Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Date Idea

Valentine Photo Shoot

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All the reasons you should book a Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Date with your love! Plus our favorite pictures with Valentine photoshoot ideas for inspiration to document your love! Valentine's Day Photo Shoot


Valentine Photo Shoot Date Idea

Date Info: Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Documenting Your Love

Price: Varies! Contact photographers for individual pricing 
Location: This can happen anywhere! We loved a professional studio session, but in-home and outdoor sessions are gorgeous too. Choose what best fits you as a couple! 
Time: Plan for an hour of actual shooting time.
Tip: Make a photoshoot part of your Valentine’s gift. That makes anyone less willing to get pictures more inclined to show up for you. It’s also an investment you’ll cherish forever! 

Why You’ll Love a Professional Photo Shoot

Less than a month ago we attended the funeral of Jacob’s grandfather. He was just about the world’s sweetest man! As I opened the funeral program and I smiled from ear to ear at the pictures! I kept thinking how sweet it was that he and his wife had done a professional photoshoot together for some amazing pictures of him and of them together. What a treasure they are! 

I decided that a couple’s photoshoot is always a good idea. Even if it may feel a bit extra, or even if one or both parties aren’t the biggest fans of pictures, you create something for your posterity to cherish. 

We had the opportunity to work with Vikki Colvin who owns The Gray Atelier Studio in Tempe, Arizona. She asked if we’d like to come to do a Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot with her for a date night. Now we take a lot of pictures as a couple for the blog, but after attending that sweet funeral I knew an intentional professional studio shoot for two would be a great date night! 

Valentine's Day Couple's Photo Shoot

Valentine Photo Shoot for Couples

Not only do we have a bunch of sweet pictures documenting our love for Valentine’s Day, but we also have pictures we’ll cherish! I hope one of these make our funeral programs when people recount our love for each other. Geez, you guys, losing a loved one sure makes one wash philosophical and sentimental, doesn’t it? 

So if you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day date, reach out to your favorite photographer! Chances are they’d love to fit you in for Valentine’s photoshoot. Documenting love is something beautiful! It deserves a mini photo session for two! 

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Here’s why this makes a great date night, even if pictures aren’t your favorite thing. 

This photoshoot for Valentine’s Day reminded me so much of our engagement pictures. We were so happy to officially be engaged and prepare the save the date cards and wedding invitations. It was a good excuse to just be together and laugh and smile.

Valentines Photoshoot

I think I’m married to one of the wittiest men on the planet. And photoshoots always remind me that I’ll have those authentic laughing moments preserved. Plus, having an outside party document your relationship is truly special. 

Photo Shoot for Valentine's Day

I promise your kids and grandchildren won’t ever scrutinize your age, your size, or why on earth you spent a little cash to take a few lovey pictures together. They will smile remembering two people they love, and how their love impacted their life! This is exactly why a photoshoot without the stress of kids and a few sweet moments together makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day date night! 

Pictures by: Vikki Colvin

Studio: Gray Atelier Studio in Tempe, AZ 

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

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