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Annual Anniversary Pictures: Anniversary #5: Part 2

We love taking professional photos to celebrate our love and marriage with each anniversary. Here is anniversary five in the books!

Anniversary Five Photo Shoot

We started a tradition when we got married- we decided to take pictures every year on our anniversary to watch our family grow, us change and grow old together, and to one day build a wall of prints showing the years of our family together.
If you missed yesterday for Part 1, you can find it HERE.
And if you ever wondered what we do to get our kid to smile, please enjoy the picture below where we all look great at first glance, but you can then see Jacob with slightly creepy eyes caught mid funny noise to get Mack to smile. It kind of makes me love this picture even more!
Anniversary pictures with a new baby.
Friday We're in Love: Annual Anniversary Pictures anniversary five


Young dad holding his baby.


Couple photo shoot with sunflowers.


Family pictures with a baby in a Radio Flyer wagon.


Couple taking anniversary pictures with a cute sign.

Sign c/o The Yellow Bungalow Shop

Young mom holding an infant who is playing with her necklace.

This was the first year it was hard to see the “Picture in the Picture” where we’ve held up a picture of the last year’s shoot each year. We are getting a few years under our belt! Yay for half a decade with anniversary five!

Friday We're in Love: Anniversary five photo shoot

Anniversary five is looking good on you Mr. Whiting! I’m loving seeing how we change and how we stay the same with each passing year.

Friday We\'re in Love Annual Anniversary Pictures for their fifth anniversary.


5th wedding anniversary Annual Anniversary Pictures .

If you want to see previous year’s pictures leading up to anniversary five, here are all the links and details:


Anniversary #4: Part 1

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  1. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    Cayoooot. And I really kind of love the somber looking one at the end! ~~Artsy~~

  2. Alicia Snow says:

    That blazer!! I always love your anniversary pictures. I think my family needs to start doing this. Such a great keepsake to have.

  3. I love this! We want to do this too!