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Hamilton Chicago- Our Vlog Review!

Our experience with Hamilton Chicago: a full Hamilton Chicago Vlog review! 

The best gift my husband gave me was surprise tickets to see Hamilton Chicago the month it opened! We made a special trip We’ve had so many people ask our thoughts and experience with Hamilton the Musical in Chicago. 

It’s brand new, and scoring Hamilton tickets is no small feat! The day he told me I almost fainted from shock! Honestly, he did have a few tricks up his sleeve to score some of the hardest tickets to find right now. And because we hit the jackpot and had this experience, we had a lot of questions! 

Hamilton Experience FAQ:

How does it match up with the original cast recording?
How was the acting?
Wait, how did you even get tickets?
Was it worth the price?

I had Jacob join me for a vlog to chat through all our Hamilton thoughts and pretend we’re legit critiques chatting specifics- and it’s live over at YouTube today!

Hamilton Chicago Vlog

YouTube video

Check out our full review with our assessments of the cast, music, and experience with the first cast to perform Hamilton off-Broadway. 

Wanna do this yourself with having to fly to Chicago? Try watching the original cast on Disney+ and spend a date night discussing your favorite actors and music from the show. 

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