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At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Spending Valentine’s Day at home? Here’s a roundup of at-home Valentine’s Day ideas for a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day date night at home. 

Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas at Home 

  • Fondue Date

    There’s something about fondue that screams the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner idea. It’s romantic, it’s delicious, and it facilities closeness, conversation, and connection. 
    We’ve had a Valentine’s fondue date night, more than one year. It’s always a hit!

  • Cook a Romantic Dinner Together

    There’s something so romantic about cooking together. Take this opportunity to tag-team a romantic dinner for two with a menu you’ll both love!

  • Recreate Your Favorite Fine Dining Experience at Home 

    Didn’t get reservations? No problem! Look up copycat recipes online and recreate your favorite fancy dinner at home. 

  • Make Heart-shaped pizza

    Here’s our favorite easy homemade pizza dough recipe that comes out perfect every time and freezes like a dream if you want to make it in advance. Try getting fancy with toppings and making your own gourmet pizza or original creation at home. Just make sure it’s heart-shaped so you can claim it a Valentine’s Day pizza. 

  • Charcuterie Board (Snack Board)

    These are always fun and romantic! They provide plenty of time to talk while you snack the night away. Try a heart-shaped charcuterie board or some red and pink elements to make it feel extra special. 
    Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner

  • Romantic Picnic 

    We love having picnics in the living room with a blanket and romantic mood lighting. It’s always a fun way to celebrate and shake up a dinner date at home

  • Blindfold Baker Date Night

    Have one partner make dinner blindfolded. The other can guide their hands through the motions. It’s kind of like the famous Ghost scene without having to buy a pottery wheel. Just be careful with knife handling blindfolded!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 

  • Create a playlist to dance to together. 

    You can easily grab current songs that give you all the romantic vibes. However, I’d highly recommend adding songs meaningful to you. What did you dance together to at your wedding? Was there a song playing the first time you told each other you love each other? Grab some meaningful songs and share a slow dance together. 
    Valentine\'s Day at Home ideas.

  • Write Your Love Story 

    Get a Promptly Journal Love Journal (or use their app) which provides prompts to record important details of your love story. You’ll create an heirloom while you stir up a lot of romantic and happy memories. We have a promo code for Promptly Journal for Married Couples– which helps you document your story, your history, and your memories. You can use promo code FRIDAYWEREINLOVE for 15% off! 


    Pull out some Christmas lights and all the blankets, sheets, and pillows you own. Set up a romantic fort date in your living room. 

  • Love is Art Kit

    Heat things up with a Love is Art kit. It’s a painting kit you’ll create while you…well you may just want to check it out to get the details. But the couple I know who recommended it highly recommended it! 

    Cute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas at Home

  • Do a “Drive-In Movie Night” in your garage.

    Set up a movie to watch from your car. If you choose to steam up the windows that is welcome and encouraged. 
    We have tons of other car date ideas you can do from the garage or driveway. And here’s how to set up a backyard movie night if you’re ready to invest in your own movie equipment. 


    Get a complete date night with several fun activities, menu suggestions, and a playlist delivered to your door! We have a thorough post rating and giving all the details about the top date night subscription boxes to help you find one. But we’ve personally used the Happily Date Box this year because they’re our current favorite! You can get 50% off your first box to try it out with our Happily Date Box promo code: FRIDAYWEREINLOVE to get 50% 
    At Home Valentine's Date Ideas


    When you’re spending more time at home together, it may feel like you already have a good grip on how each other’s day went. But if you’re looking to connect deeper, conversation cards can be a great tool! We love this inexpensive set. It pairs perfectly with takeout for at least two dates! 

  • Talk About Your Love Languages 

    Think you know your love languages? If it’s been more than a year, you should take the Love Languages Quiz (totally free) again. Share your results. Spend the night talking about ways you feel loved and how you can deepen your connection together this year. 

  • Take a Class Together

    Masterclass has some of the best professionals and celebrities teaching online classes. You’d be surprised how affordable signing up for an on-demand class can be! Learn how to cook a new meal, new communication skills, or how to improve your love life with renowned experts. 


    I think the Adventure Challenge for Couples is my favorite of all the Valentine’s gifts ideas for him out there! It’s a scratch-off date night book that gives you a challenge to complete. The rule is no takebacks, you have to do what’s on the scratcher! Also, almost all are stay-at-home friendly and give you enough idea in advance if it’s going to work for you.BONUS: We love them so much we asked for a promo code!

    Save 10% off any Adventure Challenge book with promo code: InLove10 

  • Chocolate Taste Test 

    Tis’ the season for giant chocolate sampler boxes. That means it’s the perfect time for a chocolate tasting date night! Open a box and see if you can guess each flavor. Or spend some time ranking your favorite flavors. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home! 

  • RomCom Fest

    If ever there was a time for a romantic comedy watching, it’s a Valentine’s Day date night at home! We have of a list of romantic comedies you’ll both enjoy watching together to help you find a good one! 

  • Make Hand-Dipped Chocolates

    Sure you can buy a box, but dipping them yourselves creates a romantic night in with chocolates customized just the way you like them. This is one of those romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that will make you feel like you’re in a movie!

Romantic Valentine's Day at home

There you have it, 20 at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas to do this year. We hope you and your partner have a wonderful safe Valentine’s Day at home this year! 

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