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Dave & Buster’s Date Night

A fantastic and fun date idea you’ll both enjoy- a Dave & Buster’s Date Night!

Dave & Buster’s Date Night

Date Info:
Old School Arcade Style Date
Price: $20 per person; I got this one free with credit card reward points!

Can we talk about the date I’ve yet to see any guy not adore? We’ve done this one before, and it’s one we’ll certainly do again, but every single time I plan it this giddy grin appears on Jacob’s face. We really enjoy going to Dave & Buster’s together. Jacob isn’t even a gamer, and neither am I, but he is still a guy who has played with friends and I’m a girl sandwiched by brothers who enjoyed a lot of Mario Kart and Street Fighter. For the record, I can still do Chun Li’s secret fighter kicks and take 2/3 of my brothers down easily. The point being, some throwback video games are always fun for nostalgia. And even if you aren’t into them or have never played, it was a simpler time of gaming with lower barrier to entry and in my case, way less motion sickness.

Dave and Busters Date Idea

Another reason this will always be a great date for us is that we technically get it for free. Dave & Buster’s is often on the credit card reward points list for gift cards, so I love to redeem them and give a gift card as a gift for special occasions or when I give the Year of Dates gift. It never gets old, he’s just as happy to unwrap it every time.

It’s awesome to have those weather-proof dates available too. It’s heating up in Arizona and we’re reminded that our outdoor dates are limited. I have friends across the country who are wondering why they are snowed in again this late in the season, and are looking for great indoor dates. I love a good date that you can do year-round and enjoy!

So let’s go back to games, yes there are video games, but we enjoy so much more! Like old school carnival games.

Fun Dave and Busters date night out.

And games you get to be active on, like jumping a light that behaves like a jump rope. And can we talk about Mario Kart being actual karts you sit in and ride? We probably used a good portion of our tokens there because Jacob loves me.
Dave and Busters date night out.

The best dates end in a pact that if you ever become millionaires and build your dream home, you’ll put a skee-ball machine or two in your basement. I’m not sure how it took six years of marriage to make an official verbal agreement about this, but the good news is one of our favorite dates made it official.
Dave and Busters date night out.

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