Date Night Activities

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Date Night Activities
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Ready for date night activities that turn up the fun and build connections? Whether you’re ready for a romantic date, a cute date night, or on a budget, we have your back! Check out these 60 fun date night activities for couples to help inspire your next date night!

Cheap Date Ideas

  • Go get ice cream together
  • Visit a flea market
  • Take the 5 Love Languages quiz and discuss each other’s love language together. Grab our free download for a 5 Love Languages Date right here!
  • Go to a thrift store and choose funny outfits for each other to try on.
  • Visit local open house events in your area and check out new home trends. Touring an open house is typically free, and you can always grab a cheap brunch after!
  • Attend a class or lecture at your local library. These are free, and usually take place during evening or weekend hours.
  • Visit a high school football game or high school basketball game. It’s a great way to enjoy a sports game without spending a lot of money.
  • Listen to live music. There’s often a free or cheap outdoor concert to attend during the summer months with the summer concert series.
  • Grab takeout and go watch airplanes take off and land in a parking lot near an airport. See our airport viewing date night for ideas!
  • Head out to dinner during happy hour. Best of all, you can enjoy food and drinks for a fraction of the cost while you beat the crowds!

Double Date Ideas

  • Visit a sporting event together.
  • Do a scavenger hunt date.
  • Attend a comedy show or improv show.
  • Head to a more rural area and enjoy a bonfire group date or double night. Be sure to bring the s’mores and some ghost stories to share.
  • Play a game of pickleball, racquetball, or have a tennis date at one of your local community centers
  • Head to a new restaurant that has a reputation for good food. Order four different dishes for the main course and share to get a good sampling and have a taste testing night with friends. It’s the perfect way to try the best of everything and enjoy time with friends!
  • Bring a stack of card games or board games and enjoy some friendly competition with a couple’s game night.
  • Do a BYOB painting class and compare paintings. Additionally, you can also do an at-home Paint Night Date Night as a group!
  • Go to a trivia night and compete against other teams.
  • Book an axe-throwing date night space for your group. You’ll be surprised by how much fun all parties of all skill levels have!
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Romantic Date Night Ideas

  • Pack a picnic basket and head out for a sunset picnic date night.
  • Book a sunrise hot air balloon ride.
  • Visit a coffee shop and bring our would you rather dating questions for couples printable.
  • Take a dance class together to turn up the romance! It might remind you of your wedding or the last time you connected in a new way!
  • Book a wine tasting tour or tour a winery. Even if you don’t drink, this is a romantic experience and a great place to explore together.
  • Book an anniversary photo shoot. Find some romantic spots like flower fields or city skylines and document the special occasion together.
  • Go on an ice skating date and make sure to cuddle up and hold hands through this personal favorite of all romantic date ideas!
  • Go to the location of your first date. Bring a bottle of sparkling cider (or a bottle of wine) and talk about those first date ideas and butterflies together.
  • Drive outside of the city and have a stargazing date night. It’s a good idea to pack up an inflatable mattress and spend a long time looking at constellations together.
  • Book a themed picnic dinner with a local company. Enjoy someone preparing and setting up the most romantic dinner you may ever experience together! Plus after your good time, they do the cleanup too!
Date Activities for Couples

Cute Date Ideas

Be sure to check out our 40 cute date ideas for tons of great date night activities! But here are a few of our favorites:

  • Tour a local botanical garden
  • Take a cooking class together. A couple’s cooking class is a great way to connect in an intimate setting!
  • Make an amusement park date night happen. Our Disneyland date night was about the perfect place to reconnect and make a memory we’ll never forget together! It’s always a fun night and a great way to release your inner child for a few hours.
  • Take a road trip to a nearby city or town you’ve always wanted to explore. Plan the day trip and enjoy some quality time while you find some of the best places in your area!
  • Go to an arcade and enjoy old-school video games together.
  • Go to a dine-in movie theater where you can order dinner and enjoy a show together.
  • Tour a traveling art exhibit. We loved the Van Gogh Immersive Experience. It makes a great first or second date, but also it’s a good thing to experience and share with someone you’ve been with for years!
  • Go for a bike ride. Or try one of those fun things you’ll never forget and do a tandem bike date night.
  • Have a baseball date night and cheer on your home team. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy time together and talk. But you’ll definitely score bonus points for participating in all the fun cheers and activities while you enjoy the game.
  • Volunteer together. It’s always the perfect time to give back to the community. But there’s no better way to see each other in your best light than when you’re helping others and making a date of it!

Home Date Night Ideas

If you love date night in, be sure to check out our 52 at-home date ideas, and our stay-at-home date night list!

  • Play board games together. There’s nothing like a fun game to make a date night at home feel fresh and memorable. Be sure to check out our 100 couples games list for a lot of great date night game options.
  • Go through old photos together and share memories.
  • Do an Adventure Challenge for Couples date night like the blindfold baking date night. They’re full of creative date night ideas with many perfect home date idea options!
  • Make a Spotify playlist of your favorite songs to listen to together.
  • Set up a hot cocoa bar and have a hot chocolate date night together.
  • Build a romantic fort in the living room
  • Head to the hardware store and grab some supplies to create a project together for a creative date night at home.
  • Take a virtual yoga class, or other virtual fitness class together
  • Make a list of fun date ideas you want to do together in the future. It’s a great idea to plan some of the best date ideas you want to do together. Plus it sets you up for more regular date nights or at least a future date while you enjoy a date night at home!
  • Grab a date night subscription box to do at home. We love the Happily Box (read our Happily date box review). We also have a promo code (promo code FRIDAYWEREINLOVE) that gets you 50% off your first box so you can try them!
At home date ideas

Unique Date Ideas

  • Turn off the sound while watching an older movie you’ve never seen before. Try to come up with your own lines each character is saying. It may sound strange or quirky, and maybe it is. But it’s one of those fun ideas couples try and it changes the movie nights in a fun way!
  • Rent electric scooters and tour a downtown area by scooter.
  • Take virtual museum tours online together.
  • Have a themed dinner and a movie date night. Find a unique pairing with food and a movie theme like New York pizza and a movie set in New York City.
  • Create a time capsule of pop culture that best represents this year.
  • Visit a planetarium and see a light show.
  • Attend a local TedX lecture together.
  • Book a spot at a Selfie Museum and laugh your way through this unique date night.
  • Register for a murder mystery dinner date. It’s a lot of fun to dress up and lean into this unique date night!
  • Tour a haunted location in your area. Hear the ghost stories and legends of a building or location.

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