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25 Date Ideas for Newlyweds

Setting a foundation for regular date nights is so important for newlyweds, and finding the best newlywed date ideas is so important too! Here are 25 Date Ideas For Newlyweds you’ll both love.

Newlywed couple date ideas for newlyweds.
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We just celebrated another anniversary (lucky number thirteen!), and it’s safe to say we’ve long passed the newlywed stage.
But we often stop to reflect on what an important year that first year as newlyweds is. It’s such a crucial time for dating because it helps you set up the habits that are going to last a marriage. For us, that included going out on a date every week. Those newlywed date ideas were so important to the foundation we have now!

I just watched my sister enjoy her first anniversary completing that first newlywed year. We gifted them several newlywed date ideas. I just inquired if they had used them, how much they’d dated, and if they took our advice to set that foundation early in their marriage.

Date ideas for newlyweds_ Newlywed date ideas perfect for the first year of marriage!

I was so excited to hear their input! Truly, it reminded me what a fun time that is! And also how important it is to enjoy each other even more after the wedding chaos is over.
After interviewing my favorite newlywed couple, I decided to ask them to help me put together a list of newlywed date ideas.

And I’m so excited to share date night ideas for newlyweds that are tried and true date nights we know you’ll love!

The Best Date Ideas for Newlyweds to Enjoy the First Year of Marriage

  1. Cook a Nice Meal Together in Your New Home

The first date right after the Honeymoon is a great time to focus on celebrating finally living together as a married couple! Make it a romantic date night and cook a fancy, gourmet dinner. Bonus points if you add some candles and rose petals. It’s such a great way to celebrate and enjoy an at-home date night. 

Most couples grow to continue to love cooking at home as a more relaxed, cozy date-night option. We’d highly encourage you to enjoy every milestone (new house, one-month anniversary, etc.) with a nice meal in!

  1. Gift Card Sponsored Shopping

After going through wedding gifts and evaluating what you have versus what is needed, round up the wedding gift cards and turn shopping together into a date night.

There likely won’t ever be a time in your life you can enjoy the gift of shopping. I still smile every time we pull out our amazing Dyson vacuum that’s made cleaning our home easier in the last several years. We had a blast, and I think you will too!

  1. Head to the Movies – But Take a Picture!

All the little things in dating feel extra special the first time as newlyweds – going to the movies is no exception!  There’s something about attending the first big blockbuster as a couple that puts a fun, endearing timestamp on the marriage. For us, “The Hunger Games” with that smiling happy newlywed picture is truly a treasure! 

It may sound funny, but take a picture to document that newlywed date night, you’ll smile later and remember what movie it was that you first enjoyed married.

  1. Sponsored Eating Out

Thanks to wedding guest generosity, many couples have dinner and dessert gift cards that sponsor eating out. We may be biased as date night bloggers, but this is one of the greatest gifts to receive! It’s just such a major blessing for dating budgets as the first few months newlyweds are often replenishing savings after wedding costs and setting up their homes together.

For those we asked, they said gift card dinners opened the doors to places they might not have the budget or normal routine to dine at. From fancy diners to local dives, from sushi night to food truck visits, and everything in between. Eating out gives quality time to talk and focus on your new marriage.

  1. Double Date with Parents and Family

We’re all about spending quality time together dates for two that encourage quality time and intimacy. However, if you are fortunate to have family around, it can be. great time to share some date night ideas with parents or siblings.
These can be super nice date ideas for newlyweds because it’s a way to enjoy family without any obligation to work out wedding details. It’s also really good to plan a double date because many people worry about you when they don’t see you much in the first year of marriage, surprisingly!

Enjoy double date ideas and group dates reconnecting with family and friends, and be sure to thank them for all their wedding support!

  1. Bike-In Movies

If you have a bike, this one is completely free! There’s something so connecting about a bike ride to your destination. I gave this date as a gift to my sister and she said they loved it. She and her husband rode 16 miles total to see a movie, and they had a blast exploring the city and pulling up and making the Parks and Recreation hosts so happy.

Check your local city websites and community centers, these are hosted often!

  1. Out of Your Comfort Zone Date 

Maybe another way to frame this is the “something that scares you” date. I know this sounds like a unique date idea, but trust me! You will find it very rewarding to conquer something new together early in your marriage! 

I remember Jacob taking me hiking to help overcome a fear of heights. Conquering something together was an adrenaline rush, and reminded me why we decided to be a forever team.

  1. Amusement Park Date: The Date that Makes You Feel Like a Teenager

One of the best parts of being a newlywed was having those moments where you felt like a young teenager in love! One excellent way to feel like you’re young and in love is to experience the thrill of a theme park! 

Experience a thrill of roller coasters, kiss on top of the ferris wheel, and grab some cotton candy to share. 
It’s a fun way to snuggle up waiting in lines with young teenage couples. So bring on the childhood nostalgia, and go experience an adrenaline rush together at a fair or theme park.  

  1. Local Sporting Event

You can definitely go big and see a pro team play, but there’s something equally fun about supporting local teams on a budget! Check out less popular sporting events, and college and high school teams to save a lot of money. The games are cheap to attend and you can have so many great and meaningful conversations walking to and from the stadium.

binge-worthy shows for couples
  1. Movie Binging Date

Grab the movie snacks, pop the popcorn, and get ready for a movie night in!
So many newlywed couples basically missed all things pop culture and entertainment during the busy wedding planning months. The first month or two after the wedding is still a recovery period. There’s something amazing about spending a couple of date nights on all the TV shows or movies you missed.
And honestly, falling asleep on the couch together. 
Head to the living room for a nice, relaxing newlywed date until they finished recouping, and watching shows became a norm again.

