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Hot Deal: How to Get a FREE Date Night Out

A hot deal and hack to get a $60+ date night to a local venue in your area totally free! That right a FUN FREE date night out!

When we decided to go on a date every week and started this Friday We’re in Love project, we knew we’d have to get creative. I don’t just mean creative with fun date ideas or schedules, although those matter a lot too! Budgets instantly came to mind as newlyweds right out of grad school with a new mortgage and student loans. 

We’re both savers, pretty frugal in most areas of our life, and we love deals. One thing we committed to: creating and inflating a date night budget. Often, that takes creativity!

We’ve spent a decade looking for deals and using rewards and bonuses to our advantage. Every time we come across a tip, trick, or deal that helps us afford more date nights, we LOVE to share it and help you inflate your date night budget too! I have one of the best deals and hacks I’ve ever found that hooks you up with at least $40-$50 off a local restaurant, event, or activity. Hello, free date night out! 

Here’s a step-by-step how to get the deal: 

  1. Register to Get Actual Cash Back +  a Bonus

    Use my referral link to get $40 cashback on any purchase of $40 or more through Rakuten. If you don’t use my link, it’s only $10. But right now, for I have no clue how long, they’re doing a huge push to help people join their cash-back rebate site. It’s 100% legit, we’ve used them for years, and it just takes an email to join! They’ll ask for your Paypal email or address to mail a check to. 

    They essentially help connect interested people to companies and companies pay them marketing dollars for helping them find customers. Rakuten splits that cash bonus and gives a percent back to you at no extra cost. It’s a bit like affiliate marketing, and you get a cut! They don’t sell your info, and it’s a very reputable company. I’ve even attended a few of their marketing conferences in the past! 

    My link really hooks you up with a huge cash base you get back after spending $40, and it is legit cash sent via check or Paypal a few weeks after your purchase. 

    *If you see this after the $40 deal, a $10 cashback will still be there and still is a great way to save on a date! 

  2. Find a Date Night You Know You’ll Love

    Click “Categories” in the top left corner, and choose Food & Entertainment. I like to click the “Events & Activities” button on the right side. That shows a bunch of vendors who sell tickets, events, activities, etc. that make great dates in your area!

    Scroll past “Today’s Recommended Stores” down to the Events & Activities Box. You’ll see a huge list of places to find your next fun date night in your area. I like to click the “Sort By” button and choose cashback. This is going to add a percent of your purchase back into your account, and it’s legit CASH back in check or direct deposit form. That lets me save even more on the date night activity in addition to the $40 cashback base you already have. 
    How to get a free date night

    I love to choose Groupon, because 10% back is pretty great! Groupon also has a lot of sales (particularly right now- an extra 25% off on their site with the promo code promoted on the top of their website).
    Plus, there are always fun local things to do no matter where you live. And, it’s a great way to support small businesses. Did I mention we find a lot of $20-$30 date nights there? You could get two date nights to give as gifts or surprises for only a few dollars. 


    Note: You can click restaurants or anywhere else, the deal works on the entire site. I just like to check here first to get great deals and find fun new date ideas! Events & Activities always yield something I know we’ll love! 

  3. Find Date Nights in Your Area

    Click the “Shop Now” button on the venue you chose. You’ll get a quick message that lets you know their tracking is in place and you’re about to earn the bonus percent/dollar amount if you make a purchase.
    Groupon Date deal. You’ll go to the website of the venue as you normally would. Choose your area and the exact date (or dates) you want, and add it to your cart. 

  4. Make the Purchase & Get CASHBACK 

    Buy the date! Complete the transaction! Note, you will need to front the cash to buy it. HOWEVER, Rakuten pays out after a few weeks, and I promise it’s LEGIT and you’ll see the cash come back to you! 
    It may take a few weeks, but I promise it comes! They pay out quarterly, so if you buy right now, you’ll probably see the cash at the beginning of January if not sooner. 

If you add $60 worth of date night activities to your cart on Groupon and use their promo to get 25% off activities, you’re down to $40 at checkout. Rakuten will give you 10% cashback on top of the $40 bonus for using my referral link. That means you’ll make $4 on this transaction, and likely have two really fun date nights out on the town! 

Give the Gift of Date Night! 

This is a great way to give the gift of date night with our year of dates gift. It’s also a great way to make sure you have babysitter cash since your dates are free! 

You do need to be a new customer, and you can only do it once. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean each party can’t do it. So have both of you sign up and get the perks! You could also send this to parents or siblings and ask for the gift of date nights

I have no ideas when the bonus $40 ends, so don’t wait, be sure to use my link and snag some free dates ASAP! 

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