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Date Night Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Are you looking for a great stocking stuffer for your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? Give a date night! Here are tons of great date night stocking stuffer ideas they’re sure to love! 

It’s no secret we love date night around here, we live for Fridays! I’ve gifted my husband a year of dates for over a decade now, and it’s the gift we still look forward to and love! We are all about cute date ideas to keep love alive! 

This is why I think a date night stocking stuffer is one of the best gifts you can give your other half! There are so many fun things that fit perfectly in a stocking. And, you give a gift of quality time together you’ll both love! We thinkg a date night in a stocking is one of the best gifts for couples! 

Date Night Stocking Stuffers

  • Digital Happily DatE

    A Happily Datebox may fit in a stocking if you have a wider one. But if not, their digital date experiences are a great call! Purchase here and print out the receipt as a date night stocking stuffer. Also, be sure to use our promo code: FRIDAYWEREINLOVE to save even more money!



    If you haven’t heard of the Adventure Challenge for Couples, you’re in for a treat! We have an entire post sharing examples and all the details in our Adventure Challenge Review post. A book is such a fun addition to a stocking, and makes the perfect gift for your other half! 

  • Date Night Card Deck 

    How cute is this set of date night cards? It’s a lot of great date ideas with activities all set! Plus it’s the perfect size to be a date night stocking stuffer! 

  • Date Nights Box of Ideas 

    Ready for date night already planned? These cards are so fun and help you mix things up with fun and very doable suggestions! 
    Date Night Stocking Stuffers

  • Conversation cards

     These are so fun to bring with you out on a dinner date. They’re great for a night you’re stuck at home and want to do something different. They also work great for road trips! 



    Who doesn’t love a fun dinner and a movie date? Movie tickets are one of my favorite things to include in stockings and to gift to my husband! 


  • Groupon activity

    I love to find a Groupon Outing. It’s a great way to get a deal and support a local venue! Look at their “Things to Do” tab and find something exciting and interesting! I print out the voucher and wrap it in a cute envelope to give as a date night stocking stuffer! 


  • Restaurant gift card

     Grab a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or place you’ve always wanted to try. They’re perfect inside a stocking! 


  • Anywhere Travel Guide deck

     These Travel Anywhere Cards are so fun and make anywhere you’re at feel like an adventure! You’ll rethink how you experience your city (or one you travel to) and makes for a really fun date! 


  • Sexy stocking stuffers

    In the name of being a PG website, let me just suggest you grab some lubricant, something to mix things up, and maybe something tasteful from Mentionables. Mentionables offers model-free shopping and really pretty pieces that are a fun gift for both of you! Check out our Mentionables Lingerie review for more info! 

We hope this helped inspire something fun to help you connect as a couple and strengthen your relationship! The gift of date night always seems to be a great choice everyone loves! 

Like these ideas? Be sure to pin them so you have them for reference (and so other people find them too)! 

Date Night Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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