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Molly Butler Lodge- Greer, AZ

Date Info: 
Molly Butler Lodge Dinner
Price: $20-$30 a plate
Location: Greer, AZ
While staying at our Cabin in Greer, we decided to hit up a place that is well known in Jacob’s family as the best restaurant in Northeast AZ. It’s the nice place people go to for a delicious steak dinner to celebrate events and special occasions. 

It’s also a popular Prom dining location, so we made sure to get a Prom picture to celebrate.

Molly Buleter Lodge in Greer Arizona.

The lodge has been around a long time, since 1910, and it’s a place to stay and grab a great meal.

So we did the latter. And it started with some delicious bread.

Jacob has been a few times, but never tried their famous prime rib, so this trip made sure to change that. He was a fan and could see why it’s so popular!

I wanted to try a steak since that’s what the entire Whiting clan has raved about for years. Even with some fancy steakhouses on our dining resume, I have to admit this was still one excellent steak!

This was also one really fun date to hit up in the midst of our very chill weekend at the cabin. It was awesome to find a lot of cute little dining places, but even more awesome to go to a nicer place and experience “The best meal in Northeast AZ!”


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  1. Miss Riss says:

    Ok I'm going here. It's settled.

  2. Alicia Snow says:

    I love Molly Butlers! And seeing all the small town posts sure makes me jealous! I missed the 4th in St. Johns and I'll be missing the Pioneer Days this year too!

  3. The Jessa Olson Blog says:

    That looks amazing!! I wish we would have gone the when we were in AZ.