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Hotel Date Night Ideas for a Romantic Night at a Hotel

If you’re looking to connect, relax, have quality time, and turn up some romance, a hotel date night is a great idea! Here are 50+ hotel date night ideas to make your night away even more special.

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There’s something so romantic and exciting about sneaking away to a hotel. Hello, a bed you don’t have to make and a fun new atmosphere!

Just booking a hotel room for a night (or even a few hours) can be such a great way to enjoy quality time together. Here’s how to create a special night how to have a hotel date night

Date Ideas to Do In a Hotel Room

If you’re looking to spend the night in, and want more of an at-home date night idea you can do in your room, these are all the perfect way to have so much fun while staying in!

  • Plan a movie marathon
    Watch your favorites, cuddle up, and enjoy that luxury bed you paid for! Here are some great date night movies if you need a suggestion! And a movie night gift basket is a fun addition.
  • Bring a Date Box to do together
    We love doing a date box at home! But bringing one to a hotel would be a fun twist and feel even more special! Plus we can get you half off a Happily Box with code FridayWereInLove to help save money for the room itself!
  • Make a romantic dinner
    Book a hotel room with a kitchen. And enjoy cooking a romantic dinner for two.
  • Make a romantic breakfast together
    Why not enjoy the morning together and prepare and enjoy a gourmet breakfast for two?
  • Plan a romantic date night near your hotel
    Often, there’s entertainment in the hotel or near the hotel. Plan something fun without straying too far!
  • Complete a few Adventure Challenge for Couples dates together
    These fun scratch off adventures are always so fun! You could complete multiple staying in a hotel and enjoy nearby adventures!
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  • Do an on-demand Happily date experience class from your hotel room
    These are fun, easy-to-do experiences you can enjoy in your hotel room! They’re fantastic creative dates, and we can get you 50% Happily Date Classes with promo code: FridayWereInLove
  • Take online dance lessons
    If you want a new location and space to dance with a little more privacy, try an online dance lesson for two!
  • Couples Book Club
    Have a read-a-thon night for two by the fire or cozy in bed. Feel free to read together, or bring your own separate books to enjoy.
  • Enjoy a game night for two
    Bring classic games, new games to try, card games: whatever sounds fun to you! If you need some ideas, we have a roundup of 100 couple games: perfect date night games for two!
  • Bring video games to play together
    Pack the console, or call ahead and ask if the hotel has any to borrow.
  • Do You Know Your Husband/Do You Know Your Wife game
    This game is fun whether you’ve been married a month or 50 years! It’s lightweight and easy to pack for your hotel getaway too!
Couple sitting on a hotel bed getting ready for some Hotel Date Night Ideas.

Hotel Date Ideas

  • Hotel Restaurant
    Enjoy the walkability and a nice dinner centering your hotel date night around dinner at the hotel restaurant.
  • Rooftop Bar
    Most make craft cocktails and mocktails with seasonal menus.
  • Hotel Bar
    Feel free to live the trope of meeting and picking up on each other at a hotel bar. Or just enjoy a drink and some quality time together.
  • Go for a swim
    Enjoy an indoor pool year-round. Also, you could find a great hotel with an outdoor pool and go when the weather is optimal.
  • Have a hot tub date night
    Some hotels have a hot tub attached to the room, but almost all have a hot tub near the hotel pool. Enjoy time relaxing and soaking up the moment together.
  • Jacuzzi date
    If you want something more private and intimate, a jacuzzi tub is almost always a part of most nice hotel rooms. Grab some bath salts and candles and prep for a romantic jacuzzi date.
  • Splurge on room service
    Enjoy not having to cook, not having to dress up, and enjoying whatever you want with a room service date.
  • Order takeout and have dinner in bed
    Chances are you don’t eat many meals in bed. Make this hotel date night unique and fun enjoying takeout in bed.
  • Enjoy breakfast in bed
    Breakfast in bed is always a romantic gesture. But it’s even better when neither of you has to cook and an amazing meal arrives at your door!
  • Have a dessert-tasting party
    Grab a bunch of desserts and taste test together in your room. You could do this with room service, takeout, or bring your own for a date like our chocolate tasting date night.
  • Get in a workout together
    Why not utilize the hotel gym and enjoy boosting endorphins together?
  • People watch in the lobby
    Whether you’re in a fancy hotel or a cheap hotel, people watching can be very entertaining!
  • Book a couples massage
    If you have a spa attached to your hotel, check out a couple’s massage package. They’re romantic, relaxing, and a great way to connect!
  • Take a morning yoga class
    Check if your hotel offers morning yoga. It’s a great way to take a premium class that’s already included in your price!

