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Love Playlist: Perfect Valentine’s Day Songs

Ready for a love playlist to help set the mood? These love songs are perfect Valentine’s Day songs to set the mood and feel the romance!

Love Playlist for Valentine’s Day

For over a decade, each Valentine’s Day I’ve crafted a Valentine’s Day Playlist of 14 songs for my husband. This started when we were dating, and I wanted him to know what songs remind me of him and our relationship. It was a cheap and meaningful way to let him know some reasons I love him, and give him a playlist to enjoy on Valentine’s Day and after. See an example here and here. Many have become the background soundtrack for date nights. We even shared cute love songs perfect for a slow dance to help others find their Valentine’s Day songs. Or, just a date night playlist to help set a romantic mood.

Valentine’s Day Songs

This year, while starting to compile love songs, I ran into the ultimate resource. Instagram’s “add yours” feature included a trend to share your wedding song. I loved seeing what my friends and family chose for their wedding song! And then it became such a fun thing to see what love songs couples chose to represent their relationship for their wedding day.

Sure, several were over-the-top cheesy. Yes, many are indicative of a specific time frame with too much synthesizer or cheesy lines that would never fly in today’s standards. Also, I smiled at how many “love songs” sound like love but the lyrics are about unrequited love or one-night stands. Maybe they’re meaningful in some other way, but I probably wouldn’t have selected any of those for a love playlist at a wedding.

And then it hit me, this was the ultimate group project sharing our hearts and our most meaningful love songs. These songs speak to people’s love so much, they selected them for their wedding! I decided to start listening to each song and if it truly shared feelings of lasting love, it belonged on a love playlist.

Hours of listening and compiling and adding amazing love songs later, I’m so excited to share the ultimate love playlist. We’re talking over seven hours of meaningful love songs to make your heart swoon! And these are all perfect Valentine’s Day songs to celebrate love and get you in that lovin’ feeling on the day of love!

And did we mention listening to love songs together makes a great Valentine’s Day date idea? Feel free to go through this playlist and choose what new wedding song you’d pick from this playlist!

Ultimate Playlist of Love Songs

About the Love Playlist: 

  • It’s currently 8.5 hours of songs, so there’s clearly a lot to choose from!
  • There are over 135 songs! Only 100 will embed here, so be sure to click in to see the rest.
  • It covers hits from decades, but most older songs include updated versions if they felt too dated.
  • Most are more ballad-type songs with a tone you could slow dance to, or use as a makeout playlist.
  • Even if you don’t have a Spotify account, you can access the playlist and listen away!

We hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! Or, if you find this on another day, just another day filled with love vibes and a soundtrack to complete your love aesthetic!

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