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The Best Tacos in Arizona: Our Favorite Date Spot

Date Info: 
Backyard Taco
Price: Plan about $5-$10 per person 
Location: Mesa, AZ 
Website: Backyard Taco

 There’s a place we go that we always feel love- love for each other, love for amazing food, and love for the best street tacos $1.90 can buy. As taco connoisseurs, we both agree this place really is the best. We’re not the only ones that think so, it’s always on the “Best of Phoenix” list.

I have to admit that due to the proximity of our new house, Backyard Taco is something that happens before many dates, or acts as many dates these days. We keep thinking we’ll get sick of it, but we never do and even as I type this I contemplate running to go get a few tacos even though I just had a large meal complete with dessert. But really, is it ever a bad time to have a taco?

Backyard Tacos tacos and burrito plate.

What should you get? I’m not kidding when I say everything is good and you can’t go wrong! The Birria (shredded soft beef) are probably my favorite, but I typically order one of each kind, everything on it, on corn tortillas. Jacob always gets a chicken taco with some other combo or burritos or tacos, and he’s a flour tortilla fan. We love the bean and cheese burrito, and the crazy potato is so good too! So really, we’d say follow your heart and know you will likely be extremely pleased for only a few dollars.

Couple getting ready to eat tacos squeezing limes on top.

Make sure to add lots of extra lime, I swear it’s the secret.

Couple on a taco date about to eat tacos together.

We love that we can eat so well so cheap, and that we can have a fun atmosphere for a date that fits the bill on time and budget on those weekends we can’t do a big spender date.

Couple on a date night to eat tacos.

I think we also love that a few of the employees know our order and start to punch it in when we get the counter pretending to ask like they don’t know. The Cheers song rings true- sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

Taco date night with couple laughing at each other.

Do you have a local joint you can’t resist and find yourselves constantly returning to for date night? We’d love to hear about it!
Photos by Photography Hill

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  1. Haha, I laughed about employees knowing your order because there was a couple who used to always come into Pier 49 Pizza when I worked there, they'd come in every Friday and we knew exactly what they'd order and would start making it before they'd even open the door. Except one day, the guy started coming with a new lady and that threw us off majorly…..

  2. Finally you write about a place I've been!!

  3. The Girl who Loved to Write says:

    Taco date nights are the best!

  4. You had me at tacos! Looks amazing! Our fave cheap eats date night spot here in Toronto is a 'nacho bar' they have unique toppings like the Greek Nachos, or the Poutine Nachos. It's to die for!