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Downtown Gilbert Food Truck Friday

Date Info: 
Gilbert Food Truck Friday
Price: Starting at $2.50, I’d plan for about $20-$30 for dinner and dessert
Location: Downtown Gilbert, AZ
Time: 1-2 Hours
When I heard Downtown Gilbert hosts Food Truck Friday from 5:00 – 9:00 every Friday, I knew we needed to put this on our date night list.

I also knew we should go before it’s seriously hot in these parts, and the nights don’t cool down.

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When we first showed up I lost Jacob pretty instantly to the first truck he saw- Queso Good. The pulled pork quesadilla was calling his hungry name. When I looked up from scoping out the area I realized he’d jumped in line and we were parted. It didn’t take long to find him with a big smile and a large plate of quesadilla in hand.
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Naturally everything else went on hold at this moment, and we sat down to enjoy a seriously delicious quesadilla and chips.

Queso Good Food Truck
There were so many choices- gourmet hot dog trucks, burger trucks, Southern fried chicken, a grilled cheese truck, ice cream, a popsicle truck, and sandwich trucks. We enjoyed walking around and reading menus, and this overcast sky with the sun setting- jaw droppingly pretty!
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With a big run planned for the next morning, I knew I had clearance to get one of my favorite foods items for dinner- a liege waffle from the My Waffle Crush food truck. It had the longest line, but that’s for good reason- these waffles are beyond amazing!
My Waffle Crush Food Truck
Jacob also couldn’t resist a Peach Cobbler waffle. Their yeast based dough that raises all day, dipped in cinnamon sugar, cooked until crisp, and topped with cobbler peaches and whipped cream for the win!
My Waffle Crush Food Truck

I went with the traditional liege waffle with biscoff spread, strawberries, and whipped cream. Both were good, but the classic won out by just a thread for both of us.

My Waffle Crush Food Truck
After we stuffed ourselves we decided it was too nice of a night not to go for a walk. Plus, Downtown Gilbert is a pretty cool place. It’s a destination we drive to often for food, and some of our favorite restaurants are off Gilbert and Elliot in Downtown. Not even joking, you could go to any and come out very pleased with your choice.
As one of the oldest areas in Arizona, with a lot of old West charm, I’d highly recommend exploring the main street (Gilbert Road) if you get a chance.
Downtown Gilbert AZ


We caught some senior pictures in session, a craft party store closing up, and lots of people on dates walking around. I can think of no other word than charming to describe the area.

At the end of the street we ran into Heritage Court, a location neither of us have been to, even after 10 years of living here for Jacob, and 7 for me.

So many cool mom and pop shops, some great tables and benches to hang out on, and a Euro Cafe that I’m pretty sure we’ll be visiting soon for another date night.

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  1. Any time- I'm sure we'll run into you there sometime soon! And thanks for the tip, I definitely trust your judgement with good pastry items 🙂

  2. So true- but this truck keep them nice and fatty!

  3. Stacie S-H says:

    I cant wait to move back to AZ and go to this! FUN FUN

  4. The Vintage Chateau says:

    How have I missed Food Truck Friday! Thanks for cluing me in. But we did discover Euro Cafe last year, check it out, you won't be disappointed!

  5. Paige (The Last Doughnut) says:

    That quesadilla looks awesome! It looks full and flavorful–most places flatten them until the meat is unrecognizable!

  6. Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight says:

    i love food trucks!! thanks for making me so hungry.