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Theatre on a Budget Tip: Attend a High School Musical

Date Info: 

Attend a High School Musical

Price: about $7-$10 per person  


We are big fans of the theater, and I never blogged it, but we went and saw Wicked two weeks before Mack came as a last hoorah. It’s hard to be gone that long from the baby for a date, and tickets are pretty pricey with the risk of having to leave at any time to rescue a babysitter, so we opted to enjoy one big Broadway show and shelf theater as a date for a year.

Then, something revolutionary happened. My mom suggested we go see a local high school production that she swore was amazing. I’ll admit, being a teacher kind of ruined this for me for far too long. I’ve seen a lot of mediocre plays at a high school level when I went to just to support students. However, I have to admit that I never taught at a school where drama was a big thing. I never thought to seek out local high schools with amazing programs as a legit date for only $8 a ticket! Look for those who took state or were runner-ups, and you know you’re going to see a pretty legit show. Also, it’s so much more acceptable to bring a kid if you want to turn it into a family date. There were several babies and kids, and showing Peter Pan made it all the more family-friendly. I’m pleased to say Mack did awesome, and enjoyed it as much as his parents!

Family seeing a play on a budget.

Lesson learned, if you want an amazing play for a cheap price, seek out a local high school musical from a top program and you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Kailei Pew says:

    So fun! That was my high school growing up 🙂 Pretty proud of our rockin drama department that has taken state a number of times. A few of the leads are kids from my home ward. They are amazing! Glad you enjoyed it!