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10 Questions to Ask on Your Anniversary

As promised, we’ve updated our 10 questions to ask on your first anniversary questions to be much more versatile. We also wanted to share these, so without further adieu here are Ten

Questions to Ask Every Anniversary:


And here are our answers from our anniversary date night I blogged about yesterday:

1. He said: Navigating the loss of a job and career changes at the same time!

She said:  Sadly trials. Losing jobs and stressing where to live and what to do for work really made us realize how much we mean to each other and what matters most in life.

2. He said: 

Disneyland. Mater talking to us and telling us how in love we looked. (Isn’t that what he said? You know me and my memory…)

She said:  When Jacob put plastic cups in a chain link fence that read “Camille U Rock” on my 20 mile training run. It was the sweetest, most sincere gesture of love and one I’ll never forget!

3. He said: I would relive being in Flagstaff and riding the ski lift up the mountain. It was perfect, rain and all. Except I would probably bring a poncho or some sort of jacket this time around.

She said:  I would redo our first day in Disneyland all over again! It was magical, fun, funny, and carefree! It was our first experience as adults together and I think we grossly underestimated how much fun we’d have! Not to mention Jacob screaming on roller coasters may be the funniest thing to hear on the history of ever!

4. He said: Being able to spend so much time together, visit some cool places, do some fun things.
She said:  I’ve loved knowing Jacob always has my back! Job changes, mean people, stressors, he’s supported me and listened through them all!

5. He said: You were pretty chill when we picked out a tile for the bathroom.
She said:  He scares children. Amusement parks, sky rides, bad weather- he jokes around so loudly it sometimes leaves kids in tears. We now have talks before roller coasters and he is getting the scare tactics in control!

6. He said: This year I’ve been grateful for your good memory. What would we do without it???
She said:  He can bake! Give him a recipe and he’ll have gourmet bread, cookies, cupcakes, etc.! Engineering skills transferred well with this precision!

7. He said: Would have freaked out a little less when jobs didn’t come within a weeks time.

She said: Be more patient and faithful in hard times. They always work out, you just gotta stay positive! Also not miss date night at that time, it made for a rough week! When things get hard it’s all the more reason to have some fun, quality time together.

8. He said: Learned how to conceal acne spots that are prominently displayed on the front of my face. Haha!

She said: How important it is to support each other’s hobbies/interests/careers. We’ve both had success this year that I know we couldn’t have done alone. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you know you have someone supporting you 100%!

9. I might have said the same thing last year, but it’s amazing how much love can grow stronger and stronger over time. So happy to have found you, and been married for 2 WHOLE years!!!

She said:  They’ve definitely grown! This boy shows me what love is every day and I say a prayer of thanks every day that he was given to me!

10. Find out what your spouse’s love language is and make an effort every day to show them love in their own “tongue”.
Reading scriptures together, praying together, and attending the temple all make a huge difference in your love, patience, and appreciation! Also, dates and getaways make a big difference in the amount of spark in your marriage!

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  1. You bet, I hope you enjoy as much as we have!

  2. It's sadly just so true!

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    Thank you for this!

  4. I like the part about him scaring children. bahhaha.