  1. Laser Tag / Arcade Date Night

This is a great easy date option! Whether there’s a large laser tag place nearby and you and your spouse go against an army of teenagers. Or, you go to a small place and it ends up pretty much being you going head-to-head, this is a great, easy date option.
My sister and her husband went to a place where also had an arcade attached and said it was fun to use the winning tickets to buy random little accessories for each other. 
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It helps you remember your first dates and the excitement of some young-at-heart activities as you settle into marriage.

  1. Out-of-State Weekend Trip

While all the normal, mundane things are extra-magical the first year of marriage, the other end of the spectrum is that you don’t have any big fun trips to look forward to. Money is tight and you probably used all your time off for the wedding and honeymoon.

For my sister, they squeezed in a quick road trip to catch a show of all of their favorite bands performing on the California coast. Fitting in that one whim is such an amazing experience!

  1. Create-Your-Own Holiday Tradition Date

Honestly, the first year of marriage can feel a bit awkward when it comes to holidays. Mostly because you’re trying to decide how you go about celebrating the holidays. And, often, with which sides of your family. The best parts of the holidays though as a newlywed involved creating your own traditions.
Spend some time decorating the Christmas tree together, pick out a couples’ costume for Halloween, or choose what special dish to make for Easter.

Whatever you decide to do, it sets up a magical precedent for years to come.

  1. Game Night Date Night 

Instead of spending a night on the couch looking at your phones, grab some board games, card games, and get ready for some friendly competition. 

Kick it old school and play couple games like speed Scrabble together. Another great option is purchasing a large, 1,000-something piece puzzle. Cheap, easy, and a great way to connect. 

Also, if you’re ready to make some other newlywed friends, host a couple’s game night. It’s one of the best at-home date night ideas you can do that’s cheap or free. 

  1. A Date You or Your Spouse Wouldn’t Normally Try Their Own

Getting married means you always have a partner in crime to indulge in activities that require more than one person. 
And it truly keeps the spark alive when you keep encourage each other to try something new. 
Take a dance class
. Go indoor skydiving. Have a spa night. Or, try an outdoor adventure date like renting a kayak or whitewater rafting. Be a good sport, indulge each other and you will be surprised how much you actually like new things! 

  1. Volunteer Together 

After finding and celebrating your own love, spend a little time giving back! You can volunteer at an animal shelter, serve at a soup kitchen, or see if your local library could use volunteers at a community event. 

It keeps all the good vibes going and is truly such a happy feel-good date! 

  1. Rock Climbing Date 

When the outside weather is too abysmal to go out and you have cabin fever, try a rock climbing date!
Rock climbing is a good date option because it usually requires a partner to climb, and another to support. It’s a great exercise physically and emotionally for a new spouse to become that built-in partner.  Plus it’s a fun way to stay in better shape and build a new hobby together.

  1. Go Ice Skating 

There’s something so special about holding hands as you go around the rink. Take some time to dedicate songs to one another if you’re there during a couple’s skate. 
And for the record, a roller skating date is equally fun and such a winner for a date night! 

  1. A Stargazing Date Night 

If you need a free date idea that is full of romance, plan a night to stare at the night sky and look at the stars. 
You can grab a blanket or a blow-up mattress if you have one, and head to your own backyard or the outskirts of a big city for a better view. Download Google Sky to help you identify constellations. 

  1. Get a Couples Massage 

You may be coming down from the stress of a lot of wedding planning and events. And your newlywed date night is a perfect opportunity to get a couples massage and unwind. 
You deserve a relaxing date, and this is the ultimate in relaxation! 

Newlywed date ideas perfect for the first year of marriage!
  1. Take Cooking Classes 

While you’re setting up your home together, spend a little time learning new skills and new recipes. 
Check out local cooking class offerings. You can book a date night at Sur La Table, or find a little inspiration online with cooking tutorial videos. 
This can be such a romantic date, and it may set you up with skills you’ll use your entire life! 

  1. Picnic and Park Walk

I would call this the “value” date- because you get a lot of quality while having to pay so little for it! When the weather is right, it’s hard to beat! Plus, newlyweds love this date option because it is so simple to do but so very satisfying. It gives you a great chance to reconnect with nature and each other.

  1. Couples Painting Class

I gave this as a wedding gift to my sister and her husband. Mostlt because, hey, my husband and I still love it! But even better, they said it was another favorite of theirs.

You can often find great deals for painting classes. Additionally, it gives you and your spouse an opportunity to try something new and different. It’s so fun to create something together and gives you something fun and fresh to do

  1. A Fancy Night Out 

While for many it was a relief not to have to look 100% for engagement, bridal, and wedding pictures, there’s again another side to this coin. You may not feel like you have any significant events to get dressed up for anymore. That’s why this suggestion is to create a date night where you do!

Plan a nice activity like symphany concerts or a Broadway show. This can even just be dinner at a nicer restaurant. 
But no matter what you do, use it as an excuse to get dressed up and go out. Don’t let your wedding day be the last time you see each other dressed up and looking your best! 

Any more you’d like to add? Do you have any date ideas for newlyweds you highly recommend?

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