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Zinburger in Downtown Gilbert

Your guide to Zinburger Downtown Gilbert location with recommendations of what to order at this fantastic Gilbert Arizona date spot!

Date Info: 


Price: $30-$80- depending on what you order! I would plan about $40-$60 though 
Location: Arizona- there are 3 locations, this one is Downtown Gilbert 
We adore the Fox Restaurant Concepts restaurants, and they are frequented often for date night! 
When we were invited to come see a sneak peak of the new Zinburger in Downtown Gilbert we knew this was a date we would seriously enjoy! 

They are a place that does burgers right, with lots of options!

Zinburger menu

They also had THE best staff! Our waitress Caylie may have been the coolest we’ve ever had! She made so many great recommendations and hooked us up with two kinds of fries when we couldn’t decide. She had us laughing every time she stopped by, and she didn’t ask us how our food right after we took the first bite. Seriously, we’d go back for her!

We’d also go back for the food! The Truffle Fries are to-die-for, and we also really loved the Spicy Green Chili Fries too. If they aren’t on the regular menu, you can order either of these off menu items. Don’t skip on the loaded fries either! Basically, make sure you order some fries when you visit Zinburger! 


It was a very good thing I ran six miles that morning!

After the fries came the burgers- they even let us split our burgers. Jacob went with the Chuck Norris (yep had him at the name, and then bacon) with a Kobe burger. I went with the My Boy Blue. I love blue cheese, and it was excellent!


We both agreed, Jacob’s was one of the best burgers we’ve ever had!


We were stuffed, but couldn’t turn down the chance to try the shakes. The Butterfinger was so amazing! I love Butterfinger anything (favorite candy bar) but adding the chunks of PB just made this so delicious!

We also made sure to try the mint chocolate, which was great too! I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu! 
Zinburger in downtown Gilbert makes a really great date spot! Make sure you go early to avoid the crowds. And don’t be shy about trying the new items, bold flavors, and the burger of the week at Zinburger! 

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