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Blindfold Baking Date Night: A Free Romantic Date Night At Home

Blindfold Baking Date Night: this a one date night guaranteed to make you laugh! The blind baker date is a FREE, easy, romantic date night at home!

Blind Baker Date Night

Date: Blindfold Baking Date Night
We found this date via our Adventure Book for Couples (You can get 10% off with Promo Code: INLOVE10
Price: Free! Okay, just the cost of ingredients. But you can easily make a recipe you already have all the ingredients on hand and ready to go to keep this a free romantic date night at home! 
Location: At Home Date Night 

Romantic Date Night At Home

I feel like finding something that’s fun, free, and also happens to be a romantic date night in can be a tall order! We can find fun and free, and we can find romantic. But when you don’t have to spend a penny and you can laugh your head off with a little slice of romance mixed in, you have an absolute winner of a date! 

Husband helping wife pour flour into a mixing bowl for a baking date night.

Materials Needed for the This Date

Confession: We found this date night through our Adventure Challenge for Couple’s Book. It’s been providing cute date nights at home for such an affordable price! You can order your own book here and use promo code InLove10 for 10% off)  I was so excited to scratch this one off and find out what we were doing. We’ve shared romantic cooking for two at home as a date before, which is always a classic.

Baking Together for a Date

There is something so fun about changing one aspect of an ordinary task. It takes the joy of baking something together to a new level! 

Couple participating in a blindfold baking Romantic Date Night At Home.

We were instructed to choose who is the least skilled baker to wear the blindfold. I’d say that’s a toss-up! We both grew up in the kitchen with our mamas! I’m probably slightly more skilled simply because I do it more. But I have to confess at Thanksgiving dinner people were dishing out compliments to me on our famous family rolls I’m always assigned to bring. We often make them in tandem, but Jacob smiled and asked me to share what percentage I had made this year. The answer: zero! Jacob is so good at baking I would never discount him! 

And in true blogger transparency, we had me be led because he’s taller, and we knew the pictures would turn out better! Ha, how’s that for a little behind-the-scenes? 

Blindfold Baking Romantic Date Night At Home

What Makes This Date So Fun 

You can make a recipe you’ve made a thousand times, but when someone else is guiding you, it’s an entirely new experience! It’s like the nostalgia of baking with your mother as a small child mixed with a ropes course trust fall exercise. Which naturally, contributes to a lot of laughs. Also, it leads to a lot of flirting and maybe even some flour fights. 

Couple playfully smearing flour during a Baking Blindfolded Date Night. But having your significant other guide your hands and move your arms while hovering closely by you truly makes for such a romantic date! There’s a subtle flirty touch that really creates a connection that’s just cute and reminded me of early dating days. 

Best of all, there’s an outcome at the end to either enjoy or laugh about! Maybe you fumbled a few ingredients and can appreciate the imperfection. Maybe there’s a fantastic culinary creation to take pride in together. But either way, there’s a lot of connecting and quality time spent with one of the easiest dates you can do together! 

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