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Couples Getaway: 5 Reasons You Need an Annual Getaway Without the Kids

We absolutely love family time and regular date night, but there’s something about a couple’s getaway that makes the quality of a relationship and a family improve! Here are 5 reasons a couples getaway without kids should happen annually- if not more often. Who couldn’t use a weekend getaway or romantic couples retreat?

Couple’s Retreats

We’re just coming home from a babymoon, and oh my word was it a lovely thing! Every time we do this we’re so afraid to leave our little person (soon to be plural little people!) and we definitely do miss them. But there is just something amazing about a couples getaway without kids that really strengthens your marriage/relationship that we can’t deny! We’re firm believers couple’s retreats should happen often, at least once a year!

5 Reasons a Couples Getaway without Kids Should Happen Annually

Couples Getaways: 5 reasons a couples retreat without kids should happen annually to strengthen your relationship!

  1. Quality time with just your spouse is so limited, it’s one chance to truly reconnect
    We love hanging out with our family, but we also admit that the time we have to truly talk and be together is so limited. Toddler needs have a way of thwarting conversation, hand holding, alone adult time, and pretty much everything else we love doing to reconnect. A getaway gives you several days to just be the two of you, uninterrupted. It’s a time to focus on each other’s needs, to drop all the logistics chat for a few days, and really reconnect with quality time uninterrupted by children.
  2. Catch up on sleep
    Our first babymoon before parenthood we headed to Italy for one last adventure. After planning our second babymoon, we opted to go on a cruise mostly for the chance to sleep! If you’re a parent, you know how rare and precious a full night’s sleep is. You also know that sleeping in became a thing of the past the day that child was born. Having time to just relax and sleep is so good for the brain, the body, the soul, and the inner parent who wants to cry they are just so tired! Getaways give you that chance to catch up and sleep to your heart’s content if you plan the right trip!
  3. It makes you a better parent
    There’s something about missing your kids that makes you appreciate them so much more. Our first trip away had us talking about all the funny things our child was starting to say. We missed him so much the first day, then found our adult time to talk about life aside from kids the next, and ended our trip really missing him ready to come home. It’s an amazing thing to feel ready to take on the responsibility that is parenthood! And having a break from it makes you realize how special it is. Also, some battery recharging is definitely a thing, particularly for the primary caregiver!
  4. Date night is every night, and all day, and really 24/7
    We put out a reader survey earlier this year asking about date nights and what you’d like to hear about from us. Do you know the number one barrier to date night? Without even a close competitor, it was finding a babysitter. It’s a tough task and one that often spoils the best of plans. We really love that when we take a getaway it’s just one hard task to find childcare for one or more nights, and then we know we’re set. Everything feels like date night again. Every night is date night again! There’s so much fun to be had any time of day without the worry of rushing home to alleviate the sitter, and that feeling alone leads to much more quality date time. I love that with one quick trip we can feel like we packed in over a month’s worth of dates.
    Couples Getaway: 5 Reasons a trip without kids annually is a must!
  1. Remember who you were before kids
    It’s amazing how our conversations change when we have a getaway. Sure there’s plenty of parenting and we miss our kids talk, but once we’ve talked about what’s on our mind, we’re ready to talk about other things. We sat and talked about what we want to do in the next year and how we’ll get it done. We start to see the bigger picture instead of just the day-to-day.Bonus: If you’re looking for good deals, we love checking GetAwayToday for deals and deeply discounted packages for couple’s getaways!

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