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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Wife

If you’re wondering what are some great things to put in my wife’s stocking? Here are 75+ stocking stuffer ideas for wife/girlfriends that they’ll love! 

We’ve had such a great response on our stocking stuffers for him list, and I knew it was time to help the husbands out too! If you’re wondering what are some great things to put in my wife’s stocking? Then this post is for you! 

Here are 50 excellent stocking stuffer ideas for your wife or girlfriend

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Wife

  1. A Date Night stocking stuffer! I have an entire post on date night stocking stuffer ideas. Grab one and have some fun together! It doesn’t have to be expensive, although it certainly can, but tickets for a date night in an envelope or small container are an expected surprise and make for a romantic gift.
  2. Gift Card to Get Her Favorite Lunch 
    Give her the gift of one of her favorite meals that she can grab on a lunch break. 
  3. Gift Card to Get Her Favorite Drink 
    Some women love coffee or tea, some love a soda, and I think all love a little indulgence. If you’re stumped, Starbucks is always a good choice (coming from a non-coffee drinker)! 

    Health and Beauty Stocking Stuffers for Her

  4. Silicone Face Scrubber 
    These things are game-changers in cleaning your face! My and husband and I each have one and really love them. 
  5. Makeup Eraser Cloth
    This is one of my favorite stocking stuffers for wife ideas: My husband chose one before I knew what they were. I used it Christmas night and was instantly hooked! I’m so glad he knew I’d love this updated way to easily remove makeup! 
  6. Dry Shampoo 
    The secret to great hair and something most women can never have enough of! If she has dark hair, be sure to get a brunette or black bottle. 
  7. Face Mask 
    Smoother skin, better skin, and all from a little pod that fits so perfectly in a stocking. 
  8. Sheet Mask 
    I only wish I’d fallen for these sooner! Your wife probably loves these or just doesn’t know she needs to yet. 
  9. Jade Roller 
    These feel incredible and help with puffiness and inflammation. 
  10. Under Eye Dark Circle Treatments 
    Goodbye dark circles, and hello bright eyes instantly! 

    Personal Use Favorites 

  11. Bath Salts 
    This is the most soothing thing to help with sore muscles, help get through sickness, and detox after a stressful day. 
  12. Bath Bombs 
    If you have a bath fan, they’re going to love these! 
  13. Foot Massage Balls 
    These feel amazing on sore feet! I’d add in a foot rub coupon too! 
  14. Hair Brush
    I’ve personally purchased this twice: hello practical, useful, and beautiful! 
  15. Hair Treatment Mask 
    ‘Tis the season for dry hair. This one has so many amazing rave reviews! 
  16. Silk Pillowcase 
    Grab one to match your bedsheets, and give the gift of healthier hair (or a backup in case she already has one). 
  17. Silk Bonnet 
    This is a great way to protect hair at night! 
  18. Sleeping Mask
    These are so handy for travel or just a nap! In fact, maybe you should give her a nap with this excellent stocking stuffer for wife! 

    Beauty Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Wife

  19. Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat 
    This is a game-changer in keeping makeup brushes clean. 
  20. New Makeup Brushes 
    It’s probably time to replace them, and this set is so cute! 
  21. Makeup Setting Spray 
    Welcome to my favorite beauty secret and how to make makeup last all day and night! 
  22. Lip Balm
    This set makes it easy to stash one at home, at work, in a purse, and in the car!
  23. Long-Lasting Lipstick
    lipstick that moisturizes and stays put so it won’t kiss off! It’s hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and gluten-free, and cruelty-free. I’m loving not aging my lips and the Genuine color is perfect for every date night look! And CAMILLEW10 gets you 10% off! 
  24. Lip Scrub 
    Help dry chapped lips with this delicious smelling scrub! 
  25. Ipsy Gift Subscription 
    I bought myself one for my birthday last year and instantly fell in love! It’s such an inexpensive way to try high-end skincare, beauty, and makeup products. 
  26. Nail Stickers 
    I love having fun prints and designs on my nails. And I’m a huge fan of doing my nails at home with a quick nail sticker
  27. Nail Polish Set
    It’s hard to go wrong with a classic color and a topcoat gift set she’ll get to enjoy all year!
  28. Self Tanning Kit
    I will forever swear by this self-tanner for keeping my winter legs less pasty. And this application mitt is a must to go with it! 

