Bisbee, AZ Getaway: The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour

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We had to save the best for last- the main reason we went to Bisbee, AZ was to experience the quirky, the historical, and the famous Old Bisbee Ghost Tour.

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Bisbee has The Copper Queen Hotel, the oldest operating hotel in Arizona, and thus one of the oldest East of the Mississippi. It is also listed as one of the top 10 most haunted places in the U.S. This was only one of about 15 stops on the tour where our Ghost Host, Laura, stopped to tell us the legends and haunting that happened.
We met Laura on the steps of the museum at dusk. They all wear old fashion garb to reflect the era of the wild west, which also included mining, and prostitution that the town was known for in the 1800’s. Don’t worry, l.aura dressed as one of the classy ladies 🙂

We learned all about the mortuary that burnt down, and the child ghost who plays with the ball the store owner of the restored building puts out for her at night

And the ghost that haunts all the bartenders at this lovely location


Then was one of the other most haunted places in the West- The Oliver House. The Oliver House of Bisbee Arizona is known for 27 violent and unexpected deaths, with most of the ghosts said to haunt regularly. It’s one place that our host claimed never fills up because it’s truly some of the more terrifying ghosts that haunt here. I’ll add more about this one at the end of the post.


We also hit what is now known as the children’s park, but was formerly the cemetery. Apparently many spirits were not thrilled about their bodies being moved. Many of the child deaths due to typhoid fever and other deadly diseases that were common also lead to a large amount children buried and said to not have been moved when the cemetery was dug up. It’s said some of the child spirits from this cemetery play with children often.
Maybe smiling isn’t appropriate when those around you are so serious…but what can you do?

And pretty sure playing with my flashlight wasn’t appropriate, but when others on the tour open the paranormal detection app on their phone and use it like a metal detector with beeps going off, well, I had to do something to cover my giggles. Who invented apps for this…seriously?

We ended with some of the most haunted hotels


Which they purposely keep old-fashioned and creepy

But who would have guessed this charming door leads to a place of crazy amounts of haunting?

But we would have guessed the old jail did….

And we finally ended in the top 10 most haunted places in the U.S.- they saved the best for last! This place was even featured on the TV show “Ghost Adventures.” You can watch the video with both the Copper Queen legends as well as the Oliver House HERE. Just skip ahead to about 4:25 if you want to pick up where the stories and the expect Ghost Host comes in.


This is a haunted stairway where many sightings have been reported

And the 3rd floor of this hotel hosts Julia, one of the most well-known and famous ghost stories of all time!
 We seriously enjoyed The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour immensely- even for someone who can’t watch Law and Order at night due to nightmares and being scared half-to-death. It is just the right amount of creepy, interesting, and fun even if you aren’t a big horror fan.
Thank you Laura for one of the most unique, unusual date ideas/experiences we’ve ever had!

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