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Sexy Valentine’s Date Ideas

Sexy Valentine\'s Date ideas.

Let’s just start out this post by fully admitting my cheeks are flush and my face is red after just typing the title. We are often asked for specific date night ideas by readers. Which, we love doing, but whenever someone asks for a sexy date idea I’m like an embarrassed 12 -year-old who was publicly asked who she has a crush on.

The intimacy piece of marriage is such a big deal. Additionally. with National Marriage Week and Valentine’s Day this week, I’m sharing several date ideas by category to help readers have a memorable and wonderful day of love. Due to this week it seemed like time to swallow some awkwardness and talk about a few sexy date ideas.
I’m going to try to keep this classy friends! Let me just share a few fun high-level concepts as inspiration. And then it’s up to you to make sure there’s a whole lot of romance in your dating life during this week of love. I’m going to try to do it without making myself turn bright red for the remainder of the day.

Sexy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1. TOUCH Game (or other sexy games)
Start with a product that is meant to enhance touch in all forms, and some games to help spice things up at home. If you’re like me and crafty is not a word anyone would use to describe you, they have your back! They’ve created easy downloadable printables that take only the push of a button and your bottle of K-Y Touch to be set with some games ranging from really cute and sweet to really steamy. This TOUCH game was my personal favorite- cute and the right amount of sexy.

Sexy BINGO game for a sexy date night.












2. Spin the Bottle
Another fun twist on a classic- grab the K-Y TOUCH bottle and play Spin the Bottle! This will create a great ice-breaker and once again, this printable is already created without any pressure to scrapbook (although if that’s your thing, by all means, scrapbook it)!

Sexy Valentine\'s Day game board.

3. Love is Art Kit 
Heat things up with a Love is Art kit. It’s a painting kit you’ll create while you…well you may just want to check it out to get the details. But the couple I know who recommended it highly recommended it! 


4. Make Out in the Car to Your Favorite High School Mixed Tape
Somewhere we grow up and decide the car isn’t functional, we’re not teenagers, and there’s more fun to be had than making out. However, taking a trip down memory lane together and setting the mood with some of your favorite high school slow songs can be just what you need to spice things up and better understand just what Katy Perry was singing about.

Sexy Date Ideas

5. Lingerie Shopping

I’m just going to say it, cut the self-consciousness and let loose- this means both parties! Have fun picking something out for one another and then come home and model it with a private fashion show. The memory and experience are so worth forgetting the insecurities and dropping a little money on some items you’ll hopefully get lots of use out of.
If you’d like to do this remotely, I can’t recommend Mentionables enough. They make the most beautiful pieces that are body positive for all body shapes and sizes. Mentionables Lingerie also does model-free product photos, so you can shop in a PG (maybe PG-13) setting and feel more comfortable. Quality, variety, and a company committed to sexy pieces for all bodies make it such a win! 

6. Couples Massage
Physical touch is a love language for a reason. It’s easy to look up a few techniques online. Then, combine with the perfect massage creme later, you have a very sexy, very romantic date night in!

Sexy Valentines Day date ideas.

7. Long, Luxurious Bubble Bath 
Have you tried this? It’s sweet, it’s relaxing, it’s romantic, and even in a small tub, it’s sexy! There’s something intimate and vulnerable about a romantic bath time together, and this Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to plan some quality tub time together.

Okay, only two shades of red here. Hopefully, all those who have asked for some sexy date ideas can now have a few fun ideas for this Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, I am still feeling 12 and worried the cool kids are going to tell my crush what I’ve confessed.


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