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London Theatre: Singin’ in the Rain (AKA Tears of Joy)

Exactly one year before we left for our big London/Paris trip my sister did a study abroad that had stops in both places. Her professors gave recommendations of places they “had to visit” in their free time, things they “had to do,” food they “had to eat,” and lists of the best-of-the-best in all countries visited. In London theater is one of the must-see things! 
It’s a really remarkable in the place that made performing arts available to all classes! Her professors had a few musicals and plays they claimed were the best, and Singin’ in the Rain was at the top of the list.
Seeing Singin' in the Rain in London.
She loved it so much she told us if we could only do one play this was the one to do! I trust her recommendations in art and music, and even though London has almost any musical you could imagine available almost any night, we chose Singin’ in the Rain the first chance we had to visit the theater.
Seeing Singin' in the Rain in London.
And did you see my outfit for the day? Boy was I appropriately dressed 🙂 
One tip- if you go to any theater in London stop by the TKTS booth in Leicester Square you can get tickets at a significant discount and they have a lot available each day!
Seeing Singin' in the Rain in London.


Once again, no pictures are allowed in the Palace Theatre. But I happened to find this video of the highlights on YouTube which should give you a great taste of just how excellent the music, acting, and award-winning choreography all were.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMClo-Fj4UE]


I thought my sister was being poetic when she told us we would “cry tears of joy” after seeing this. However, I must say she was right. Before intermission, when the signature number comes on, and he starts to sing and dance in what was nothing short of 1 foot of water kicking and splashing the audience while dancing and singing, tears of joy came! There was nothing but laughter and joy as we watched those in front get soaked and screech! I laughed so hard I cried! Also, I couldn’t get the smile off my face throughout intermission, and my cheeks hurt from more smiling than my muscles were used to (and I’m a pretty happy girl!).

I didn’t think anything could ever come close to that number, but then the whole cast came out at the end, they filled the stage again, and everyone sang and danced and got the audience even more soaked.

The tears of joy were a very real thing, this was one of the most beautifully happy moments of my life ever produced by art.

Seeing Singin' in the Rain in London.


People often ask us what was our favorite part of London, and it is almost impossible to choose just one thing of all the amazing things we experienced. But, I have to admit, Singin’ in the Rain is almost always the first thing that comes to my mind when I am asked this question!
Seeing Singin' in the Rain in London.


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  1. Oh my gosh…I LOVE this movie and can only imagine what it would be like on stage!