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Master Chef Cooking Class: A Taste of Thai

For Mother’s Day Jacob gave me a TravelZoo deal he’d purchased to take a class at the prestigious culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu. I had a few thoughts instantly:

1. Wow, I’m not even a Mom, what a generous gift and husband I have!
2. I can’t believe he stole my thunder, I splurged on a couples cooking class for one of our upcoming 12 months of dates.
3. I don’t really care, this is going to be such an amazing date, one I could do every weekend!

We both adore all things culinary. Cooking seems to be the ultimate romantic date when you really plan out what you’re going to make and team up to make all elements together. I feel like we do pretty well studying techniques and making things ourselves, but there are just some things you know you could use a lesson on.
Thai food has always been one of those things, my dishes always come out sub-par so we always end up going out for Thai. I was delighted to see that there were still a few spots on the “Taste of Thailand” in their International Master Chef Series. We had to register over 2 months in advance for this one, but boy am I glad we did!


The class started with instructions on ingredients, dividing into teams, and demonstrations from THE head chef on how to make each of the recipes. We were so lucky to have our station right by him. He did a great job explaining everything from techniques, ingredients, sanitation, to timing and where to buy great Thai ingredients in Arizona.



We were really impressed, apparently there’s a reason this school is so prestigious!

After the demonstration your teams divides the recipes and you spend time really making one perfect. We were thrilled to do the Chicken Satay. We love this stuff, and I’ve always wanted to learn about it!

Do you see that spot in the peanut sauce that looks like someone took a spoon and tested it post plating? That’s the master chef, he came up and tried it and boosted my ego by telling me it was perfect. I’m still living off that one, and I’ll forgive him for ruining my presentation!

Watching this boy cook gives me a perm-a-grin I can’t get off my face for about an hour. Good thing I took this picture so any time I have a bad day I can just check him out cooking and feel instantly better!

Our team made tom kha kai (lemongrass coconut soup, which put our first attempt to shame), cucumber salad, spicy mango salad, pad thai, and rice mango dessert. We also made some larb, which was surprisingly awesome and something we’ll use for lettuce wraps from now on!

We had such a great time, thank you Chef for the amazing class- we’ll be back if we ever find a buy-one-get-one again!

And guess what, it’s official, we’re master-chefs with a printed certificate to prove it!


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  1. What a great date night idea! I love that you include several pictures in your post and explain how the class works. It seems like a very fun activity to do with a partner and it looks like you and your husband learned a lot about different cooking techniques from the head chef. Your chicken satay, spicy mango salad and larb looks so authentic too!

    By the way, I love your blog! Even though I’m from Toronto, date ideas like these are great because I can search for similar spots at in my city. Thanks!

  2. SkinnyPhoenix says:

    You are so adorable with your “permasmile”! I know the feeling, (I saved a voicemail from almost a year ago of my man calling just to tell me how much he loved me) I love the sound of his voice and whenever I have a bad day at work I will listen to it. I absolutely love your blog and I am using the year of dates idea as a birthday present. We always struggle with thinking of things to do, so pre-planning them is perfect! Keep up the wonderful posts! Love them!

  3. There's totally one in Vegas! We bought a coupon good for Scottsdale or Las Vegas campus 🙂

  4. Shannon b says:

    This is such a cool date! My mom recently mentioned that she and my dad were going to sign up for something like this. I should look for one in my area – with all the restaurants and diversity in food I'm sure that there has to be one.