walk on the beach, or lake, or whatever scenery in your town moves you
  26. Play board games together or with a group
  27. Google “Walmart Bingo” and choose a board to print, head over to play the most entertaining game of bingo of your life!
  28. Attend an open mic night at a local coffee shop
  29. During the holidays go see Christmas lights
  30. During the holidays go watch fireworks 

    Date Ideas That Don’t Cost Money

  31. Find a horror movie to play on a laptop in a creepy outdoor location
  32. Find a neighborhood you’ve never been to and explore it together
  33. Attend a high school sporting event
  34. Go to https://www.geoguessr.com/ and take turns guessing where Google has pin-dropped you by looking at street views in Google Earth. It keeps track of points based on how close you are in miles to the actual location!
  35. Explore a farmer’s market
  36. Go for a bike ride
  37. Visit the murals in your city and snap some Instagram-able pictures on your mural tour
  38. Attend a trivia night together
  39. Play a pick-up game of basketball at a local park
  40. Do a puzzle together 52 Totally Free Date Ideas: Free non-cheesy, creative date ideas: A Free Date Idea to do Every Week of the Year proving love don't cost a thing!

    Free Dates Ideas

  41. Hit up a thrift store and pick out the perfect outfits for each other to try on from the last four decades, be sure to have a photoshoot.
  42. Eat as many samples as possible at Costco
  43. Go sledding
  44. Play Wii together, borrow one if you don’t own one
  45. Play strip chess
  46. Make a time capsule out of random items in your home that reflect this year
  47. Create Dubsmash or TikTok movies together
  48. Make out in as many different locations as possible in two hours.
  49. People watch at a crowded location.
  50. Hit up a karaoke night
  51. Attend a Home Depot workshop together
  52. Head to a bookstore and find and share a few of your favorite books from all decades of your life

We’d love to hear, have you been a completely free date night that you just adored? Is there anything missing from our list? Let us know in the comments if you have a fun free date idea you highly recommend. Everyone can always use more cash, more fun, more love, and more date nights in their life!


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  1. There are some great ones on the list! One that I would recommend was the date my brother and his girlfriend did as their first date ever. I thought it was adorable! It was spring and they went “toothpick racing”. They coloured one toothpick red and one green and then they went and found puddles that were flowing and raced their toothpicks through the puddles to see who would win! Totally silly but they ended up falling in love over it. 😊

  2. These are awesome! We live in a small town so some of these are not possible but I love what you shared. Thanks