Seattle Getaway: Pike Place Market

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One of our first stops was doing the most touristy thing you can do in Seattle- visit Pike Place Market
Seattle Pike Place Market Date
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Seattle Pike Place Market Date

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s one of the oldest farmer’s markets in the U.S. and one of the biggest too!

Seattle Pike Place Market Date

It’s also where the first Starbucks in the history of ever is located. And quite possibly the longest Starbucks line in the history of ever too!

Seattle Pike Place Market Date.
I think our favorite part was the tulips. There was a tulip festival taking place a few hours outside of Seattle that we weren’t able to make it to, but consequently I have reason to believe we saw the best of the best at ridiculously cheap price, it was amazing!
Seattle Pike Place Market Date.


Seattle Pike Place Market Date.


Seattle Pike Place Market Date.

But of course, the main attraction was the fish.

Seattle Pike Place Market Date.

All kinds of fish and seafood, and in sizes that kind of blew my mind!

Seattle Pike Place Market Date.

I felt the same way about produce. We get amazing citrus in AZ, but it was really cool to see what produce that has had as much water as it wants looks like.

Seattle Pike Place Market Date.

Of course, we went to the most famous part of Pike Place Market- the Pike Place Fish Co.

Pike Place Fish Co.

I was first introduced to them with my first job having a training on making work a fun place to be while getting the job done. They are such a cool company, and they try to make the patrons laugh by playing pranks, telling jokes, and throwing fish.

Seattle Pike Place Market Date.

One tourist even said she wanted to throw or catch- it would make her life complete. This lovely lady behind the counter is the lucky soul about to catch the flying fish, and consequently smell like fish all day long. She did it like a champ!

Seattle Pike Place Market Date: watching wish throwing.

We had two landmarks left to hit- the giant piggy bank, and the gum wall. We decided that since my gag reflex is abnormally strong around gum, that the pig would be it, and we’d call it good.

Seattle Pike Place Market Date.

Our only regret- not having more time to hang out and check out all the shops!

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  1. The Salty Mess says:

    Oh so jealous! I want to go to Seattle!

  2. Shannon Brown says:

    Oh pike's place – I absolutely LOVE the tulips there! I'm glad you got to experience the place. In my mind it is all the quintessential elements of the NW wrapped up in one — amazing produce, artistic/creative people, gorgeous views, and plenty of fun quirks!

  3. Kirsten Weinzierl says:

    Looks like it was a blast! Me and hubby want to visit Seattle someday soon. My hubby has already been there and he loves it there.

  4. It looks like a fabulous place to visit. I hope to be able to go to Seattle one day! 🙂

  5. Micah Castro says:

    I saw this place on TV! Excellent choice!