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Funny YouTube Night Part 2: 2.5 More Hours of Hilarious, Clean YouTube Videos

Looking for a free date night that’s unique and fun that you can do at home? This one will be sure to have you laughing your head off with the link to 2.5 hours of clean, funny YouTube videos that you’ll love!  

Funny YouTube Movie Date Info: 

Funny YouTube Video Night Part 2
Price: Free
Location: Anywhere with Internet
Remember two years ago when we shared one of our all-time favorite dates that was a year in the making, our Funny YouTube Night?

Hilarious Youtube Videos

We thought it would be an awesome at-home date night to pull together some of our favorite YouTube clips. After a few months of adding to a playlist, I hoped to get enough to last us about the length of a movie. I figured it would be fantastic for a night of free hilarity for a date. We were more than happy to share! But also, we were so surprised by the great reception and gratitude, apparently, everyone likes to laugh for free! Yay for making the funny videos clean category too!
It was so much fun, we were almost sad when we realized it was over and we no longer would be collecting hilarious Youtube videos. And then I thought- well, why not continue and see if we can get another collection for a Funny YouTube Night Part 2?
Two years later, I decided to look at my channel I’ve been constantly adding to. I found we were once again at 2.5 hours ready for another date night! And don’t worry friends, we’re ready to share another collection of relatively clean, funny clips all compiled into a channel for watching in the comfort of your own home.
Funny YouTube Night: A link to 2.5 MORE hours of clean, hilarious YouTube clips

We had to recreate our original pics. I’m sans the bangs, we’ve upgraded the computer, but other than that, the only thing that’s changed is the new YouTube channel with new content full of clean Youtube videos that will make you laugh out loud for your viewing pleasure!

Free Youtube Date Night- truly funny clips for a date night at home!
And oh how we laughed at these funny YouTube videos!
Funny YouTube Night Part 2: 2.5 MORE hours of clean, hilarious YouTube clips


Funny YouTube Videos Part 2: 2.5 MORE hours of clean, really funny YouTube clips

We enjoyed some cuddle time too. That’s always a date plus.

2.5 Hours of Non-stop laughter- a link to this couple's YouTube playlist of funny, clean videos


2.5 Hours of clean, funny, YouTube movies- Could not stop laughing!
All Photos by Photography Hill 

Clean, Funny Youtube Videos

So friends, once again if you’re thinking “Good for you, but I don’t have 2 years to compile a playlist” don’t worry! I have your back! Feel free to watch ours, embedded below!
Here’s our upfront disclaimer: 
These are some of our favorite clean YouTube videos, and things we find funny. If a movie isn’t on the list, we probably either aren’t big fans or maybe we haven’t heard of it. Some movies you may not love, and that’s fine. This is our list- feel free to make your own! Our quirky senses of humor are definitely involved. However, we think most of the population will find most of the movies pretty funny.
Warning- the last 3 movies are more on the PG-13 border. We put them at the end for a reason for those who are extra sensitive or want to enjoy this link with the whole family.

YouTube video

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  1. The link isn’t there. It’s just the haunted toaster video….

  2. Life with Amberly says:

    These pictures are great 🙂 I'm excited to watch these clips, Joe will love them!!!