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San Diego Zoo + San Diego Zoo Discount Tickets

Thinking about visiting the San Diego Zoo? Wondering if there’s a place to get San Diego Zoo discount tickets? Here’s the best place to buy them, and our review if the zoo if worth it and lives up the hype.

San Diego Zoo + San Deigo Zoo Discount Tickets Info

Date Idea: Family date to the San Diego Zoo
Location: San Diego, California
Price: $54 for an adult, $44 for a child, BUT there’s an awesome way to buy discount tickets that will save you some serious cash! We use this site for Disneyland discount tickets and thought we’d check if they offer San Diego zoo discount tickets as well and were in luck! Check out these discount tickets to make this far more affordable!
Website: San Deigo Zoo’s Website

San Diego Zoo ticket prices

We’ve had visiting the San Diego Zoo on our list of places we’d love to go for a long time. The stars aligned when I was invited to speak at a conference one day, and Jacob and the kids could tag along with me. He took them to the beach by the hotel where I spoke, and I enjoyed having some adult time and my first break without kids since having the baby.

The beach alone would have been great for our toddler, but we knew the San Diego Zoo would be a really amazing experience!

is the san diego zoo worth it

Is the San Diego Zoo Worth it?

I had to wonder with the price tag if the San Diego Zoo is worth it. It’s a lot for one day! But I when we factored in the discount tickets, going when our child was only two and not having to pay for his admission, it got a lot easier to swallow.

I’d say if you’re animal buffs, and you plan to spend at least a half day, it is worth it. Particularly when you get a deal on tickets.

Where to buy discount San Diego Zoo Ticket

San Diego Zoo Discount Tickets

I mentioned it above, but when we realized that San Diego Zoo discount tickets are available, we jumped on them! Saving about $5 per person was a great way to go! Not to mention when you combine these San Diego Zoo discounts with their kids are free in October, you really get a deal!

We’ve used Getaway Today for so many Disneyland discount tickets, they are such a great company! I also love that they offer Sea World discount tickets, and combo tickets to get discounts to Sea World and the zoo.

San Diego Zoo animals

San Diego Zoo Animals

I thought it was the largest zoo in the world, but a guide corrected my thoughts by informing us one in Germany is actually a little larger. However, San Diego is known as the best zoo because of the climate and structure. It’s the best because mini ecosystems completed by region are formed and animals are grouped together by the ecosystem they belong to. This makes them happier and plants and animals more able to be healthy and thrive.

I was so impressed by how much care these animals receive, and how much the zoo does to release those who are able back into the wild. For those who aren’t ever able to, they get amazing treatment by very passionate zookeepers who truly adore their jobs.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Tips

The climate is obviously great for the animals and plants. And, consequently, fantastic for humans walking around the very large zoo too.

The best San Diego Zoo tip we were given was to start on the bus ride tour. Taking the bus means it’s cooler, there’s a nice breeze. Also, it means you are oriented to the zoo and the animals quickly. Additionally, you get to see a good majority of them while you take the bus guided tour! We really enjoyed being out of the sun and getting some amazing views of the animals.

San Diego Zoo tips

After the 30-minute bus tour was up, we hopped off and headed to the specific attractions and animals we wanted to see. It’s one of those things you can spend an entire day doing. We only had about a half day, so we had to be selective. I wanted to make sure the money we spent was still worthwhile. So, we booked it up to see the toddler’s favorites and enjoy our few hours in the zoo.

Skyfari sky ride San Diego Zoo

The Skyfari Sky Ride

Also, the Skyfari sky ride is an excellent way to get from one end of the zoo to the other. If you can hop on and walk your back to the entrance, you’ll likely enjoy your time even more. Plus the view, it’s hard to beat.

Visiting the San Diego Zoo

Visiting the San Diego Zoo

Can I tell you that I’ve only been to a handful of zoos in my life, but the animals were so alive, so energetic, and so happy here! We smiled at all the newborn animals the zoo has. It was fun to see so many playing and interacting with each other. I loved hearing the lion rawr while he stretched in the shade. Also, seeing a polar bear up close who likes the warm water of San Diego was something I’ll never forget!

San Diego Zoo polar bear

Our toddler couldn’t stop talking about it. We were so thrilled we spent the time and even the money to go! It lived up to the hype and its reputation. It also made for a fantastic family day and a memory I’m so glad we get to share!

And one more time for anyone looking for San Diego Zoo tickets discount, you can snag it with your Purchase HERE.

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