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Date Ideas Phoenix: The Best Phoenix Arizona Date Night Ideas

Looking for your next date night in Phoenix Arizona? Here are some of the best Arizona date ideas for your next Phoenix Arizona Date!

Date Ideas Phoenix

Last year we had the chance to do a weekend in Tucson and learn of a lot of amazing Tucson Date Ideas. I had an overwhelming response asking me when I was going to compile a list of Arizona date ideas, and specifically, date ideas Phoenix.

We have a large concentration of readers in Phoenix, where we reside, but we have even more out so I try to keep things very general so it applies to everyone and help anyone looking for a fun date night idea. But sometimes you just have to own that there are really amazing Phoenix date nights that are just so Arizona, they deserve their own exclusive list! I’m so excited to share some of our very favorite fun date ideas in Phoenix for anyone local or anyone visiting!

Date Ideas Phoenix: A List of the best date night ideas in Phoenix, Arizona

The Best Phoenix Arizona Date Ideas

  1. Grab dinner at a Fox Restaurants Concept.
    I can’t tell you how many of these we’ve blogged over the years, and how many we’ve repeated. Mr. Fox has done such an amazing job creating restaurants with amazing atmospheres, amazing quality, and most of all amazing food. If you’re local and want a classic Phoenix dinner date, or if you’re coming from out of town, we can’t recommend looking up a Fox Restaurant Concept in your area and enjoying a really amazing meal together!
  2. The Desert Botanical Garden
    On our most recent flight home the girl next to us on our plane asked if we were locals and if we have anything quintessential Arizona she should do for a weekend getaway trip. We always recommend the Desert Botanical Garden when asked this question! Sometimes as locals we take for granted how beautiful the cactus and desert plants can be. Not everyone gets to see amazing sized saguaros or flowering cactus every day. It’s such a beautiful place with the best of the desert! It’s the perfect place to get pictures that scream I was in Arizona. It’s a fun Phoenix date night for locals too. Not to mention there’s plenty of festivals and events to always keep it fresh and fun.
  3. Tour the Tovrea Castle
    This is one of those gems of Phoenix that we got on a waitlist and waited a year to do. And then I forgot the camera battery and we never got pictures to prove it or blog it. Sad about the camera, but it was pretty cool to have to book this historical tour a year in advance and have the opportunity to learn about it. It’s truly one of those wild west desert living stories you’ll never forget. The tour is so interesting, and you’ll get to be one of the few to claim they’ve been to that building off the 202 that’s always lit up at night.
  4. Hit up Pizzeria Bianco
    I’ve blogged this as a date before, and about the most famous Arizona stop out there. Oprah and Jimmy Fallon make special stops to get Chris Bianco’s pizza. It’s at least a two-hour wait on a weekend evening, so it’s typically a date in itself. If you want claim to the restaurant voted the best pizza in America several times, plan a romantic Italian dinner for two at Pizzeria Bianco.
  5. Tube or Kayak the Salt River
    This is many local’s favorite way to cool off in the heat of summer. You can rent a tube and take a van to the top of the river. From there, float down the Salt River and enjoy the scenery while staying cooler in the water. It’s relaxing with a few wild turns. It’s always a social outing, and it’s a perfect Phoenix date idea for couples at all stages.
  6. Visit The Musical Instrument Museum
    I thought every major city had one of these until I got wise to the fact that this is the only of its kind in the U.S. What, good job landing that Phoenix! It’s floors and stories of the history of music and musical instrument invention throughout the world. You’ll love the modern pop pieces down to the most ancient civilizations. It’s a robust museum of high caliber that everyone who goes really seems to enjoy.
  7. Ballet Under the Stars
    It’s just what it sounds like, a night of professional ballet outdoors. It takes place in September when the evenings start to cool down a bit, and they put it on totally for free. Even the least enthusiastic ballet attendees admit this is a site to see and something so unique to Arizona.
    Date Ideas Arizona
  8. Hike Camelback Mountain
    Another favorite of tourists and locals alike. If you want the best views of Phoenix, this hike is for you! There are two trails, one more challenging than the other to appease hikers of all levels. Bring a picnic to enjoy the view. It’s one of the only places you’ll get to see the city at this level. It’s perfect for a day or night hike.
  9. Grab Dessert or Drinks at The Duce
    How does one describe The Duce when there just isn’t anything quite like it? It’s a hodgepodge of fun with all the owner’s favorite things. You can go just enjoy a fun atmosphere with some of the best vintage desserts and drinks out of an indoor trailer you’ll ever find. There’s hula-hoop or shuffleboard playing (and many other games) to your heart’s content. You can catch dance classes, boxing matches, and even host parties and events. It’s a one-of-kind gem that has something for everyone.
  10. Take a day trip to the Grand Canyon
    I know this is more of an Arizona date idea more than a Phoenix date idea, but if you’re planning a day or two in Arizona seeing one of the natural world wonders is a must! You won’t believe the views, even from the side of the highway. There are many ways to see it: book a jeep tour, hike, camp, charter a private plane or helicopter tour. You won’t be sorry fitting this in.
  11. Hit Up the Pool Scene
    In my single days, this was one of the most popular places to spend a weekend, and one of the best places to bring a date or meet a date if you need one. There are so many Scottsdale resorts with hopping pool scenes (like The Valley Ho) that are perfect for warm weather lounging.
  12. Attend a Rodeo
    This is definitely a place where the west was won, and there’s still a lot of western influence to prove it! Most small towns and even some larger cities still host rodeos, including Payson who boasts of the oldest rodeo in history. Check out Queen Creek, Payson, or Prescott rodeo sites for details.

