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10 Reasons Your Relationship Needs Regular Date Nights

Date Night takes time, planning, and often money, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your relationship. Here are 10 reasons your relationship needs regular date nights.

It’s been a year with so much staying home, the lines of what a stay at home date night looks like and a regular night can definitely feel blurry. 

We’re team stay safe, and we’ve had more date nights at home this year than ever before. I’m a firm believer date night in can be amazing, in fact, we have a year’s worth of at-home date ideas that shake up date night in our 52 At Home Date Ideas post. But I’m feeling the need to make those feel more intentional! And I’m getting back to the basics and reminding ourselves it’s time to make a lot more effort and make sure we have a regular date night! 

After all, Friday We’re in Love was born from regular Friday night date night plans. We’re making our 21 dates in 2021 project happen this year, and I’m reminding myself of all the reasons why we feel so strongly about this project! 

Regular Date Nights

I have had several friends and family members remark that 10 years later, they are still impressed we’re still dating so regularly. It always makes me smile, because date nights are the best part of our lives, and it’s something we clearly feel so strongly about!

Wherever you are in your relationships, whether brand new or you have decades under your belt, I’d argue date nights should be the most important part of them. Here’s why.

Reasons Couples Need Regular Date Nights

10 Reasons You Relationship Needs Regular Date Nights

  1. Have fun

    I think this one is obvious, but how many memes are there that talk about adulting/how one can’t adult today? It’s hard to grow up, responsibility only increases, and date night is the one time you actually escape adulting for a bit. It’s an intentional fun time. Everyone needs fun in their life. Date night is the time to make sure you have fun things to look forward to.

  2. Remind yourself of the time you first fell in love

    Dating and falling in love for the last time are pretty amazing things. It’s thrilling, it’s romantic, and it’s a time when every night is a date night. Before kids life was all fun and new experiences, and after, it’s even more important to create those! We love remembering the thrill of new restaurants, holding hands, and just being together. It’s a moment each week we go back to a simple romantic era, and it always increases our love and appreciation for each other.

  3. Build memories together

    Life is tough, and of course, there are plenty of trials and negative things in it. But when I look back on each year I’m so glad the highlights always involve fun memories I’ve built with my husband. How amazing is it we can recount specific nights and funny stories just as easily as the hard things that happened? I hope we always look back at the past and smile with a life full of happy memories we’ve intentionally built with date nights.

  4. Get away from your routine

    There’s a lot of science behind date night showing that new experiences help trigger adrenaline which actually help you feel more in love. I really love the thrill of breaking our routine and doing new things. Date night gets us out of our house. For us, we always want to clean and fix the house and are way too responsible at home. We leave and we’re fun people who can talk about interesting things and life outside our kids and daily routines

    Why Couples Need Regular Date Nights

  5. See each other at your best

    One of the most beautiful parts of a long-term committed relationship is loving each other when you haven’t showered in days, in your pajamas, without makeup, and feeling that comfort and connection. But I’m so grateful we have date nights that help us look and present our best selves. I always get dressed up as I used to when dating. We both make physical appearance efforts. I save my favorite shirt or a new outfit for our night out. I’m glad that in all our comfort, we find at least one day each week to really look and feel our best. We make a lot of effort even for one night outside of our roles as employees and parents.

  6. Intentional time alone together

    Time is a thief that is making my babies grow up fast and my body starts to feel older. I’m always making calls how to best spend time each day. Date night lets us continue to prioritize each other and our time alone together. It’s one of the only sacred times we get to be just us.

  7. Facilitate quality conversation

    There were seasons when bringing a baby or toddler on a date night didn’t feel like a big deal. But we’re currently in the “Why phase” with one child and he talks nonstop. We can barely get in a sentence while he’s awake! We’ve joked recently date night is now there just so we can talk.
    But really, activities you’re happy to do together while looking your best just put you in a good mood and it’s a great time to really have some quality conversations together.

  8. Boost your social life

    Admittedly we opt for date nights for just us most so we can talk and cuddle and bond. However, a good double date or group date now and then is always a good way to boost our social life. We love catching up. It’s so fun to do activities we can’t easily do with only two. Always, we come away laughing and feeling closer to friends we love in a fun environment.

  9. Increase intimacy

    Sometimes the best way to set the mood is to just be together. And I’d argue date night increases intimacy physically, emotionally, and spiritually together. 

  10. Keep the spark

    We recently spoke to a professional colleague who told us how much they love what we do. He add that he and his wife have gone out on the same weeknight every week for over a decade. Usually just dinner he said, but it’s something we both look forward to.
    Jacob and I talked about it for some time one evening. We know a lot of happy couples. But every couple we know who puts money into date night and time into that dedicated night is such a happy couple. Every single one of them swears it’s been the fun and glue in their relationship staying alive and romantic.

We clearly believe in date nights wholeheartedly around here, it’s the reason we started this blog/website. If you aren’t currently going out or planning date nights regularly we’d highly recommend a few changes so you do! You can always sign up for beyond dinner and a movie series. It’s our weekly emails sharing a date night idea each week for ideas. If you’re out of the habit this post about making date night happen when you’ve been out of the habit is for you!

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  1. My boyfriend and I have only been together 5 months and we already have date nights scheduled regularly – especially because we are doing long distance. Even though we’re taking a family trip in March, we’re going to take one night for ourselves. We think it’s so important to keep the romance alive and fresh, it gives us a chance to focus on each other and feel special for a night.

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