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Places to Go for Valentines Day 

Let’s make this your most memorable (and romantic) Valentine’s Day yet! Here are 40 places to go for Valentine’s Day to help you find your perfect Valentine’s plans! 

Places to Go for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always the perfect excuse to plan a great date night! Sometimes at-home Valentine’s Day ideas are in order. But more often than not, heading out for a romantic experience is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day together! We have you covered with 40 places to go for Valentine’s Day to help you find your ultimate Valentine’s Day date! 

Dinner Date for Valentine’s Day

Want to wow your valentine with a special Valentine Dinner? Here are some excellent restaurants to go to on Valentine’s Day you’ll both love!

  • melting pot 

    A Melting Pot date is always a romantic, fun experience. They do a Valentine’s special menu, and it’s delicious! You’ll want to book reservations in advance. Also, don’t be afraid to grab lunch reservations or go the day before or after Valentine’s Day to avoid crowds.
    If you can’t get a reservation try this Valentine’s Fondue Night: Fondue Date Night at Home or at an Airbnb. 

    Melting Pot Date

  • Steakhouse 

    We love a Ruth’s Chris date night. But any delicious steakhouse will do in our book! You’ll get a great meal that feels fancy and romantic.

  • Italian cafe 

    One of the most romantic atmospheres in all the world is patio dining at a delicious Italian cafe. If it’s too cold, indoor is a close second! If you decide to go Lady and the Tramp and share a plate of spaghetti, no one will judge you on Valentine’s Day!

  • Pizzeria 

    Let me remind you of three words: Heart Shaped Pizza. Most pizza places from high-end to budget offer a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day. And why not celebrate with one of the most popular food choices everyone loves?

  • Rooftop Restaurant 

    You’ll pay a little premium for the view, but it’s worth it! You can also head to a viewing area and just enjoy the rooftop views if you can’t snag those reservations before they’re gone. 
    Airplane Viewing Area Date NIght

  • Get themed cocktails or mocktails 

    Most high-end restaurants and bars offer holiday-themed cocktails and mocktails. It’s a fun way to celebrate and enjoy some culinary creativity even if you go with mocktails. Trust us, we don’t drink and still have a great time.

  • Romantic picnic 

    Did you know you can book romantic picnics all set up and prepped for you? Do a quick Google search in your area (or check out Instagram) for a company in your area. Or, do a romantic picnic yourself. 
    Romantic Picnic date.

  • Book a private igloo 

    Have you seen the private igloo trend that popped up a few years ago? It’s here to stay! Lots of restaurants offer private igloo rentals so you can eat in your own romantic dome.

Valentine’s Day Getaway 

  • staycation 

    You don’t have to go far for a great Valentine’s Day getaway! Book a local hotel and make romantic staycation plans.

  • Rent an Air BnB 

    There’s something about staying in together and having the privacy of an Airbnb. Cook romantic meals, enjoy breakfast in bed, get delivery, and just be together in a new space.

  • Stay in a themed room 

    We spent one romantic weekend at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was so fun to sleep in a treehouse! If you don’t have a themed hotel in your area, look for a themed Airbnb. They’re popping up everywhere!

  • Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

    These charming little inns with killer breakfast are so fun and so romantic. You may feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie, in the best way possible!

  • Book a room with a romantic view 

    I’ll never forget our Vegas Getaway staying at the Bellagio and watching the water fountains. But a skyline view, mountain view, or ocean view is equally amazing!

  • Book a room with a private hot tub 

    I don’t think I need to say much about this one. But yes, a private hot tub for two is very much an available thing that sets you up for lots of Valentine’s Day fun.

Best places to go for Valentine’s Day 

  • Book an AmazingCo Date 

    These mystery-solving scavenger hunts lead you through your city to find a romantic picnic date at the end. Check to see if Amazingco is in your area! 

  • Escape room 

    An escape room date is always a fun experience! Many escape room venues offer Valentine-themed rooms or packages you can add to your escape to up the romance.

  • Go stargazing 

    Hello, a fun romantic and FREE Valentine’s day date! We love going stargazing for date night! Find a bunch of tips to make it romantic, comfortable, and fun in our stargazing date night post.

