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Verde Canyon Railroad Tour: An Arizona Train Ride

Looking for an Arizona Train ride you can enjoy for an anniversary or family activity? Head to the old west and take a tour through beautiful Northen Arizona with the Verde River Railroad Tour.

Sedona Railroad Tour

Day 2 in Sedona was a big day for us. Not only was it our actual anniversary, but it was a day we had jam-packed with cool things to do.
We started out our day at one of our friend recommendations, The New York Bagel and Deli. All the employees had New York accents, and I was even teased for over pronouncing “multi-grain” so I knew we were in good hands with our carb loading.



After we enjoyed some snow cover scenery.

SEdona Arizona Train Ride

And then headed further West to the Verde Canyon Railroad for a train ride through Northern Arizona. It’s a train ride near Sedona Arizona that offers a truly one-of-kind experience. I felt extra spoiled, we even rode in the first class train! It felt just like the Wild West with an Arizona train ride.

Sedona Railroad Tour
ARizona Railroad Tour and train rides
Verde River Train Ride Arizona

Verde River Train Ride Arizona

We started the trip with a sparkling cider/champagne toast (cider for us) to celebrate any special occasion on the train. We went first announcing 2 years of marriage.

We then heard of a 30th and 52nd anniversary, so we were glad we went first! Perhaps the highlight of the trip was when one of the older women came up to us and very concerned turned to me and said, “Congratulations, but I must ask, are you old enough to have been married 2 years???” I laughed, and said, “Bless your heart! I am 30, so I think I am old enough for 2 years!” She looked shocked. I just couldn’t stop teasing Jacob about being a cradle robber, even if the truth is I have a couple months on him!

We were lucky enough to enjoy some snacks and then see some amazingly gorgeous scenery.


Including some Indian dwellings, and even an Indian temple.

Arizona Train Ride

We also enjoyed one of the train guides, he loved the camera and would make people take his “pro shots” at many different angles. He made the Arizona train ride! We were laughing so hard at his encouraging us to “work the camera” and to pose like it was prom. This is pretty evident in the shots below, as well as the 50 others we have!

We had so much fun it even wore someone out. Talk about a successful Arizona train ride!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this. We are planning our own trip to the area this year. I had no idea this existed!

  2. Brittany E. says:

    What a wonderful way to spend your anniversary and now you are no longer newly weds! You are oldly weds. Many More Years Together!

  3. Bobi Jensen says:

    So cute! I want to go on a train ride!