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Greer Cabin

One of the gems of Arizona, staying in Greer, Arizona is one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the state! Greer cabin rentals are easy to come by- and renting a cabin in Greer is a cheap Arizona vacation too! All the info and our experience with pictures of beautiful Greer, Arizona.

Greer Cabin Rentals Date Info: 

Greer Cabin Rental
Price: Starting at $75 a night
Location: Greer, AZ
I just wouldn’t feel right not sharing one of the best kept secrets of Arizona. During the 4th of July weekend we decided to escape the Phoenix heat and head North to a cooler climate. Jacob grew up in a small town in Northeast AZ, and he was always close to the cabin/resort town of Greer. With so much family we find we usually need to book our own place to stay, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a little cabin of our own for the weekend.

Renting a Cabin in Greer Arizona

We pulled in to a mid 50’s temp late Thursday night, and almost died of joy! 110 to 56, yep, we’d take it! Plus how cute are these little loft-style cabins?
Greer Cabin Rentals
We were thrilled to call this place home for a couple nights.
Cooler climate vacations in Arizona

Greer Cabin Rentals

It’s amazing when you can just sit and enjoy your surroundings, porch swings, perfect weather, and gorgeous scenery will do that to you!
Renting a cabin in Greer Arizona
We had big ambitions to hike and explore a lot of nature, but down pouring rain had other plans for us. And you know what, that was fine in our books! 123 days without a drop of rain in our area made us love and soak up the rain. Rainy days have always made me happy, and I felt so lucky to watch thick drops fall from the sky.
It also gave us the perfect excuse to sit and read, talk, nap, edit pictures, and work on a big blog project that’s almost complete- details coming in the next week or two- we’re excited!
And who wouldn’t love a very relaxing weekend in this cozy little cabin, curled up with your significant other?


Staying in Greer Arizona

If you need a weekend getaway, a place to beat the heat, or a retreat to relax and reconnect, add Greer, Arizona to your list!

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  1. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    Update: this post inspired me to look around and there are actually some in the area-ish that are around the same price range! None as nice as this, but still! I am excited to check one out.

  2. Greer is fantastic! My husband and I went up there in March and stayed in a cabin. There was still snow on the ground so it was the perfect “winter” getaway for a weekend. Such beautiful country up there!

  3. Emily @ www.hudsonandemily.com says:

    this sounds like so much fun! hopefully I can find something like this near us.

  4. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    THAT. is. amazing! and beautiful! Ugh I would die for a similar getaway. No cutesy cheap places like that here. such perks of living in the tourist capitol 😛 I'm sure maybe there's something similar but I wouldn't know how to find it

  5. Life with Amberly says:

    This is so cute!!! I've always wondered what people do when they vacation in Arizona 🙂

  6. Miss Riss says:

    I love Greer!!! And you're right, rain is ALWAYS welcome in AZ 🙂