  • Visit a chocolate shop 

    The treat that’s a known aphrodisiac also makes a great date night! Visit a gourmet chocolatier in your area and go pick some chocolates to enjoy together. You could even do the chocolate tasting date after. 

  • Attend a concert 

    There’s something about snuggling up and listening to your favorite tunes together that makes such a great date. All different types of artists and genres offer special Valentine’s Day concerts.

  • Dress up and go to the symphony 

    I love a good symphony date night with a theme! Most will do romantic songs from the movies, or romantic classics to make a Valentine date feel extra special.

    Fun Places to Go for Valentine’s Day

  • Have an ice skating date night 

    An ice skating date is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Bundle up, and go hold hands while you skate around to ice to love songs! Grab hot chocolate there or end with a hot chocolate date after.

  • Get a couples massage 

    These are so romantic, and you’ll both come out feeling like a million bucks!

  • Take a floral class 

    Sure you can order flowers, but why not learn how to make a floral arrangement? Book a class and create something beautiful together.

  • Do couples cooking class 

    Of all our romantic date nights, our gourmet couples cooking class date has been a favorite for both of us! You’ll learn a lot, create something delicious together, and enjoy a 5-star meal after.
    Couples Cooking Class

  • Take a charcuterie board class 

    Charcuterie boards have taken over both at-home date nights and picnic date nights. Why not take a formal class and learn how to create your own romantic charcuterie board?

  • Wine tasting/pairing class 

    In full disclosure, we don’t drink so we can’t personally speak to this one. But most of our friends swear it’s an amazing date night and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  • Take a dance class 

    There’s something so romantic about a slow dance or a couples dance class. Book a class and learn how to formally do a type of dance you or your partner have always been interested in.

  • Art museum 

    Hold hands, walk-through exhibits, and feel extra classy on an art museum date.
    Visiting Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera museum art for date night.

  • Go watch the sunset at a scenic location 

    Our romantic sunset picnic date is still one of my favorite date nights. You could also do a sunset date night on the rooftop, on the outskirts of town, or anywhere with a great view!

  • Recreate your first date 

    Celebrate your unique love by reliving your first date together. You could also expand it and do a memorable places date night. 

  • Do a Paint and sip class together 

    We love a great paint night date night! In fact, it’s our most repeated date night activity! A paint and sip Valentine’s Day class is one of the best places to go for Valentine’s Day!
    couple's painting class

  • See a romantic movie 

    There’s also a cheesy romantic comedy released in February. Also, many theaters do throwback movies perfect for celebrating love.

  • Bonfire at a local farm 

    Make s’mores and cuddle up to the fire for a bonfire date night.

  • Book a hot air balloon ride 

    This can get a little pricey, but it’s a romantic experience you’ll never forget!

  • Rent electric scooters and tour downtown 

    Our electric scooter rental date was my favorite date of last year! It’s a fun way to shake up date night and make Valentine’s Day feel unique and exciting!
    Electric Scooter Rental Date Night Idea

  • Rent paddle boats 

    Have you heard of swan boats? Whether you go with a swan boat rental or do a classic paddleboat date night, you can’t go wrong with this Valentine’s Day activity for couples!

  • Do a lake cruise 

    Find one in your area! They usually do a nice dinner, have romantic views, and make for a great date.

  • Attend an improv show 

    We did an improv comedy show date for Valentine’s Day our second year married, and just loved it! It was cheap, it was fun, and it got the endorphins flowing while we laughed about relationship stereotypes.

  • Watch a Valentine-themed show at Medieval times 

    We just did a Medieval Times jousting show for my birthday, and it makes a great date! The knights, the games, and the chivalry are such a fun setting and fun place to go for Valentine’s Day.
    Related: The Best Romantic Comedies You’ll Both Love Watching

  • Go Axe throwing 

    If you haven’t been axe-throwing, this is the perfect time to change that! It’s such a fun date, and Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to make it happen!

Hopefully, these places help spark some fun ideas for places to go for Valentine’s Day. Most of all, I hope they help you experience some fun, romance, and a little more love this Valentine’s Day! 

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