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Date Night Goals

As we kick off the season of goal setting, here’s your sign to make date night goals part of the equation! Tons of Date Night Ideas, and tips for making date night happen

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Happy New Year! Or if you’re reading this another time, happy this exact date as well. It’s the season of making goals, and I can’t encourage you enough to add more fun to your relationship by setting date night goals. 

Trust me, it’s one resolution that will add more fun and meaning to your relationship.

And who doesn’t love it when you can combine a truly meaningful goal with something fun and happy too?! That’s why I will forever be a fan of setting goals to make date night happen!
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The more I meet other married couples and readers, the more I hear of the desire to make more date nights happen, and the struggle to do just that. We’ve been there too, I know how hard it is to find a great babysitter, get your budget in order, and make date night happen when you’ve been out of the habit.

That’s why we’re encouraging you to set date night goals and become date night goals. The quality time together is the ultimate relationship goal, and making sure a fun activity happens regularly isn’t only so much fun, it manifests the importance of date night.
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What do date night goals look like? 

21 Date Night Ideas to Make You Couple Goals

Let’s get those date night goals rolling with plenty of fun date ideas to do this year. If you’re ready to be couple goals with regular date ideas, here are plenty of great dates both at home and out on the town for a fantastic date together!

Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas to Do This Year

For busy couples who need some fresh date night activities to boost their relationship quality, here are a handful of different types of dates to try at home.

  • Movie Marathon
    Pop the popcorn, grab your favorite movie theater candy sweets, and plan a night of movie marathon viewing.
  • Themed Movie Night
    Don’t just cuddle up with a blanket and watch a movie, make your next date night movie night a little more fun with a theme. Come up with a dinner, appetizers, and/or drinks that match the movie.
  • Living Room Picnic
    Grab a blanket and pack a picnic dinner (or some takeout) and eat dinner in the living room. This is one of our favorite dates that’s so easy to do!
  • Host Couple Game Nights
    Mix things up including another couple in person, or do a virtual date night. Grab your favorite card games, board games, or even video games. Enjoy a little friendly competition together.
    And for the record, some couples games for two make an equally fun date night!
  • Romantic Night for Two
    Who doesn’t love a little romance and a dedicated night to intimacy together? Grab the rose petals, light candles, play some love tunes, and do all the romantic cliches for a romantic night in.
  • Charcuterie Board Dinner Date
    Break out the fancy crackers, meat, and cheese, and try this modern dinner date. This is a fun way to encourage conversation and good food. You can get truly creative with a classic charcuterie board, or go with a dessert board, a themed board, or a seasonal trend.
  • Pizza Date Night
    Make our easy foolproof pizza dough recipe, assemble a variety of ingredients, and let participants get creative with their own personal pizzas.
  • Do a Puzzle
    A puzzle date night is the perfect date to enjoy after you put the kids to bed! The novelty of doing a new puzzle together while you chat and reconnect is one of the favorite hobbies of many couples.
  • Take Dancing Lessons at Home
    If you want to try something novel and bust boredom, learn a dance together. Many companies offer dance classes to prepare for a wedding or life event. However, celebrating date night is a great excuse to cut the rug and learn a few dance steps together.
  • Take a Cooking Class for Two
    There are so many eager teachers ready to share their culinary skills on YouTube. You can make a romantic meal for two or just learn how make your favorite cocktails or mocktails together. Find a great recipe, do the grocery shopping, and enjoy a cooking class for two at home.

Fun Out of the House Date Night Ideas to Do This Year

  • Tandem Bike Ride
    Find a local bike shop and get ready to ride bikes for date night. Bonus points if you can find a tandem bike or an extra fun date night!
  • Recreate Your First Date
    If you’ve been together for even a few months, there’s something amazingly sweet and romantic about recreating your first date. Return to the same location, or find a way to recreate the same activity.
  • Electric Scooter Date
    Do an electric scooter rental to explore a major city landmark near you.
  • Drive-in Movie Date
    Mix up movie night: try a drive-in movie date or “dive” in movie.
  • Do a paint night date night.
    This is our most repeated date, and one that’s surprisingly fun and relaxing even if you’re not an artist! 
  • Have a thrift store date night.
    Go choose outrageous outfits for each other to try on. Or at least try to find something from your high school era and set the mood like you are high school kids ready for a date night from that era. Bonus, It’s one of those cheap date ideas you’ll laugh about for years! Also, no need to buy anything, you can make this a free date idea just by trying clothes on!
  • Go Miniature Golfing.
    This classic date is always a winner! Find a fun course, try going during a fun seasonal time of the year, or make it interesting with fun challenges.
  • Go to the old-school arcade.
    Challenge each other to old-school video games and arcade challenges. I mean when was the last time you had played one of your favorite childhood games? It’s a fun way to introduce some friendly competition and bask in some nostalgia.
  • Go stargazing 
    Download Google Sky and head to the outskirts of town in the back of a truck or with the help of an inflatable air mattress.
  • Paddle Boats
    We had a paddle boat date years ago for a date night, and it still remains one of my favorite things we’ve ever done!

Couple Goals 

I love that this hashtag trends all over social media showing couples out having fun! And here’s your reminder that really amazing experiences and fun memories are so obtainable. It just takes a little date night goals planning to make those couple goals dreams a reality! 

Date Night Goals Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of a date?

The main goal of dating is to get to know each other. You should focus on having fun together, discovering similarities, and learning about goals, expectations, and dreams. Use a date to try to find a deeper connection, particularly intellectually and emotionally.

How do you make a date night feel special?

Try to put effort and thought into your date night. Start with dressing your best, planning a special activity your date will enjoy, and give your full time and attention to your date.

How do you keep the dating phase interesting?

Keep the dating phase interesting by changing up date activities and giving each other the chance to get to know each other in various situations and environments.
For the record, dating should so continue through any relationship. This is why making date night goals and regular date nights so important.

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