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Our Flytographer Experience: Everything You Need to Know about Flytographer

If you’re considering booking a professional photographer during your dream trip, using Flytographer may be your best option. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering using Flytographer + a Flytographer promo code to save you some money!

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Once you book the dream trip to a bucket list destination, there’s nothing like getting some professional photos to document the setting! We just returned from a dream trip to Paris, France, and a few other European location stops. I knew documenting a family trip with some family pictures and a professional photoshoot in Paris would be something we’d treasure forever.

Booking a Photographer in Paris

As Americans traveling abroad, we were a little unsure where to even start.

I had a lot of questions and concerns!

How do we find a professional photographer at our location?

How do we know if they’re legit and will actually show up?

Will it be so expensive we won’t be able to afford a photographer in Paris?

Will they even speak English or will this just be a culturally awkward moment for all of us?

After I settled this was going to be worthwhile, I decided we’d use translating apps if needed. I got serious about making sure we found a professional photographer in Paris.
Once I started to look into our options, I found Flytographer.

What is Flygrapher?

It’s a company founded by an American who visited France hoping for one great photo of the trip. She decided to start a company where people could fly all over the world and easily find a professional photographer.

And it’s boomed! Flytographer is a reliable photographer finder to help you get professional photos in popular destinations throughout the world!

Where Can You Book Photo Shoots?

You can book a Flytographer with a professional photo shoot all over the world! If there’s a popular destination, they’ll have many photographers there.

You can likely even book a shoot in your hometown if you want to document a moment or need some last minute professional photos.

They are in most countries, and in all states throughout the United States. If you’re traveling there, there’s a good chance you can easily find and book a Flytographer photo session.

What’s the Price to Book a Flytographer?

First of all, let me tell you I have a promo code to save you even more money! Use FRIDAYLOVE to get $50 off a session!

And second of all, the pricing is actually super fair! In Phoenix, we typically pay $300-$700 for a family photo shoot. They have various packages available, but we found the $385 for an hour to be very fair! Apply the Flytographer promo code: FRIDAYLOVE and you’re set with an additional $50 off the already fair price.

Flytographer photo shoot in Paris with a couple smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Our Experience with Flytographer

Let me walk you through our personal experience and Flytogropher review from start to finish.

Booking a Photo Shoot

As a former website product manager for major companies, I was instantly delighted by the Flytography website! It’s so easy to navigate! You’ll start by searching your destination/location, and they’ll pull up a list of photographers in the area.

You can search reviews and photo galleries to see their style of photography and editing. And once you choose one you love, you simply send a request for the date and time. Flytographer puts you in touch via chat, and most reply within a few hours to see if you can find an exact time and location to meet.

The Day of the Shoot

Make sure you arrive a few minutes early, and come ready to look and feel great! These photographers are highly vetted and come as beloved talent ready to document you and make you look and feel great.

You’ll meet at a set destination and exchange numbers before the shoot in case you need to contact each other with any problems or concerns.

Our photographer came right on time, and we were ready to line up right in front of the Eiffel Tower with the sunrise.

The photo shoot was a dream! Rachael in Paris is a 10/10 photographer who made us all feel so amazing, laugh, and she posed us and gave a lot of guidelines so the details were stunning.

We left all smiles, even our children who don’t always love photos! My husband even commented he was so glad we did this, and he already knew they were going to come out amazing.

Receiving Your Photos

Expect your photos within five days of your shoot. Of course, some photographers are faster, and many will send you a sneak peak photo within a day so you can post and share! But the full gallery will come within five business days.

Our gallery was about 40 edited photos with a great mix of family photos in various poses throughout our set location. They guarantee the best of photos, so no blinking or award moments. They will choose your best photos and edit them all for you ready to go.

A couple photo shoot in Paris on the Eiffel Tower Bridge taken by Flytographer.

Quality of Flytographer Photos

As someone who is a photographer, I’m a bit picky when it comes to photos! And I’m pleased to say because I vetted the photographer in advance! I’d recommend checking their portfolio and editing style before you book. I love rich colors and tones that are bright, but not washed out, with natural-looking edits. Because I took some time to do this, I had a very good idea of what we’d receive.
And I’m pleased to report, that we were, and still are, delighted with our Paris photo shoot! Our Flytograher delivered the most beautiful gallery of photos, and we love every single one of them!

Is Hiring a Flytographer Worth it?

I’m going to tell you we 100% think it’s worth it! These photos are an absolute treasure from a dream trip we may only have once in a lifetime. Of all our souvenirs, I think a set of stunning photos of our family in an iconic travel destination is absolutely tops! My only regret is not booking a second session while we were in London on the same trip.

We will definitely be using a Flytographer again! And I think you’ll be so happy you booked these photos that you’ll treasure forever!

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    These photos are stunning! Next time I go to Paris I’m totally doing this!

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      You totally should! We have the best experience!

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