Tombstone, AZ: Part 1

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When we heard we’d both be starting new jobs in about a week we decided to jump on seeing if our summer weekend get-away could be bumped up a week since we knew it would be a while before we could get time off again. Luckily the Groupon deal for our Bed and Breakfast made it happen and we were off to enjoy some Arizona- no make that American history! So we went to the “The Town Too Tough To Die”…any guesses where we are?

I’m assuming if you didn’t know the answer from half the western films made or the history books, you probably put 2-and-2 together and looked at the post title.

 For a second we were pretty sure we’d be moving out of state for new jobs, just a hunch, but a wrong hunch! We put seeing the actual historical “Wild West” on our to-do list before we left the state. There just isn’t a place more “Wild West” than Tombstone, AZ. We felt lucky that Groupon also hooked us up with a nice and cheap place to stay- so make sure to check there when you’re ready to plan your trip!

We’d read several reviews that warned us it’s a large tourist trap and theater mixed with some history, so we were prepped for any and everything. And it did not disappoint!
We enjoyed just walking the town and taking in the sites.

(Does this sign make anyone else feel like there are lots of spelling errors? Too much MS Word in my life!)

We made sure to do some of the top recommended items we found on all travel sites, the first one on all being the shootout reenactment at the O.K. Corral

And we were lucky enough to snap a shot with Wyatt Earp, the famous/infamous (depends which movie or side of the story you hear) man himself!

And last but not least, we headed over to the Birdcage Theatre. It’s quite the place- full of history, bullet holes, one sketchy past (err prostitution was legal in these days), and it’s known for being one of the “Top 10 Most Haunted Places” in the U.S. There were 26 people who died there, and many of the “women of the night” are said to still haunt this area. You are encouraged to take lots of pictures, but agree not to share them via social media. HOWEVER, we captured an image of a “ghost” in the hearse that transported Billy the Kid and crew to the cemetery after the famous shooting at the O.K. Corral. The curator of the theater was so stoked about the picture and the “ghost” that she asked us to upload it their ghost gallery- and you can see that on the first page of their gallery!

Stay tuned, tomorrow we’ll post my favorite part of Tombstone!

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  1. This is so great! I want to go! I grew up in Prescott…which is where Big Nose Kate was buried. And nobody really cares about that except for people that live in Prescott, but there you have it. Fun fun!