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20 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Family Fun

20 fun family Valentine’s Day ideas and activities to do together to celebrate February 14th. Enjoy some family love and maybe start new Valentine’s Day Traditions with these fun Valentine’s Day ideas for families!

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It surprises many when I, a date night blogger, recommend spending Valentine’s Day with the entire family. But hear me out, there are so many Valentine’s Day Ideas for Family Fun, and you’ll get a far more intimate romantic celebration as a couple a few days before or after the big day. 

There’s always time for a date night and celebration of romantic love before and after the big day. In fact, you’ll avoid crowds and price surges if you do. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to help the whole family feel some love. As well as teach both older kids and younger kids that love extends far beyond the commercialization of February 14th.

If you need some fun activities, a new tradition, or a few ideas to share some family love, we have you covered!

Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families

  • Heart Attack

    Write a bunch of positive messages and go “ heart attack ” someone who could use a little love! Grab some pink and red construction paper, cut out paper hearts, and give this expression of love to someone in need.
  • Do a service project.

    It’s a great way to teach one of the love languages, and that love means giving and helping others.
  • Get Gourmet Bakery Treats.

    Many bakeries do special treats for Valentine’s Day. You may also find special pastries of donuts at the grocery store. But it’s the perfect excuse to let the entire family go choose a special themed treat to celebrate the day.
  • Give Valentine’s Day Baskets for Kids.

    I mean you can include adults too, but we love to include indoor activities and maybe a new shirt our kids can use right now. It feels like bonus points giving a few things that help keep kids busy during quiet time during winter months. I include a few heart-shaped foods or a treat, and have tons of other fun ideas in our Valentine’s Day basket for kids post.
    Valentine Basket Ideas
  • Do a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt.

    It’s pretty easy to put a few clues together and lead your family to a end special gift, or a special place! Grab our scavenger hunt printable if you need a great template perfect for families with younger kids.
  • Do a Valentine Kid’s Kit.

    Did you know Home Depot offers free kids’ kits with projects they can do at home? They are always a fun craft/activity with seasonal themes kids absolutely love. They’ll learn basic foundations with tools and construction. The Valentine’s kits both last year and this year have been my boys’ favorite!
  • Make or buy small gifts for each other.

    I love teaching my kids the 5 Love Languages, and one of them happens to be gifts/gift receiving. We keep it cheap either making gifts, creating a Valentine’s Day card, or buying a small inexpensive item or treat for each other. I mean even a trip to the Dollar Tree helps kids learn a meaningful way to show a little love. They get to focus on gift ideas for others, and it’s always a favorite way for kids to feel included in celebrating the day of love! This is one of those fun Valentine’s Day activities that teach kids to think of others and find the best gift, even on a low budget!

Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

  • Fondue Night.

    This is a meal the entire family loves, and one of my kids’ favorite family traditions! We do a fondue Valentine’s Day family dinner each year, and it’s been the best thing we all look forward to.
  • Order or bake heart-shaped pizzas.

    It’s such an easy win that so many families love doing on Valentine’s Day. And many pizza shops offer special deals. If you want to make your own, be sure to try our homemade pizza dough recipe! It’s a great time having each family member make their own personal pizza custom to their tastes.
  • Make heart-shaped pancakes and have breakfast for dinner.

    There’s something so fun about a heart-shaped pancake topped with red and pink berries that scream Happy Valentine’s Day! Plus it’s a heart-y breakfast (wink) and a fun breakfast-for-dinner idea.
  • Fancy Dinner with Every Member of Your Family.

    This is a great opportunity to teach a few table manners, and etiquette, and prepare for other special occasions. Set up a dinner table with some decorations, some tea-lit candles, or nice dishes and a tablecloth.
    It doesn’t take much to make it feel like a special dinner with a few fancy food items. Even if it’s just spaghetti and tomato sauce, grape juice for a drink, and ice cream for dessert go a long way!
    It’s one of those inexpensive ways to feel like you created a romantic evening and romantic plans the kids can get in on too! You can even invite extended family members if you want to make it feel like a kid-friendly fancy dinner party. 
  • Go to Your Favorite Restaurant.

    Do you have a restaurant the entire family loves? Spend some quality time together without having to the dishes and enjoy your favorite place together. It’s a great reminder of the love of family you share, and the places where you love to spend time together!

At Home Activities

  • Have a Family Movie Night.

    Make some Valentine’s popcorn, get a few sweet treats, and find a great movie for a family date. The Princess Bride or Enchanted are romantic family favorites everyone seems to love!
  • Love-themed game night.

    We love to get our favorite board games or card games and play a few rounds of friendly competition with a little twist. Whenever someone wins, we make everyone who lost express love and share something they love about the winner. It can be pretty funny after we’ve just lost. But it provides a fun way to express some words of affirmation with the rest of your family. 
  • Valentine Crossword Puzzle Competition.

    We have lots of free printables for easy family fun, and our Valentine’s Day word search puzzle is a perfect way to include some family valentine’s day ideas for free! Print out a puzzle for each family member, and set the timer for a friendly competition. You may want to do teams depending on the ages of your children. But it’s a great idea for families with at least a few kids who can read.
    Valentine's Day Word Search Free Printable
  • Make heart-shaped cookies.

    Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter and frosting, and make these festive cookies into a family affair!
  • Create a story out of conversation hearts.

    I remember doing this as a child and it’s one of my favorite family memories! You’re essentially creating reverse Madlibs: draw a conversation heart and write a sentence in a story using the phrase. You can make it silly, charming, or outlandish. But it’s one of those creative ideas kids just love!
  • Do some fun Valentine’s Day crafts.

    Either pick up some kits from the craft store, or grab construction paper, art supplies, and maybe plans for some themed crafts. Kids love to freeform love activities, but a fun activity with instructions and a specific project is always a good time too!
  • Leave A Love Note.

    We started a new family tradition a few years ago that has been one fo the best ideas I’ve ever had! We have each person write down about three things they love about each family member. Then, we each go around and take turns reading our list of specific things we love. My kids often make me laugh with small things I’d never think they’d notice. We get to express love in different ways with this activity. And best of all, our words of affirmation buckets are filled and we’ve found it’s about the best way to help everyone express love a little more freely!
  • Read Valentine’s Day Books Together.

    If you have little kids, you know how it’s always a great day when you get to snuggle up and enjoy some books together. But I’d argue older children love a good love story and a read-aloud moment connecting with parents too!

We hope these help you find some easy and meaningful Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families to celebrate together this season! 

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