    Arizona Date Ideas

  13. Take a Day Trip to Tombstone
    Speaking of the wild west, this is one of the best places to see it! It’s only about an hour and a half from Phoenix, it’s full of quirky history and artifacts. If you want to see the famous O.K. Corral with reenactment, this is your spot! It’s one of the best wild west sites you’ll see!
  14. Hike the Hieroglyphic Canyon Trail
    Want to see Hieroglyphics on the outskirts of the East Valley? Native American petroglyphs are easy to spot in this beautiful place. This is one of the easiest places to see Arizona artifacts located in the Superstition Mountains just outside of Apache Junction.
  15. Visit Famous Phoenix Street Art on a Phoenix Mural Tour
    We did this a few years ago and have been amazed how many people have written us thanking us for the idea! We’ve even had readers from Europe tell us they added this to their travel plans- wow! There’s a lot of amazing Southwest and modern art murals throughout Phoenix. Roosevelt Row is perhaps the most famous and concentrated area. You can check out our Phoenix Mural tour date for a map and more information.
  16. The Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk
    A few years ago I toyed with jumping into a career in journalism and interviewed with Downtown Phoenix as a writer and reporter. I asked my interviewer what his favorite Phoenix event was and he told me without hesitation the Zombie Walk in October. It’s just what it sounds like, you dress up like a zombie and walk to benefit The Arizona Hemophilia Association. It’s creepy, it’s a unique Phoenix date idea, and it has a huge cultic following of fans who love it!Fun Date Ideas in Phoenix Arizona
  17. My Nana’s Salsa Festival
    There’s salsa, and then there are places known for salsa. After living in Arizona you won’t likely look at salsa outside of the Southwest the same ever again! If you want to try the best of the best from local vendors and some of the best-known restaurants, My Nana’s Salsa Festival held each spring needs to be on your list! It’s a date we do almost every year and it never gets old or any less delicious!
  18. Eat at LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles
    The story alone is so amazing and so fun. The food is phenomenal. The soulful atmosphere makes this one of those unique gems that is a local and tourist favorite. Be sure to get some ‘drank in a jar and the classic chicken and waffles to truly embark on this fun and unique date night.
  19. Check Out an Event at ASU
    There’s something about being the largest university in the country that yields some really amazing and unique opportunities! Guest lectures from world-renowned individuals, projects that have funding other smaller universities couldn’t land, and programs you may not have known existed had you not attended ASU yourself are all interesting options. The art performances are outstanding, the science presentation will blow your mind, and you can see some of the latest tech by looking for a unique Phoenix date night.

    Fun Date Ideas in Phoenix

  20. The Heard Museum
    Native American culture and artifacts are preserved and on display at this unique and gorgeous museum. It’s a mid-century modern dream with a cafe that will have your mind blown with amazing and unique culinary creations. There are special exhibits often, but the museum alone is worth your time and a date night.
  21. Take a Desert Jeep Tour
    Several cities offer these, but it’s one of the most fun and exciting ways to see the desert! A little offroading a lot of nature makes for a really exciting date.
  22. Have Dinner and Walk Old Towne
    There’s a lot of “Old Towns” out there, but the Scottsdale scene has one of the best preserved wild west centers mixed with modern culinary wonders. You’ll find some of the best restaurants and people watching in Old Towne. If you’re a fan of drinking, this is one of the most happening bar scenes too.
  23. Rent a Paddle Boat at Encanto Park
    This is a gem in Uptown Phoenix that everyone loves. Encanto Park is a fun place to visit on its own, but the paddle boats make for an extra amazing view with a little romance mixed in. You’re surrounded by the park and some beautiful desert scenery. But just on the horizon, you can see the skyscrapers and city lights of Phoenix. This is particularly pretty to do at dusk. And we’d add Tempe Towne Lake paddleboat date night is a pretty close second!
  24. Visit the Queen Creek Olive Mill
    This is a bit into the East Valley of the Phoenix Metro, but a cool place you’ll only see in the smaller town of Queen Creek. You can eat, shop, and tour the only working olive mill and farm in Arizona. It’s interesting for any date night seeker, but for a foodie, this is an extra special treat!
  25. Go Horseback Riding
    Phoenix may be one of America’s largest cities, but you’ll find plenty of old west influence including plenty of horseback riding tours. You can do a hiking trail, a city outskirt, or if you drive an hour or two out of town, through some forest. It’s one of those western activities that feels particularly relevant and special for an Arizona date night.

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