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Wife
    Jewelry Stocking Stuffers for Wife 

  29. New Studs 
    I love the minimalist studs from SHOP HEY JUNE – I own a literal dozen of them! You can get 15% off with promo code FRIDAYLOVE
  30. Fun Earrings 
    A fun pair of sparkly earrings or statement earrings are always great stocking stuffer ideas for wife! 
  31. Classic Hoop Earrings
    Trust me, the best hoops come from SHOP HEY JUNE You can get 15% off with promo code FRIDAYLOVE
  32. Personalized Necklace 
  33. A New Ring 
  34. Bracelet Stack 
  35. Hair Barretts 
    These have made a huge comeback lately, and a pretty pearl set is perfect for women of any age!
  36. Headband

    Practical Stocking Stuffers for Her 

  37. Cozy Socks 
  38. Running Socks 
  39. New Slippers 
  40. A New Hat 
  41. Nice Wallet 
  42. Touchscreen Gloves 
    I’m so grateful some realized we still need to use our phones when it’s cold out! These gloves are perfect for the winter months! 

    Tech Gifts for Her 

  43. Apple Watch Band
  44. Airpod Case 
  45. Loopy Case
    These are the best phone cases that stop the drop and help you capture every moment! Get 15% off with Loopy case promo code fridaywereinlove 
  46. Phone Holder 
    Hello hands-free safer driving! 
  47. Electronics Travel Case
    If you travel at all, you’ll be so glad to have one of these for your family!
  48. Extra Long Charging Cable 
  49. Screen Cleaning Wipes
  50. Headphones. This could be a fresh set of earbuds, I really high-quality pair, noise-canceling headphones– whatever you know works best and he’ll use.
  51.  Phone/Key Finder. We recently bought these and our lives are now saved from the endless missing key/missing phone hunt.

    Stocking Stuffers for Women She’ll Use and Love

  52. A New Tumbler 
  53. Insulated Cup 
  54. Reusable Straw 
  55. New Mug 
  56. Blender Bottle 
  57. Set of Flare Pens 
  58. Gratitude Journal
  59. A Cute Notebook

    Fun Date Night Stocking Stuffers 

  60. Do You Know Your Husband/Do You Know Your Wife Game 
  61. A Connecting Journal 
  62. A Love Story Journal 
  63. The Adventure Challenge for Couples 
  64. Movie Tickets 
  65. Gift Card for a Nice Restaurant 

    For the Kitchen Lover

  66. Supoon
    This is the most used item in our kitchen, and new enough most people don’t have one yet. 
  67. Chopula 
    Two favorite kitchen gadgets in one are always a good idea! 
  68. Gourmet Caramel Sauce
    Take ice cream, milkshakes, cakes, and even a plain spoon to the next level with this amazing sauce! 
  69. Cookie Scoop 
    For the baker in your life, a cookie scoop is always a good idea! 
  70. Baking Mats
    Eco-friendly meets function with this excellent kitchen product. 

    Sweet Tooth Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Wife

  71. Sea Salt Caramels 
    These are amazing and so fun to get a tub in a stocking! 
  72. Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares
    If you know, you know! A variety pack or a holiday pack are extra fun! 
  73. Chocolate Dusted Almonds 
    These are excellent for those who need to lower sugar levels but still have a sweet tooth. 
  74. Smart Sweets Candy
    A lower-sugar option that brings back all the nostalgia and flavors of favorite candies! 
  75. Compartes Chocolate Bar
    This was a gift at a conference I’ve never forgotten! You can’t go wrong with any of their gourmet chocolate bars (or shopping small)! 

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