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Make Meaning Pottery Painting Date

Date Info: 
Price: Make Meaning Pottery Painting – $25 per person, $29 for both with Groupon
Location: Scottsdale, AZ- Also open in Boston, Thousand Oaks, and NY 
Time: 2-3 hours 
Nearby Dinner Options in Scottsdale: True Food, Sauce, Brio, Cheesecake Factory
One of our favorite ways to find new places for date night is to check out the “Activities” section of Groupon. New businesses often turn to Groupon to get the word out, and they lull you in with a good deal. It’s kind of a win/win when searching for date ideas. 
Make Meaning in Scottsdale popped up a few months and we instantly started calculating if we could use it in the hot months of Arizona when dates need to be indoors before expiration. Done and done, and we were set to try this new creative venue. 

Before we headed that direction we hit up one of our favorite places- Sauce, for their awesome summer special where $20 gets you a pizza, salad, and wine (or two soft drinks if you aren’t drinkers). It really is a great deal with some great food.

Just for the record, Jacob would fit in fine in New York since he’s a natural pizza folder.

We then headed over to Scottsdale Quarter to find Make Meaning. They are one of the brightest, happiest places to visit- even their bathroom has neon striped walls to get your creative juices going! Wait, maybe juices and bathroom in the same sentence…never mind…let’s just move onto the date!

Our Groupon was for ceramic painting, but we discovered pretty quickly we could take cake decorating classes, make candles, soap, or glass projects too. I see another date in our future with one of these other activities involved.

We only had a handful of things to choose from, but decided the serving bowl would be great for parties, and I had a certain Anthropologie knock-off in mind and grabbed the measuring cups.

The paint names did me in, I have a weakness for cleverness.

Had we not been on Groupon restrictions, we realized there were tons of options, so maybe next time we’ll branch our into other cool items!

Jacob fell in love with the idea of ombre for a bowl pretty early, and went to town trying to shade different shades of red.

I decided that I really wanted to copy Anthropologie’s Garden Sketch Measuring Cups, and knew the skills acquired during my endless hours doodling flowers all over my notebooks in junior high was ready to finally pay off in life.

I’m no artist, but I tried to best to make each a little different and give some character. It’s been a while since junior high too, so I was a little rusty, but managed to finish with things that looked somewhat like flowers.

We realized pretty quickly one of us likes to make things complicated and one likes to keep things simple, but we won’t name any names. Just know the simplistic one offered to help knowing he, err, they would be done sooner than the other.

We kind of love pulling faces at each other during our date night photos, for the record.

Carefully hand-painting each piece was both stressful and relaxing, kind of a great sensation.

And as promised, he helped with the outlines and areas I didn’t have time to finish.

And these guys helped out too.

 Every time I got up to rinse a brush I had a great view.

And by the end of the night we were feeling accomplished and ready to see our pieces fired.

When we picked them up a few days later, we were pretty happy with the results!

Garden Sketch Anthropologie Knock Off

Maybe I should let Jacob finish off more of my art projects…

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  1. Becca Evans says:

    That looks awesome. I like that place a lot. I have never painted pottery but that would be fun! The food looks delicious too!


  2. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    Bathroom juices. Also, #nailedit with the measuring cups. I must do this.

  3. Sarah Bear =] says:

    This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!

  4. Life with Amberly says:

    They look awesome!!! 🙂 Both of your projects do and this is such a fun, unique date! But now I want that pizza…

  5. Chrissy Delacy says:

    I seriously have a meausuring spoon sickness! These are amazing!!!!! 🙂 This looks like lots of fun maybe I will try to convince B to go out to paining night.

  6. Those measuring cups are DARLING. I took my boyfriend pottery painting a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised that he loved it! Of course, he painted a tiny football helmet, so really there was no way he would dislike it.