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8 Years of Marriage: Annual Anniversary Pictures: Part 2

In March we celebrated 8 years of marriage. Jacob and I separately had people congratulate us on making it past the 7-year-itch. We both had to look that up. And then we both laughed saying that maybe we are doing something right to have no idea what that was.

8 Years of Marriage

8 Years of marriage have been a wonderful thing for us! Not that there is perfection or seasons we’re less connected. But truly, I’m happier and more in love with Jacob than I’ve ever been.

I wondered what people meant when they said love grows with time. The 8th year of marriage really showed me what this means.

Wedding anniversary #8 photo shoot.

I watched my husband take care of me and my toddler while I spent half of this year throwing up and sick every day while pregnant. He carried me through a really hard labor and delivery. He’s done the bulk of the dishes and housework most nights.

And the second I gave birth he helped me recover physically and emotionally while trying his best to still make sure we dated and had quality time together. I’d say the seventh year I gave more while he worked abroad and I had to handle everything at home and with our toddler. But the 8th year of marriage, that was Jacob carrying us all through pregnancy and postpartum chaos.

I should also add he did all of that with a sense of humor and made me laugh daily!

Couples anniversary Pictures

I not only still find him attractive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. But I’ve come to respect and appreciate him so much as we continue to navigate life together.

Anniversary Pictures with Family

It wasn’t all hard and sad, we had plenty of great things that happened during our 8th year of marriage. I love that our annual anniversary pictures challenge us to document these things!

Some years it’s announcing a miracle pregnancy. Some years we do huge things like becoming parents, buy a new house, and go to Italy. And some years we have a baby, do a little bit of traveling, and just work on making our house a home. This was one of those years.

Whatever it may be, we love to document the five or six highlights of each year. That way we can remember the accomplishments and biggest moments.

Highlights of our 8th Year of Marriage

Couples pictures: document highlights of the year together

  • Welcomed a new baby!
  • Went on a babymoon cruise
  • Saw the Mayan Ruins of Mexico
  • Remodeled a nursery and a toddler bedroom
  • Watched our oldest start preschool

Can I tell you my favorite part of this photoshoot? Our 3-year-old decided to make funny faces, jump out and scare us and copied everything we did for pictures which had us laughing so hard at his antics. It made for the most authentic laughing pictures of our lives!

Couple's anniversary pictures

Here’s one where we were goofing off with giant citrus leaves, and then the next frame our child came running and jumped in the shot like this.

Family anniversary pictures

I’m always grateful to Chrissy for capturing that look in our eyes and that love and appreciation that just keeps growing with time.

I married a truly selfless man. And he’s made me a better person. As egocentric as it may sound, I know he’d say the same about me. That’s why anniversary pictures always make the perfect date. Also, we adore an amazing photographer who always captures us at each phase of our life and marriage each year.

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