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Annual Anniversary Pictures: Anniversary #5: Part 1

We love to document each year of marriage by taking anniversary pictures. Anniversary #5 was the year we got to add a baby to the mix and really see our family start to grow and change! Here are our 5th wedding anniversary photos in celebration!

5th Anniversary Pictures

We decided when we were newlyweds it would be really cool to takes pictures on our anniversary every year. In addition, one day we will build a wall in our house with a print from each year showing how our family had grown and changed over time.
We have a family friend who took our engagements, and is so talented at capturing our personality, our emotions, our goofy moments, and our love. Annie, when you read this, we just can’t thank you enough! We fall more in love with your work every year!
Wedding Anniversary #5 Photoshoot.

Wedding Anniversary #5

And I love that we can add a baby to the mix this year, it’s been so fun to have a few of our pictures with him joining us! We waited a lot of years for a baby, and wedding anniversary #5 was a great time to add one!

I feel like anniversary pictures with the entire family captures our love in another way, and I think I’ll treasure these pictures as long as I live!

Wedding anniversary five
Black and white photo of a husband and wife facing each other and kissing.


5th wedding anniversary


Cute anniversary pictures with couple sitting in a field on a picnic blanket.


photo shoot 5th wedding anniversary


5th wedding anniversary celebration


Friday We're in Love: Anniversary Photo shoot

We loved celebrating wedding anniversary #5 with annual anniversary pictures, and it’s a tradition we plan to continue each year of our married life!

Friday We're in Love: Anniversary Photo shoot
Couple on a picnic blanket reading to their toddler.

Here are the links to our pictures from previous anniversary picture years too!

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  1. I love this tradition! I wish we'd made it a tradition every year on our anniversary. We take them every two years in October 😉 And this year it will probably be the same, we'll just lump them with newborns haha

  2. The Girl who Loved to Write says:

    These are so adorable! What a fun tradition to have!