Las Vegas Getaway: The Bellagio

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I am spending some time cleaning up photo files and realizing I have a lot of getaways I haven’t finished posting about- or haven’t even started! Yikes! I’m going to dedicate the next 2 weeks to catching up.
Back over the holiday break Jacob and I had a very cool opportunity. One of his coworkers had a mother who worked in the casino hotel industry and had an amazing hookup to get a Bellagio suite for the price of a cheap hotel. We knew it was once in a lifetime, and when we have a full week off we like to leave for a while and spend time alone together. So, we packed up the car and made the six hour drive to Vegas early one Saturday morning, and rolled in to an amazing view of The Bellagio.
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If you’ve never been to Vegas, let me tell you, it’s the casino to visit! It’s much classier than others, easier to avoid the bad things of Vegas that give it its bad reputation, and of course the fountain shows that start every 15 minutes at night are to die for.
We were so excited when we heard our suite was complete with a fountain view!
We entered this amazing room!


I ran for the window- man what a stunning view!


The bathroom had to be my second favorite part, so so so pretty!
And Jacuzzi tub? Yes please! We both took our first bath since we were children!



We spent some time watching stunning fountain shows from the comfort of our own room. Seriously, if you stay there, it’s worth the extra money to be able to sit and watch these all evening long!


There were other things to do, but going for the hotel alone made it worth while!

Stay tuned, the next three days I’ll be talking about other fun things we did and some pretty amazing dates we had during our 2.5 days in Vegas!

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  1. Johnathan Cole says:

    The Bellagio is the best hotel in Vegas in my opinion. I was there 2 years ago and nothing can be compared to that place. It is everything you can expect from Vegas – Luxury, fun and party. I would love to go back there again. Only looking at your photos brings back memories.

  2. Morian Black says:

    I guess it's a little bit of an upgrade from HoJo's. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Shannon Brown says:

    Wow! What a fantastic room and view! I could totally spend a weekend sitting back reading a book and looking up every 30 minutes to enjoy that show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Definitely look into it- it's so fun!

  5. Yes! First I heard was Charlotte Church “Time to Say Goodbye” – I've loved that song ever since!

  6. Miss Riss says:

    I can't believe that view!! That is absolutely amazing!! I've seen a few of those water shows over the years and they're the coolest thing! I saw one to Whitney Houston's version of the Star-Spangled Banner and it have me chills!!

  7. Rosemary West says:

    The Bellagio is a lovely hotel, and what a great view you had! Las Vegas is a great city for dates. It's been a few years since hubby and I were there, and now you've got me thinking we need to go again soon.

  8. Alicia Snow says:

    That looks awesome!