Date Ideas to Do Around the Hotel

  • Go listen to live music at a concert or nearby venue
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner in the city
  • Plan a romantic evening exploring
  • Book your stay around special events in the area you can walk to
  • Get ice cream
  • Go wine tasting
    Book a room within walking distance so you won’t have to worry about driving.
  • Take dance lessons
  • See a performing arts show
  • Attend a comedy show
  • Get movie tickets to a walkable theater

Romantic Things to Bring to a Hotel

  • Rose petals
    It may sound cliche, but a sprinkle of rose petals creates such a romantic atmosphere.
  • Fake rose petals/flower petals
    Sprinkle those rose petals, and make it even easier with fake flower petals.
  • Flameless candles
    Tune-up the romance without the fire hazard. Most hotels ban flamed candles, so up the romantic experience with flameless candles.
  • Favorite beverages
    Whether you love a glass of wine, a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, or even La Croix, some of your favorite beverages are always a good idea!
  • Lingerie
    If you haven’t checked out Mentionables, you’re missing out! Classy and sexy lingerie that’s size-inclusive and model-free for a really positive shopping experience! And check out our Mentionables lingerie review for more info and a special promo code!
  • Adult games
    From conversation games, to sexy board games, a hotel date night is a perfect time for some adult games! And we can get you an extra 10% off with code: FRIDAYLOVE10.
  • Bath bombs
    For a romantic time you’ll be glad you brought everything to set up in the bathroom, like a gorgeous bath bomb.
  • Bath salts
    Try this romantic set to up those romantic hotel room vibes.
  • Massage Oil
    A massage is one of the romantic experiences no one can say no to! Grab some massage oil and get ready for some romantic vibes.
  • Romantic Playlist
    We created the ultimate love playlist perfect for date nights like this!
  • Favorite Movie
    Sure you can stream and check out hundreds of channels at almost any hotel. But sometimes a movie you both love and want to cuddle up and watch is a sweeter gesture and you won’t waste time scrolling all night.
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  • Sound machine
    In case you need to drowned out any other noises or really want to get some quality sleep along with your hotel date night ideas, a sound machine is a must!
  • Bubble Bath
    Turn up the romance with a bath for two! Bring some bubble bath for adults to enjoy while you’re at it.
Couple sitting an a bed in a hotel room getting ready for a hotel date night.

Best Date Night Hotels: Hotel rooms that make great date night/weekend getaway spots

  • Themed hotel rooms
    Try a place like the Anniversary Inn with themed rooms and intricate sets for an entirely new vibe! It’s the perfect way to feel like you got a romantic getaway in only one night.
  • Luxury hotels
    Nothing stuns and impresses quite like the experience of a luxury hotel. Fancy hotel rooms usually feel like an extra special bonding experience. It’s also a great way to impress if you’re with someone with gifts as a love language!
  • City hotels
    There are so many great date nights to do in the city! Staying in a hotel right in the city where you can walk to major events is always a fun piece of a date night.
  • Bed and Breakfasts
    These are charming, quaint, romantic, and provide a meal with the ticket. You may feel like you stepped into your own Hallmark movie.
  • Hotels with Romantic Restaurants Attached
    Dinner counts as a date night in itself! Attach the ability to walk to your room and you’re set for a very romantic date night.
  • Hotels with Spas
    A spa day isn’t just for girls’ nights, it makes a great romantic date! If you need a day to relax and unwind, find a hotel with spas you can utilize and book a spa night!
  • Boutique Hotel
    A boutique hotel adds special features like art and unique styles to explore and appreciate. It feels more like an intentional date spot instead of a business trip.
  • Hotels with ocean views or lake views
    Sometimes just listening to the ocean waves from your hotel balcony is the perfect romantic night. Hotels with a view make for an excellent date! In fact, I’ll never forget our views from our Bellagio Hotel getaway.
  • Hotels with special rates
    There’s something romantic about splurging, and there’s something even more romantic about getting a deal and not breaking the bank. Find a special deal or rate and enjoy saving some cash while you enjoy your hotel date night ideas!

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