Dear Evan Hansen Tour

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Dear Evan Hansen Tour.
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Dear Evan Hansen Tour

Date Info:
Dear Evan Hansen Musical
Price: $54-$340 per ticket (depending on where you sit)
Location: ASU Gammage – touring the U.S., on Broadway, and in London
When we heard the Dear Evan Hansen Tour was coming to Arizona we knew it was in our date night future. I’ve been dying to see the show since it hit Broadway! There was one problem, we have a new baby who happens to be nursing. Dates like these are really hard to find the time to do with a new baby. We looked at the timing, we did the math, and decided we would bottle train the baby just for the Dear Evan Hansen tour date!

Let me tell you why we were so excited about this one, and why we think you may be too if you’re looking for your next upscale date night.

Dear Evan Hansen Plot

Evan is a teenager with a lot of anxiety who heads to school with a broken arm, no friends, and a busy working single mom. His therapist encourages him to write letters to himself as a form of encouragement. Evan has an encounter with a student named Connor Murphy which Connor ends up pushing Evan. Evan has a crush on his sister, Zoe, who feels compelled to apologize for Connor’s actions. Consequently, Evan writes a letter to himself pinning all his hopes on Zoe. He then prints it in the school computer lab. Connor finds Evan in the lab and ends up signing his cast. He also finds Evan’s therapy letter printed with Zoe’s name and runs off with it.
The following day it’s revealed that Connor has taken his life which sends the school into shock and furry. Evan’s letter was found on Connor, which leaves his family with a lot of questions. In attempts to give hope, find connections, be closer to Zoe, Evan decides to fabricate a friendship and tell the “story” of he and Connor. Evan continues deeper into the lie to connect with a family he never had.
The themes of parenthood and family, friendship and connection, suicide and isolation, and anxiety are all addressed in this very modern play.

Dear Evan Hansen Playbill.

Dear Evan Hansen Tour

Of course, the Dear Evan Hansen Plot makes it interesting enough, but the music is by far the best part. Ben Platt (hello Benji from Pitch Perfect) is the original Evan. His voice is so amazing, and I was a little bit concerned the Dear Evan Hansen Tour might be a bit of a letdown. BUT, I’m thrilled to report I was completely blown away! The entire traveling cast was so great. The lead had the most amazing voice.
And if we’re all being honest, the entire audience was so moved to tears during “So Big” sung by Evan’s mother at the end. I think the entire audience ugly cried and sobbed. Of course in the best way possible.
I’m so glad we went ahead and purchased tickets even with a fresh baby on our hands. We’ve been really lucky to see a lot of Broadway shows for musicals, and we both agreed that this without a doubt earned its place in our top three favorites of all time.

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