Tombstone, AZ: Part 2- Boothill Cemetery

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The Boothill Graveyard wasn’t originally on the top of the list of things to do while in Tombstone. We knew we’d be driving down and just spending a few hours there, and we decided to be somewhat selective.
HOWEVER, after asking on Facebook and those people we actually talk to in person at social gatherings what we should do, we found most people have never been. Luckily we finally had my parents pull through with suggestions after spending a day there. They both said the cemetery is historical as well as quite funny, and is one of the few free things you can do in Tombstone. We were sold!
I mean look at this sign, who wouldn’t have known pretty instantly that they had made a good choice on a limited time budget?

May everyone know now that when I die I would really love a witty and funny modernized haiku on my tombstone!

The whole cemetery is quite amazing- we counted and found only 4 people who had died of natural causes. Everyone else was shot, hung, “death by consumption” (if you don’t know what that means email me and I”ll explain it to you if you’re 18 or over), committed suicide (and they had no issue calling them out for it), or died of typhoid fever or small pox. Some were gun fights (and they listed who killed them), and some were sketchy bodies found in mines and other strange locations. I felt really bad for the guy who was shot while going to the bathroom. If you go, buy the $3 program they sell, it gives all the stories they have and provides  a lot more information than just the tombstones. It was so entertaining to walk through the graveyard and read the stories aloud.

We probably should have been more reverent than we were….but we really did remark several times who grateful we are to have not been born in this era and how bad we felt for all who lived and died these terrible deaths.

I’m grateful I didn’t have to live through the grammar either- oh man!

We also hit up the famous graves from the O.K. Corral shootout. Yes, Billy is Bill the Kid.

We learned quite a bit, we laughed some, and we counted our blessings! Visiting the Boothill Graveyard in a must, make sure it’s a stop if you hit up Tombstone, it was my favorite part!

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  1. I am a little bit sarcastic Rosemary, I think maybe that doesn't always come across in blogging. I was definitely joking here 🙂

  2. Rosemary West says:

    Nice post. I'm not sure, though, why people need to be over 18 to know that death by “consumption” means tuberculosis. I knew this already from having read a lot of literature in school, but you can look it up pretty easily online.